How to Save Money on Airfares

Looking for ways on how to save money on airfares?

Airfares refer to the fees spent while flying. These are exactly from the money used for booking tickets, to the price paid for checking among other fees spent on using an aeroplane to travel.

Is it your first time flying or has it always been bank breaking for you to travel by air?

Well, here are a few tips on how you could travel to your desired destinations no matter how far while even saving.


How to Save Money on Airfares

1. Try finding out ticket fares prior to booking.

Due to the many airlines that exist today, it is important to include the extra fees charged per flight before u purchase the tickets or book.

Some airlines has started charging for carry-ons now, too for example Frontier Airlines while Southwest and JetBlue don’t charge fees for carry-on or your first checked bag. (Southwest allows a second free checked bag, too).


2. Use incognito mode while searching for available flights online.

We often use cookies while online forgetting that remnants of data remain onsite.

Well here's how it works, you may have searched for a particular flight destination a week ago then again two days ago and even right now but find that the prices are just increasing every single time you check.

The truth is the airlines is not increasing the charges, but the technology used is in a way fooling you into thinking so or rather observing so.

You must therefore at all times search for available flights while using a VPN, airplane mode or simply use chrome after enabling the incognito mode.

The beauty of using incognito is that your cookies are reset each time you use it, thus your search history is completely cleared and therefore no costs will be inflated on you basing on your now clear search history!


3. Avoid last minute things, always book in time.

You should first analyse the fares for some time before your time of flying. According to some studies, it has been said that fares change 62 times within 11months, on average.

And so the prime time settled on to book a flight is between four months to three weeks from the date of departure but in the meantime the prices are supposed to be monitored.

Luckily, there are tools exist that can help you through this process. There are apps like Hopper which helps you know how much flights are for your destination all through the year and whether flights for some specific destinations or dates might rise or fall in price.

You can also set up a flight on Google’s Explore Flights tool. Try bookmarking the page so as to get quick access to the current flight pricing for those locations, or simply put your departure and destination into Airfare Watchdog and then sign up for email alerts on fare drops.


4. Take advantage of the available fare comparison sites.

As above, sites like Airfare Watchdog and Bing Travel search direct you on whether it is the right time to buy by providing updates about cheap fares if found .

Bing Travel search as well goes on to show how much the fees are likely to change plus it's confidence about it happening. I would also advise checking airline websites.

It is usually easy to get a better deal if you book directly from the airline.


5. Lock in Rate.

It is possible to save on airfare even if you have booked already. According to the law, you can cancel a flight within the first 24 hours after you’ve booked so long as it is at least a week before the flight.

In case you find a better price that matches the time frame you want, you can just cancel the booked flight.

Some airlines also allow you to deposit a fair amount to lock in a fare for your flight and after doing so, you are free to book later at the same rate.

This could be a great way to lock in a low rate even if you are not so sure of your travel plans or if you feel like shopping around for a while. You may save money in case the prices rise.


6. Use the Frequent Flyer credit cards.

Frequent flyer cards are not only for earning miles. Many of them come with free chances that can help you save some money.

Almost all those cards offer free checked bags.


7. Carry only essentials, avoid exceeding the carry-on limit.

You can get around checked bag fees in so many different ways. You could carry everything on–within the guidelines–so as not to pay more.

This implies a bag in the overhead bin (sized at exactly the maximum dimensions allowed) and a small backpack to put under the seat in front of mine.



If the carry-on bags are close to the limit and might not fit in the overhead bin, many times airlines will allow you to check bags at the gate free of charge. If you travel in a group, it is not necessary for everyone to pay for their bag to be checked.

A family made of five people can pack up one or two checked bags and pack the rest in carry-on approved sizes. Remember to pack less things that don't easily fill up the carry-on.


8. Load You Gadgets with Enough Entertainment.

In-flight entertainment is not always free or even available. This is very advisable if you are to have a long flight or when you are to travel with kids, it is better to load the content ahead of time.

You surely need a distraction in such circumstances.


9. One Way Airfares Maybe a Cheaper Way to go!

Later in the days, booking round-trip airfares was a lot more affordable though that is not the case now. You might instead try and book your “to” trip with one airline and your “home” trip with another.

This will not always be the case, but it’s worth looking into as you compare prices and shop.


10. Shop in Cheaper Cities and Opt for Cheaper Options.

Just as economies tend to differ, some airports and cities are more expensive than others to fly into. Always be open on this point most especially if you know there are several airports clustered together (such cases are common on the east coast).

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly from Indianapolis to Boston and other times it is cheaper to fly from Indianapolis to Providence.

Since the airports are not so far apart, it is sometimes worth booking vehicles as well.

In most scenarios if vehicle renting costs are compared to flights, the vehicles are a cheaper alternative. How about save a couple of dollars in a little more hours? Well, if you are not in a rush.


11. Shop Separately.

Airlines normally price tickets in different pricing tiers and once the lower-tiered pricing runs out, you definitely have to pay higher fares.

