Amazon Gift Return: How to Return a Gift From Amazon in 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever received a gift that you do not want? We all get gifts through the holiday season, and some are not that useful. All of a sudden, you may have items sitting in storage that you cannot pawn off on anyone. The stress of the clutter may eventually be too much.

If that gift is from Amazon, the company has an excellent return process. One great thing is that Amazon allows individuals to mark their items as a gift. The article is then eligible for return by the person who received it. They have made it easy to return a gift while not offending the people that gave it.

Even if you bought something from Amazon for your own use and want to return it, there are options for how to go about it.

Amazon's Return Policy

On Amazon's website, their return policy entails that the item is sent back within 30 days of shipping. During holidays like Christmas, the policy gets extended. For third-party sellers, returns may vary depending on the party.

For example, Amazon said you could return gifts bought between October 1st to December 31st if returned by January 31st. That is a fairly lenient policy. When many people purchase deals in these holiday times, you need to make some extra room for the customer.

If your gift falls into the return policy timeframe, you will need to take the following steps to show you how to return a gift from Amazon. For returns, you need the order ID number, the packing slip, and a return label to make this easy and efficient.

6 Steps on How to Return a Gift From Amazon:

1. Visit the Return Center

The first thing you need to do is login into your Amazon account and visit the Returns Center. If you don't have an account, you will need to create one. This is for Amazon to return the value of the gift to you in the form of an Amazon gift card.

2. Locating the Gift on Amazon

At this point, you will need to provide the 17 digit order number.

The 17 digit order number will be on the package itself. The order number gives Amazon the exact order that was sent to you. If the order was given to you and you do not know it, you should locate the tracking number and the person's name that sent it. You can then call Amazon customer service to get the 17 digit order number.

If you cannot locate the order number or the tracking number, you will have to contact the gift sender and make sure they get in touch with Amazon on your behalf.

The 17 digit order number or tracking numbers for the gift are essential for returning it to Amazon.

3. Reasons for the Return

Click the best option for your return needs. There will be a drop-down menu that asks what the reason is for returning the item. In the drop-down menu, items will have a section to choose a reason for the return. Once selected, it is time to choose a shipping method to get them back to Amazon.

With many third-party vendors, you will need to submit a return request. The vendors will then look at specific items and review the submissions before authorizing them. Make sure to contact them within 14 days, and there is a postmark of 30 days.

4. Print Return Label

At this point, you can print the return label. There will be a PDF attached that you will need to download. Follow the instructions for connecting the return label to the package. The label is prepaid and will be the shipping label used when sending back the item.

Shipping Options

There are a couple of ways to return items. You can ship the items back, or other options include dropping the package off at various locations such as UPS, Kohls, Amazon Hub Locations, and Whole Foods. These convenient locations will help you out.

  • Amazon Hub Locker
  • Amazon 4-Star Stores
  • Whole Foods
  • UPS
  • Kohl's

These locations are a great resource for returning your package. If these locations do not work, you can return the items via shipping. Remember to bring the gift receipt.

Package the Item and Send It Back

Each item should be individually boxed, though they can then be placed in the same package. The authorized label sent from Amazon needs to be placed inside the package to help Amazon sort through each box.

Amazon policy states the items should be in the same condition that they were received. Ensure the article is safely packed and will not be damaged during shipping.

More Ways for Amazon Gift Returns:

In 2021, Amazon created a way to make easy returns on unwanted, damaged, or defective gifts. They have produced many drop-off locations where it is easy for customers to return merchandise for refunds or exchanges. Here are some popular sites where you can drop off Amazon gift returns.

Amazon Hub Locker and Hub Locker + Location:

Amazon will have locations that may fit your needs when it comes to dropping off the package. These are easy and convenient ways to return your gift.

In the Returns section, pick your method of returning the gift, which will be the Hub Locker. Pick the location of the hub locker you would like to return the gift to.

Submit your return request, and Amazon will send you a code to the Hub locker. At this point, you will take the code with you to the locker.

When you get to the locker, input the code on the touch screen. The touch screen will give you instructions on what to do next.

Generally, Amazon only accepts packages sized 18 x 14 x 12 inches to their hub lockers. If your parcel does not fit those dimensions, shipping it back will be the best mode of return.

The Amazon Physical Locations

Amazon has over 75 different locations that you drop off for returning items. These locations include Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star stores, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, and Amazon Go Stores.

The Amazon 4-Star store is a place where you can buy many Amazon products. It is a physical store that you can walk into. If you need to return an item, you can walk that package into any of these 4-Star stores.

The only bad part about these physical stores is that they are limited in number. You can find them by going to Amazon's website, inputting your zip code, and the service you are looking for. It will generate the closest Amazon 4-Star store, Amazon Books, Amazon Go Stores, and Amazon Fresh Grocery Stores.

Whole Foods

Whole foods are often more accessible than the physical Amazon Stores. There are many more Whole Foods locations. According to their policy, “You can return a gift using the gift receipt and receive a refund in the form of a gift card.” Suppose some coupons were used to purchase an item; the refund would be given in the amount you spent at the store.

There is no need to bring in any return label; all you need is a gift receipt. Bring it into the customer service, and they will scan it and give you a refund in the form of a gift card.


Kohl's has over 1100 different stores across 48 states. With its many brick-and-mortar locations, the chain makes for an easy place to return items. All you need to do is go to Amazon's website or the Amazon App to find a store location near you. Go inside to the store location and find the Amazon Returns desk. Then you will need to show the QR Code to the store associate. There is no need for a box or a return shipping label.

UPS Stores

You can print off a prepaid return label and drop it off with UPS to make returns easy. They have over 20,000 offices nationwide. At 5,000 UPS locations, you can drop off the return package without a box or return shipping label. You need the QR code from the Amazon app or the Amazon website.

How To Get the Gift Refund

For a gift refund, follow these steps.

First, you must have an Amazon account. Without the account, Amazon will not have the ability to refund you the gift. The gift refund will be given in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Secondly, the gift must be under the price of $2,000. If the item is over $2,000, Amazon will refund the sender of the gift from the mode of payment.

If your gift is under $2,000 and you have an Amazon account, you will be eligible to receive the gift card.

Final Thoughts:

We all know that not everyone is a good gift giver. During the holidays, there will be unwanted gifts. With the availability of a return option and a full refund, it makes Amazon's return gifts policy an intuitive move. You can get a full refund in the form of an Amazon gift card and find something that you may want otherwise.

The holidays do not have to be a bummer when given unwanted gifts. It is time to check out Amazon's website for some neat new things. Sometimes you may never know about these returns, but now you should be prepared to return a gift.

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