How To Save Money On Makeup – 24 New Idea To Apply Today

Do you want to know how to save money on makeup and cosmetics?

Don't worry I did my homework and searched for makeup saving tips

Like best ways to sell and revive old makeup and how to get cheap and free makeup?

I won't tell you stop buying makeup to save money

If you are obsessed with makeup then you have to buy cosmetics and makeup when discounted or with coupons

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how to save money on makeup

That's why in this post I am going to talk about how to save money on makeup?

How long does makeup last when opened?

It varies between each type of makeup and on the brand

Most brands have 3 letters on the cap of every box called PAO

It stands for Period After Opening and most probably written in months

For example, 6 M means it is good for 6 months after you open the lid and expose the product to air

Products like foundation, primer, blush, and eyeshadow have around 2 years expiry

While lipsticks can last around a year

It is always good to read the expiry on lipsticks as it touches your lips

And there is a high chance it can be mixed with saliva

Eye makeup like mascara and liquid eyeliner have around 3 months expiry when opened

Take it seriously as it can irritate your eyes if expired

Anyway to save money on makeup always know your consumption and buy what you will use only before they get expired

Do lipsticks expire?

Yes lipsticks expire and because they doesn't contain liquid they can last between 12 to 18 months

Not like lipgloss which lasts less than a year

What happens if you use expired lipstick?

When lipsticks expire they become dry

Don't moisten them with water or your saliva as they can introduce bacteria

When should I throw out makeup?

If you are not able to find the expiry date on the makeup or cosmetics box then it is better to look for these signs

All skincare products that have changed in color, smell rancid or looks funky dispose them right away

For unused products like eyeshadows, lip liners, powder blush, lipsticks and eye pencils

If the container is airtight then you can swipe it with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol to kill the bacteria without affecting the texture of the cosmetic product

How much an average women spend on makeup?

Women spend an average of $313 a month for buying things related to her appearance

Most of the money goes to facials then haircuts followed by makeup, manicures, and pedicures

How can I save money on makeup?

I know you are curious to know how to save money on makeup

Well, I won't disappoint you as below is a list that stir ideas for you

Recycle makeup packages for free gift

1- bareMinerals

You can recycle any bareMinerals products at bareMinerals stores to earn 5 FAB points

2- Burt’s Bees

If you recycle 1 lb of Burt's bees products you earn 100 Terracycle points

3- Colgate

Recyling 2 lbs of Colgate will give you 100 Terracycle points

4- EOS

Shipments over 1 lb makes you earn 100 Terracycle points

5- Everyday Minerals

Any empty Everyday Minerals you can trade for free blush

Recycle 8 jars and get your choice of Everyday Minerals for free

6- Garnier

Garnier has low recycle program with Terracycle

For every 10 lbs you receive 2 Terracycle points per unit

7- Herbal Essences

You earn 100 Terracycle points for every pound

8- Innisfree

Recycle 5 bottles a month and receive 50 loyalty points in store only

9- Josie Maran

You can receive 100 Teracycle points for every pound

10- Kiehl’s Since 1851 

For any full-size Kiehl’s products you will receive a stamp and for 10 stamps you can redeem to get free 2.5 oz travel-size product

11- Lip Ink

Send any 4 full size Lip ink and choose any LIP-INK liquid Lip Color for free

Also FREE domestic shipping with limit of one per customer every year

12- L’Occitane en Provence

Any full size product of L'Occotane en Provence you bring to store you will get 10% instant discount for any full sized product

13- Lush USA 

Bring any 5 Luch USA empty products and receive free fresh face mask

14- MAC Cosmetics 

Return 6 MAC primary containers and earn MAC lipstick of your choice

15- Origins

You earn 25 loyalty points every month if you recycle cosmetics empties

16- Pacifica Beauty

Ship your empties with prepaid shipping label and receive 100 loyalty points

17- Schmidt’s 

Recycle 5 items and get 1 free product

18- Skyn ICELAND

You pay the shipping for jars, tubes, packaging and bottles and get $10 off every $40 you spend on their product

19- Tom’s of Maine

Shipment of 4 lbs gives you 2 TerraCycle points per unit

20- Welleda

For every pound you earn 100 Terracycle points

21- ZOYA

Keep an eye on upcoming promotions for recycling old nail polish bottles

Keep track of your makeup expiry date

I found the best way to save money on makeup is to keep track of expiry date on all opened packages

Just add a sticker with expiry date on every package

Ask for free makeup samples

It never hurts if you ask for free makeup and cosmetics samples in every store you visit

Keep a list of all stores that agreed to give you free samples and make sure to ask for samples from time to time

Revive old makeup

These are few tricks to follow to revive old cosmetics and thus save money on makeup

Add saline to drying out mascara add few drops of contact lens solution and swirl it around

This will make the mascara last longer

Also you can try the hot water to dissolve the clumps out of dried mascara

Place makeup in warn water if you know the product has leftover at the end but unable to reach it