Individuals shopping for groups are most likely to get stuck paying higher fares even in presence of lower-fare tickets; you therefore ought to consider always shopping for a ticket at a time though this could be a pain when booking for a family of four plus.

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This however is not a clean game if you are paying for underage children as well since they definitely need to sit somewhere next to you while on the plane (you could however try booking one parent with the small child first and then book the second parent separately to avoid worse case scenarios).

This alternative will not save your money all the time though it can on lucky occasions.


12. Be Flexible.

This is most probably the most common tip ever given but it's really true. The more flexible you can be when booking your air tickets the better.

For example, flights during holiday seasons are the most expensive. It is therefore better if you travel a few days earlier which could save you almost half the original cost.

If you travel in a group or like a family, these savings even add up quickly.


13 Use Points and Miles.

One of the easiest ways to save money on airfares is by using ward travel. The use of airline miles or credit card points to travel can grab you discounted plane tickets, even in first class.

Yes, you need to find available reward seats (this can take one struggling) but the savings can be well worth it compared with paying.

Note that using airline miles is not always the best option, especially in cases of low cash prices.

However, in seasons where tickets tend to be expensive or highly demanded, a lot of money can be saved by doing that, more so if trying to book flights at the last minute.


14. Travel in the Offseason.

This is easier to coordinate with business flights and a lot harder when you have to fit into a family schedule especially during the holidays.

As mentioned before, flights tend to get cheaper during the off-season and then very expensive in holiday seasons. The off-season could save you at least half the fare.


15. Set a Price Alert.

Price alerts can inform you when you are aiming to book or buy tickets when prices drop.

Google Flights has a feature that can automatically notify you in case there is a good deal of cheaper flights.

To set this up, first, conduct your search. Then, in the toolbar on the results page, you’ll see a toggle to turn on price tracking.


16. Sales.

All airlines consistently come up with new sales that are always a major deal.

Some of the amazing deals ever received are on airlines like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Aeroflot. Always be on look out, do not let big catches slip through your hands


17. Routing.

Prior to your flight, you always ought to do full research (compare and contrast the cheaper routes) in order to avoid buying more expensive tickets.

This will help you get some bucks back.


18. Credit Cards.

A large number of airlines have credit card partners that associated with some major deals going on.

There are various airlines that provide extra miles or points or other different benefits such as cabin upgrades when you use their very own product for flying.


19. Work for the Airline Companies.

Being an airline employee normally comes with an added advantage of having access to free flights or cheaper flight deals.

You may have had the thought of working for an airline; how about make it a reality.


20. Get a Buddy Pass from Someone Working for the Airlines.

Most airlines offer buddy passes to their employees plus family and friends of the employees which is actually a good money saving idea.

You should however be cautious not to fall victim as some employees actually sell the buddy passes which may be completely against company laws.


21. Win Tickets in a Promotion.

Like any other businesses, most airlines have give away promotions as a way of giving back to their esteemed customers.

Always try your luck in such promotions, you may get yourself flown to France free of charge!


22. Try Booking Connecting flights.

This may sound hectic and time consuming but is actually sometimes a money saver.

Non-stop flights usually come with exaggerated prices which can actually be suppressed if you are cunning enough.

This trick is however ideal for those who are not traveling on a fixed time schedule; if you have plenty of time on your side, this could be a perfect way to save.


23. Find and Book Pricing Mistakes.

Sometimes airline technology can get glitches that may result from errors in forex exchange and reflect extremely low airfares for passengers.

You should keep in mind that such opportunities come once in a life time and are rectified as soon as noticed by the people in charge.

You must therefore be swift to act if you are to take advantage of such chances


24. Book International Tickets in the Country of Origin.

The clear fact that you are a citizen in your country normally gives you a privilege of being entitled to cheaper flight deals! Do not waste the chance.


25. Book and Use Flight Passes.

These annual subscriptions may have exaggerated prices but give the fact that you are free to travel for as many times, it actually becomes cheaper if you try adding up numbers.


26. Take Advantage of Travel Packages.

Though prices may appear ambiguous, most travelers confirm that bundling flight and hotel costs is another way of saving.

Before selecting any of the packages however, you should compare the different service providers and zero down to the cheapest alternative.


Conclusion: How to Save Money on Airfares

While hunting for ways of minimizing on your airfare, keep in mind that flexibility is paramount in airline selection.

A traveler must also always keep in mind to pack light. This is something you really need to think about if you are the type who does souvenir shopping during trips and will at the very least save you from spending on stuff you do not need anyways hence a sure win for your wallet.

All in all, do not hesitate to use flying as a means of traveling because there are multiple methods you can possibly use to save on the airfare and the above a just a snick-pick.

Simply prepare your soul and fly to whatever your desired destination is in a very comfy zone.

I hope you found this article on how to save money on airfare helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which saving hack are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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