How To Make Money Over Winter Break – 10 New Work Ideas

Looking for ways to make money over winter break

Whether it is two to four weeks break, it is enough period to make quick cash

You don't need to pursue a new job that requires a learning curve

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how to make money over winter break

Actually you need a straightforward easy and ready to start job right away

In short, I am listing below all work ideas for easy money during winter break

So I will start with the following

Sell your unused stuff

Selling your unused stuff is an easy way to make quick cash during winter break

All you have to do is sort what you need to get rid of and what to keep

Just move around starting from living room and get into each room

Who knows you may find an unused phone or laptop or new or lightly used clothes

Write down a list of what you plan to sell as every item has its own channel to sell it on

1- Sell CDs, DVDs, Phones, Techs and Lego

Decluttr is one of the best website to sell your old cell phone

Having a cell phone contract therefore, you are entitled for a new phone every 2 years while keeping your existing phone

Also you can sell on decluttr any electronic devices, CDs, DVDs, books by scanning your books barcode using decluttr app and Lego too

Likewise similar websites to consider for selling books, CDs, DVDs and games like

2- Sell your clothes

Poshmark is available in US and Canada to help you make money over winter break by selling your used clothes

You don't need any experience to sell on Poshmark, just be honest with your listing

From my experience, you have to provide a lot of details

Like if you are a smoker or if someone smokes in your place of living

This helps buyers form a good understanding of what they will get

Other websites to consider selling your clothes are


3- Sell on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor

I tested myself Facebook Marketplace and I witness how good this platform is

The good thing about this platform is that buyers deal with cash

If they are interested in your items, they will come by, pick it up and pay you cash

Also, you can use Nextdoor app which is similar to Facebook Marketplace

4- Sell on Craiglist

Craigslist is still one of the solid platform that gets thousands of daily users looking to sell and buy used items

5- Sell on eBay

eBay is still number one consumer to consumer platform with millions of new and used items sold daily

Sell your college books

You have finished your first term and you may have books from previous years to sell

Yes by using bookscouter you can earn quick money during winter break

Deliver food

You can deliver food right away by using DoorDash or Postmates

Easy job with no experience required

All you have to do is download their mobile apps and start delivering take away orders

Make money babysitting in winter break

Babysitting is an easy job that requires a lot of attention to build a good reputation

You can get many parents to test your service for short period of time

They will be coming back for your babysitting service, as a result, of sticking to the following advices

  • Making sure kids are clean if they eat or play
  • Keeping an eye on all kids in other words, they don't get injured
  • Being calm and never scold any kid as parent can easily know

I found to be a good website to help you start promoting your babysitting service

Actually you can also advertise your service on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor

Walk dogs and pets

Do you love pets especially dogs?

Then you can use Rover to walk other dogs, do boarding, house sitting and drop-in visits

Likewise you can also use fetchpetcare and

Perform small tasks around the house

If you are handy like you painted your home many times before and you feel you can do it

Or you know how to fix plumbing or any other small tasks around the house

You can use your skills to earn quick money during winter break

Just sign up under TaskRabbit to see all submitted tasks in your area

Likewise, you can look for similar tasks on other websites like


Help a researcher

I came some time ago to a site called Respondent

First impression, it is like any survey sites where you earn few dollars on multiple surveys

To my wonder, I found all researches paying between $100 to $150 an hour

I signed up and found many matching studies that arrived to my inbox

It is very nice opportunity to sign up and give it a try

That's why I looked for all other competitors similar to Respondent like

User Interviews
FieldWork – US only
FocusGroup – US only
20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

Drive your car with Uber or Lyft

If you own a car and willing to start right away to make quick money in winter break

Meanwhile, download Uber or Lyft then, start driving people any time you open the app

If you don't want to work then, turn off receiving orders from inside the app

Rent your car

If you feel like you don't want to drive your car around the city then you can relax and rent your car

There is a website called Turo where you can rent your car

Also there are competitor websites called Getaround and TravelCar

Testing websites for cash

Due to high demand for website testers you can start testing websites right away

There are many websites that you can sign up like the famous called User Testing

You can get paid through PayPal

Also, there are similar websites like User Feel and

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