How to Save Money On A Cruise – 20 New Tricks To Apply Today

Are you dreaming of sailing on a big ship and looking to save money on a cruise?

Cruise is a nice choice now you need to save money shopping around all travel sites

Unfortunately you get mislead by looking at the final price

We forget about what's inside every cruise package

I remember my Cancun vacation in Mexico, I came to 2 matching offers except one of them is giving $100 Visa gift card

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

how to save money on a cruise

This means you can come to an offer that is more expensive compared to another one

But it includes addons like food package you will buy it anyway

This will make your expensive offer cheaper than what you thought

That's why I have this post on how to save money on a cruise so let's us begin with

What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?

Actually the cheapest month to save money on a cruise is to choose late summer and fall

But why? simply because it is the hurricane season

I recommend to buy a cruise insurance to protect yourself from any cancellation

Also you can hunt for deals on the first 2 weeks of December and in spring

Can a travel agent save you money on a cruise?

If you buy from a travel agent, they will not charge you more on any cruise

Actually travel agency make money from a commission they take from the cruise line

Hence, it will not cost you money by using a travel agent as middle man

On the other side, travel agency keeps track of a drop in your cruise price

Is a balcony room worth it on a cruise?

It is worth it if you are looking for a magnificent view

But if you are expecting a balcony to smoke there, most cruises don't allow smoking in balcony rooms and cabins for safety reasons

Again, if you are looking for privacy, let me tell you not some balcony staterooms have less privacy than the others

Make sure to speak to your travel agency to know how your stateroom look like

Are free cruises really free?

No free cruises, this is a scam

I know a friend who signed for a free cruise and paid I believe $169

That's nothing compared to what you will pay in a cruise line

Anyway she got cancelled 2 times because of no available dates

The second time, she was not able to reschedule the airline

I know Royal Caribbean may offer a free cruise asking volunteers for a test cruise

You can sign up on Royal Caribbean and keep any eye on this offer

Usually it is the first week of December

Can you negotiate Cruise prices?

Most of the times, cruise lines don't negotiate prices

But that doesn't mean you cannot negotiate other packages that you would definitely need which translate to money

Like food packages or extra 2 bottles of wine

Bottom line, you still have a chance to negotiate on necessary cruise packages to save money on the final price

What are the tips to follow to save money on a cruise?

I discussed earlier if you need to save money on a cruise ignore the final price

And look for what each cruise line package can provide you

See if you can modify these packages to get what you need

At the end, come up with what you will pay finally in this cruise line vacation

Also I will show you below how to save money on a cruise before and after booking

1- Travel off peak for serious savings

Sometimes they call it off season or off peak whatever it is the same thing

All you have to do is to avoid summer holidays, spring break period and Christmas

As I said earlier, cheapest is end of summer and first 2 weeks of December

2- Book restaurant packages

You can save money on all inclusive cruise lines by eating in the free dinning venues

In reality, sometimes you need a special menu and get a break from the open buffet

That's why you can book specialty restaurant packages during part of your stay on the cruise

3- Check out daily drinks specials

Save money on any cruise line by checking out daily drinks specials

Be flexible and go for special drink of the day

One day it can be a Pina colada and another day white or red wine

4- Bring your own wine

Some cruise lines save money by allowing you to bring your own wine

This saves money for you as there is no way you can compare the price of buying a bottle of wine from liquor store against buying it on the cruise

5- Save your wine by putting a cork in it

If you already bought a bottle of wine you can still save money on your cruise by asking if they can keep it for you and label it under your name

Most of the cruise lines permit keeping bottles of wines for customers

They know that some couples cannot finish their bottles in one dinning session

I mean it doesn't hurt if you ask and you can even ask about keeping your bottle of wine before you even book your cruise line

6- Lower decks are cheaper

Always lower decks are cheaper as higher decks have better view

If you are looking to save money on cruise then go for lower decks

7- Choose an Inside cabin

Similar to hotels where street view is cheaper than sea or ocean view

For cruise lines, inside cabins are cheaper than balcony staterooms

8- Ask for price adjustment

Keep checking prices as you can ask the cruise line for adjustment if the price drops

Definitely knowing in advance that you can make a price adjustment gives you hope that you can save money on your cruise

9- Don’t onboard a too far cruise

Of course far away cruises require booking flight tickets

Sometimes you may need to book a hotel too if you arrive at night and your cruise sails in the morning

To save money on any cruise, choose a close by cruise lines

So you don't pay for transfer to and from your cruise line

10- save money with transatlantic and re-positioning cruises

Transatlantic cruises sail in the ocean with less stops on ports

This will save money on cruise price as the cruise doesn't dock on ports

While repositioning cruises is similar to a one way ticket where your cruise goes to a new destination point

11- Get free cabin with group discounts

Travelling with friends would make a group discount of 16 or more possible

You will be able to get a group discount and enjoy a free cabin

12- Save money with shorter cruises

This is no brainer any shorter cruises will save you money

13- Avoid booking on new ships

Older ships are cheaper as new vessels have higher prices in the first few years

14- Call your travel agent

As I said earlier, calling your travel agent will not raise the price for you

Travel agency can negotiate the best price you can get by offering addons incentives

Again you will lose nothing using them

15- Book your insurance external

Booking your insurance with a cruise line is pricey

I recommend to save money buying cruise insurance external source

16- Sign up for last minute deal emails

Most cruise lines offer email sign up to send you announcements and last minute deals

If you are flexible on your date of cruise you can get really last minute deals

17- Take enough batteries and electronic supplies

If you are using electronics devices like camera then take extra batteries

You don't want to buy batteries or charger on the cruise as you will pay inflated price

18- Stay switched off

If you want to save money on your cruise then stay away from buying cell phone plan

That's what I meant by staying switched off as you are on vacation so enjoy your time

19- Buy your foreign currency early

You know roughly how much pocket money you would need on your cruise

Buy your foreign currency before you onboard as foreign exchange on the cruise will not be on your favor

20- Laundry Packages

Most cruise lines span for more than a week

Definitely you would need to do a laundry to keep your clothes clean

Look for what is included in your cruise line package when it comes to laundry

Some cruises offer free laundry while others provide laundry packages

What should you not buy on a cruise to save money?

There are some items you should not consider to buy on any cruise to save money

First items are accessories related to electronics like batteries, charger or camera bag

Second items are all personal care products like toothpaste, sunscreen or feminine care products

Third items are all over the counter medication like Advil or Tylenol

Fourth items are buying foreign currency on the cruise line

Last but not least, if you are permitted to carry your alcohol on your cruise ship then do so to save lot of money on your cruise vacation

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