A Detailed Guide for Making $50 A Day On Mturk (Amazon Mechanical Turk)

Have you ever wondered how other turkers are earning over $50 a day on Amazon MTurk?

You may think that they put some tips together that they don’t feel like sharing. Perhaps you might be finding a way to figure out the truth behind those numbers. Well, you should know that it is 100% possible to make over $50 a day working, so it’s time for you to level up your “Turking” game.

You might ask, “How to make $50 a day on mturk?” don’t worry, here you will find everything that you need to know for making over $50 daily using Mturk. Today, working from home has made it easier for the world with opportunities like Mturk and other work-from-home jobs, let's learn more!

First, What is Amazon's Mechanical Turk (Mturk)?

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If you have decided to make Amazon MTurk your full-time job or just a part-time job, this means you would be joining the community of turkers who are working remotely from home.

However, if you are a newbie, Amazon MTurk is the most popular crowdsourcing marketplace where thousands of businesses outsource their microtasks to a global workforce.

No matter how developed and advanced the technology gets, there are always several tasks that robots can’t do – that is where you come in!

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a shared workspace where you can make money by completing menial tasks for other people (almost like a virtual assistant).

That’s when human intelligence plays a vital role. All you need to do is complete the listed tasks and get paid. The tasks could range from transcribing an audio file into texts to providing your genuine opinion through surveys, which may take a few minutes to finish.

It will add up to your daily goal of $50.

How to sign up for Mturk (Mechanical Turk):

Starting with Amazon's Mechanical Turk is simple:

  1. Decide if you want to have tasks done for you (Create tasks)
  2. OR, decide if you want to make money

Since this article is teaching you how to make money with Mturk, we will go with the making money option.

Once you select a workers account, you simply fill out the basic information such as name, address, email, and how you found out about Mturk. This is the simple part – signing up – knowing what to do and how to make money is the next step!

You should know that there are several habits that you need to follow and develop to convert your $5 to $50+ per day. The effort and time you put together will help you get higher payouts. 

How to Make $50 a Day With Mturk

Get Yourself Qualified For Higher-Paying Hits

You should know that higher-paying HITs will require several qualifications that you need before starting to work on these jobs. That means you need to give a sample test to prove that you can provide quality work to the requester. If your work has been approved, you are likely to get qualified for new HITs.

You should not get scared of these words because getting qualified takes a matter of minutes, and you will gain access to thousands of HITs by a particular provider. When you scroll down to the list of HITs, you may find some HITs requiring some qualification, like a minimum number of HITs and approval rates, which brings you to do an essential thing that is building your profile.

When you start your journey on MTurk, your qualification is determined by the HITs you have completed and how many jobs are approved. It's just like climbing the corporate ladder. As you move forward, you will be offered a higher pay rate. But until then, you need to complete those small tasks and get approval. 

Amazon Mturk Dashboard:

Bookmark Some Websites/Forums To Find The Highest HITS Payout 

At Amazon MTurk, HITS are referred to as the jobs you need to complete and get paid. You should know that these jobs keep on frequently changing, making it challenging for you to find the best one at a time. For this very reason, you should bookmark some of the popular websites to choose the best HITs at the moment.

You can find the best websites on Google, such as MTurk Crowd, Turkerview, MTurk forum, Reddit/HITsWorthTurkingFor, and Reddit/mturk are some of the great options. However, you should explore every option and find the best one for your needs. You must build a habit of checking all the forums to find the best HITs worth your turking time before clicking the job board.

While exploring these forums, you see that members keep on posting high-paying HITs during that time, including its pay rate and the person who’s posting it. You have to ensure the HITs are listed by a reliable provider whose approval rates are higher. Be quick because good HITs tend to be occupied faster. 

Install A Browser Extension And Use Scripts 

Like other forums, some browser extensions would help in improving your MTurk experience. So, you must consider downloading these extensions as they will help you make informed decisions about investing your time and efforts on specific HITS. You will find some popular extensions and scripts at MTurk Suite, or you can learn how to find the best extension for your MTurk account through the MTurk guide.

While you should know these extensions, they frequently expire to protect users from violating the guidelines of MTurk. If you are experiencing this, you can find the extension through a quick google search to get the best results. Having access to the best scripts would help in calculating your hourly rate for doing specific HITS. It will tell you whether those hits are worth your time and efforts or not. 

Try To Avoid Low Paying Hits 

To know the answer to How to make $50 a day on mturk? Despite the abundance of jobs on a single platform, you should find a job that allows you to make enough dollars within an hour. Let's say you found a job, and it is easy for you, so measure how much time it takes to complete one job.

Now calculate how much money you would make in an hour. You need to manage your time with work to yield the desired output. For instance, if you want to work for 5 hours and earn over $50, you have to earn at least $10 per hour. So, if you find any work that pays you less than $10 per hour, you should skip it and find another one with a higher payout.

With time, you would be good at picking the right HITs that are worth your time. If you are qualified enough, you should pick jobs with more than a $0.40 payout, which could provide you an average payout of at least $10. 

Now you know how to make $50 a day on mturk, with consistent hustle and time investment would surely help achieve your goal. 

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