How to Save Electricity and Pay Less Money on Your Bills

Wondering how to save electricity
So you can pay less than what you are currently paying

how to save electricity
How to Save Electricity and Pay Less Money on Your Bills 6

Well I managed to compile a list of smart tips some of them are completely free to follow
Let me start with

1. Turn off unnecessary light off

Try to make it a habit to switch the light off once you get out of the room
Teach that to your kids

If this is something out of your control
Then your best option is to use motion sensor

turn off lights when not used
How to Save Electricity and Pay Less Money on Your Bills 7

2. Use day light in the morning

Nothing is better than sun light
It is even healthier for you and your kids

If you open the curtains and let the sunlight in
You will save easily 2 half days on weekend
I assume you are out of house for work on weekdays

3. Use LED bulbs

LED bulbs used to be expensive
But not anymore especially 60W
You can buy a pack of 24 Sylvania LED for $23.46

4. Use major appliances on low peak and weekends only

I believe you are already doing that
Use your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer on weekdays after 7 pm and weekends only
I recommend you check for when the low peak starts on weekdays

5. Unplug unused electronics

This is something I knew it recently
It is called phantom energy or “vampire power”
Electronics and office equipments consume electricity when they are switched off but plugged in

I started implementing this method right away
At the beginning you feel it is hectic but you will get used to it

6. Use smart plugs for some appliances

Sometimes while I am out of home
I ask myself, did I turn off the iron?

Smart plugs solve this problem for you
If you plug the iron to smart plug
You can turn it off using your smartphone

use smart plugs
How to Save Electricity and Pay Less Money on Your Bills 8

I believe you can use it for a lot of electronics like TV
What is really smart here
You can connect your smart plugs to Alexa

You can create a routine on Alexa
For example you can switch off smart plug that has the TV connected during mornings of weekdays while you are at work

7. Use energy efficient appliances

The term energy efficiency itself is used a lot
Anything that lasts longer like bulbs or
Appliances that do the work with less power compared to non energy efficient ones

Look for these top power consuming appliances like dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer
If you are planning to change any of them then it is a good time for Energy Star certified appliance

8. Turn off Air conditioner when not home

Some people in hot places like Florida
They don’t turn off the air conditioner when going outside for short period of time like 2-3 hours

This becomes a habit, you have to think again how much power you can save just by turning off your air conditioner when out of home

9. How to save electricity using a ceiling fan

Depending on where you live, there are some days where you can replace your air conditioner with your ceiling fan
You can save up to 99% of cooling costs

10. Use Windows and doors blinds

Blinds can decrease the solar heat effect by 60%
Even if you still feel it is not enough and you must use air conditioner
Keep in mind that blinds reduce the heat factor which is what you want by all means

11. Check weatherstripping

I am from Canada
This means I can really tell if I have windows leaking in Winter
I come close to my window and move my hand all around the corners

When feeling cold air moving, I decided to use weatherstripping
I was able to fix my leaking issue, I noticed a great improvement in gas bills


12. Don’t block radiators

Make sure you don’t have any furniture blocking your radiator
Also make sure you don’t have a long curtain that covers the front of your radiator

13. Close doors and floor registers

Do this practice whatever it is summer or winter
Usually if you have your heating or air conditioner on
Hot or cold air moves throughout your ducts across the floor registers
If you close those registers in all rooms which you don’t visit
You will get an efficient heating and cooling system that saves you money

For example, closing the floor registers in all washrooms and closet rooms
It gets your home heated or cooled quickly and thus saving on your electricity

14. Use Microwave instead of oven

Whenever it is possible to heat your food
I prefer to use Microwave as it is faster and way cheaper than traditional Oven

15. Peek through oven window

Do you know that once you open your oven door you lose 6 F
So Instead of opening oven you can peek through your oven window

16. Put your laptop on hibernate

If you have your laptop always on
It is better to put it on hibernate
It will reduce the amount of electricity consumed and saves you money

17. Use smart thermostat

Smart thermostat is not optional
My smart thermostat really saves me money
All you have to do is create a schedule or multiple schedules if you want
You can create a vacation schedule too

If anything happens and you stay at home during your off schedule
No problem just overwrite it for that day with a press of a button

18. Use a dimmer if possible

Use dimmer not for saving electricity but for adjusting the illumination
As some chandeliers have 8 to 10 led bulbs that can be switched on or off together

Dimmer can adjust your illumination and save you money too

how to save electricity by using dimmer
How to Save Electricity and Pay Less Money on Your Bills 9

19. Use cold water for washing clothes

Use cold water for dark colors and delicate fabrics to save energy
Cold water is a good fit if you are washing your clothes that have no stains
I believe this will be most of the time

20. Use full load of dishes and clothes

If you think about it whatever you use your dishwasher and washing machine
They have to go through all of its cycles
Which means it is 45 to an hour time

That’s why it is better to go for full loads

21. Clean your dryer lint filter

I take it as a practice to clean my dryer lint every time I unload my dryer

22. Use hot summer weather to dry clothes

In summer if you have dry weather
Why you don’t use it for drying your clothes
Don’t take the short way of dumping your clothes into dryer
If you live in an area with a good dry summer weather

23. Clean clogged air ducts

I got a duct cleaning company to clean all my air ducts
I have to admit I noticed a significant improve in heating and cooling performance
The company takes before and after images through tiny cameras that go inside ducts

Once you clean your ducts
Your system does not work hard to keep your home heated or cooled down

24. Check the seal on fridge and freezer

These appliances they need to stay always on similar to the furnace
You have to make sure that the deal on both fridge and freezer is good with no leaking

25. Lower your thermostat on your water heater

I realized during my shower, I always have to adjust the water temperature
Then after investigation I found my thermostat was set to mid high
I put it back to medium
By doing that I saved on electricity

26. Turn off your water heater on vacation

While you are on vacation you don’t need your water heater to always heat on your water tank
Just put it back on when you return from your vacation

27. Change furnace filter regularly

Same like cleaning clogged air ducts
You need to mimic the effort for your furnace to perform better and save electricity for you

28. Practice taking short time shower

Keep it to around 10 minutes or less
I know a trick I don’t do it but it is useful
Some people play 2-3 songs on IPod that last for 8 to 10 minutes
It helps you to be efficient and estimate time accordingly

29. Use low flow shower heads

Remember very low flow can make you stay longer
While high flow will not save time for you
Using low flow shower head saves water and energy for you

30. Use solar energy if possible

Some devices like phone charger can perform very well with solar energy

A device like ADDTOP solar charger power bank can store enough power from sunlight and keep it for more than a month

31. Track electricity in your circuit breaker panel

This is something I don’t actually use it
I will list it if you feel it is worth it

There are multiple devices to measure your power consumption in real time like Sense energy monitor

In the end I hope you get some benefits from reading this blog post, although I am writing here on how to save electricity but I write too on blogging challenges and making money online

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