How to play Sims in VR? [Full Guide]

The Sim's whole series, from sims 1 to sims 4, has remained incredibly popular. It boasts 20 million simmers around the globe, thanks to its unique concepts that provide the players to immerse in a whole new world with highly-customizable sims characters and neighborhoods.  

The sims publishers Electronic Arts are poised to unleash the fifth sims. But it is the Sims VR mode that all eyes are set on. Whether sims 5 has VR mode or not, the enthusiasts have found some ways to enter sims virtual world. Here you will learn all you should know about Sims 4 Virtual reality and how to play sims in VR?

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Virtual Reality

Yes, sims VR is a real possibility in Sims 5. However, the publishers have not announced it yet. But they mentioned something about the Sims 5 game announcement on Reddit that has attracted the attention of many simmers. The electronic Art talked about ‘living in the sims world’ that can be confirmed in the sims VR Reddit thread. That suggests something is fishy.

So the gamers are expecting a Sims 5 VR game. Rumors also abound about Sims 5 VR compatibility. Sims VR will take the whole gaming industry to a new level.

This will be living in the sims world. Exploring the surroundings with your sims. Going to your favorite place.

Your Sims characters and you fully synchronize. It will make the whole experience more personal and satisfying than ever before. It is just mind-boggling.

Accessories for Sims VR 

To play sims in VR, you need to upgrade your equipment for VR. Here we have listed some devices that can be a good option. If you already have these, you are good to go.


Now whether it Xbox One or PlayStation, Sims 4 is playable on all devices. Here are some options

Another good headset for Sims VR is the oculus quest. If you are on play station, a good option for virtual reality mode in sims is PSVR. We hope that Sims 5 will be released soon. But the good news is that you can play Sims 4 in VR with some software and devices.

How to play sims in VR? 

Many people ask can you play sims 4 on VR? The answer is yes. Since the time, sims 4 got the first-person mode, sims 4 and VR became a compatible option. This presented the opportunity to play sims 4 Virtual Reality mode. Here is how you can enter sims 4 VR mod.

  • Purchase the VorpX driver and install it
  • Press the delete button, it will open the VorpX menu
  • Select the full VR mode in the menu
  • Set the head tracking sensitivity to 0.20
  • You should have a PimaX 8k or Oculus Rift headset
  • Switch to the first-person mode in Sims 4 by clicking shift+tab

Sims Evolution

Sims has a track record of moving forward and engaging the enthusiast with new features and upgrades. How can they leave behind in VR then? Let’s have look at the evolution of sims first.

The very first sims got developed in Maxis studio in 2000 which works under the umbrella of electronic arts. The concept was taken from the original SimCity 1989. Then the sims evolution begins and the rest is history.

With its unique concept and wide range of options, it became increasingly popular. Precisely because it allows you to create a character in life like ours. A virtual sim story for your character. You can build a home with so many options, do daily life work, make relations, and have a family.

Though many other VR games like sims have popped up, even some VR simulator games are free, but none has gained so much praise and popularity as the Sims series.

The latest edition of the Sims 4 landed in the market in 2014. Since then many new features and upgrades have taken place. But the overall theme remains the same. You have characters called sims. Build homes for them, and live life the way you want to. Share your virtual sim story with others.

Simmers think that sims virtual world has taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. The Simmers want to try their favorite game sims in VR and they expect the developers to make their wish come true. Rumors also abound about Sims VR but the publishers are still silent over it.

The Latest Sims 4 

The latest edition of the Sims series is Sims 4 that appear in 2014. The Sims 4 has some new features as well as it excluded some old features. And many simmers are unhappy about the sims 4 virtual worlds. Here are the good and the ugly features of sims 4.


The Good part of Sims 4 virtual world

  • In the graphics department, it beats sims 3 in terms of 3D texturing.
  • The Character has got more options even you can change hairstyles and eye colors.
  • Sims animation and multitasking abilities have greatly improved
  • House build mode has improved with more options as you can bring morph roofs and walls by dragging.
  • Sims have emotions
  • Loading time is shorter than the earlier version
  • Sims 4 and VR possibility

The Ugly Part of Sims 4 Virtual World

  • Sims 3 open-world option is gone. No variety in lot sizes
  • Restriction on sims to move to any community lot and places
  • Lack of vehicles

Sims virtual world is open to explore in sims3. Sim3 Open world was undisputedly the best feature in Sims. Nobody expected that Sims 4 will take this absolute joy away. That’s why the fans have exploded on the removal of this feature.

I mean we are after all freedom-loving people. Freedom to live anywhere in the world is a basic human right. Sims 3 gave the players the possibility to go and live virtually anywhere in sims virtual world. You could build a lot anywhere the landscape was beautiful and a flat place was available. Sims virtual reality gives all the possibilities.

Sims 4 snatches this freedom. Now you can build lots on a set of surroundings and switch from the community to community resulting in a loading screen. This ruins the experience

Expectations from the Sims 5

Although the Sims 5 game was rumored to release in 2019, it is now 2022, and nothing yet. On average Sims' new edition took around 3 or 4 years to release. Since it is taking longer than usual, it suggests something big is coming. Though the Sims 5 release date is not confirmed yet, we may play sims VR 2022 with sims 5.

PS4 for Sims 5

The bad news for PS4 users is that the sims 5 PS4 will release later and the PC version will be released first. This has been the practice of Sims since its inception. So if you were planning to play sims 5 on play station 4, you should know that the sims 5 release date for play station will be much later.

If you are a PlayStation geek, keep in mind that for PS4, sims5 is not the early option.


Congratulations! You have entered the sims virtual reality mode. Now you can control the movement of Sims through headsets, it acts as a mouse for you. If you really want to boost the experience, you should also add the direct control mode.

I hope now when somebody asks can you play sims 4 on VR, you can invite them to witness the feast. You can tell us in the comments about your sims 4 VR mod experience.

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