Also you can cut the bottle to reach the bottom

Melt the end of 2 broken lip sticks to put them back together

Mix it with rubbing alcohol you can do it for the eyeshadow by pressing it back together

how to save money on makeup

Return unused makeup

You have the right to return any unused cosmetics within 30 days

If the product is opened and you have a complain about it like mascara is causing your eyes to burn then take it back to the store

You may not get a full refund but you can get a store credit

Sell unused makeup

If you are unable to return your makeup product or even get a store credit

You can try to sell it on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or try a site like Depop

Find alternative for your beauty products

You can shop for alternative cosmetics and makeup for cheap prices

To save money on makeup you can try BeautyPie, Ulta, oVertone, Tarte Cosmetics and Kitsch

Use loyalty cards for beauty products

Always ask inside all cosmetics and makeup stores if they have loyalty cards that collect points for every dollar you spend there

Stores like Sephora has loyalty card, Ulta beauty and Lancôme elite rewards

Volunteer to work as a product tester

You can volunteer to test cosmetics products and receive free samples of makeup

A site like Boots Volunteer in UK accepts volunteers with limited criteria

And a site like BzzAgent sends you a free sample of cosmetics and makeup products

Stop buying expensive makeup brushes

You can save money on makeup and cosmetics by using expensive mascara brushes in cheaper mascara tubes

In other words, don't get rid of the mascara tube but keep it to use its mascara brush

save money on makeup brushes

Follow influencers for discount codes

Influencers on Instagram have many cosmetics company running after them to sell their makeup products

They promote their makeup brands by asking these influencers to post cosmetics discount codes on their accounts

Make sure to follow all makeup artist on social media to be the first to know about these hidden discounts

Use employee discount

If you don't want to work part time in a cosmetics and makeup store to use the employee discount then look for someone you know who works there

Some stores all friends to take advantage of their employee discount

Track your makeup brands when on sale

You can easily ask about your favorite makeup brands annual or semi annual sale

Put a reminder on your cell phone to snooze before your brands' sale start

Use all online tricks when shopping for cosmetics and makeup

If you really looking to save money on makeup then use this trick

When buying cosmetics and makeup online put all your items in your shopping cart

Log off and wait for couple of hours or perhaps a day

Some of these makeup sites will send you a reminder saying you haven't checked out what is wrong

They will offer you an extra discount code to apply it to your purchase

One more thing search Google for the makeup site + coupon or online discount

Who knows there are many coupons online and sometimes these stores are under Rakuten where you can get extra cash back

Resist your impulse buy

Avoid splurging $10 and $15 on buying cosmetics and makeup single packages thinking it is not a big deal

Actually it will turn into a habit and your small purchases will add up quickly

Look for coupons on weekly flyer

Many cosmetics and makeup boutiques send flyers with coupons to your home

Sometimes you can look for mobile apps that include all these flyers

You can search for your brands to see if they offer coupons for this week

Mix colors instead of buying every single color

Do you know you can mix two shades of eyeshadow you have instead of buying a new color?

The same can be applied for bronzer and blush

Finish what you have before buying new makeup

If you have 5 lipsticks use them till you finish one lipstick before you add more lipsticks to your selection

Make yourself committed not to stock cosmetics until you finish what you have

Ask friends and family for makeup gift cards

Whenever there is an occasion coming where you expect gifts coming to you

Like your birthday or Christmas gifts you can say to your family I wish to get makeup gift cards

There is nothing wrong about that

Boutiques or stores put most expensive makeup and cosmetics at eye level

This can be applied to Sephora and Ulta so always look on lower shelves

Buy off season shades to save money on makeup

Many brands sell shades appropriate to the season but what about those shades that are out of season like bright colors in summer

You can buy them in winter for low price and stock them

Use your student discount

If you have a student card you can get a good discount as almost all stores offer discounts for students

Consider buying makeup and cosmetics from dollar stores

You can find so many dupe cosmetics and makeup products with fraction of what you pay in big stores

That can help you save money on makeup

Buy makeup with double duty

Some cosmetics products have double duty like using gel blushes as lipsticks

Or Powder eyeshadow for blush

Definitely multitasking beauty products can save you money on makeup

How do you get high end makeup for free?

This part is important, I will show you an easy ways to get free high end makeup

1- Use Ibotta to get free Sephora gift cards

One thing that saves money on makeup is to use Ibotta app on your daily purchases

You download the app on your mobile and any purchases in store or online collects cash back for you

Later you can redeem your cash back for Sephora gift cards

2- Get makeup and cosmetics gifts through subscription

There are beauty membership sites where you get free makeup and cosmetics samples

You can share this membership with one or two friends who wants to save money on makeup like you

For example, with Birchbox membership you save money if you subscribe for more months

And you will receive makeup and cosmetics deluxe samples on a monthly basis

BeautyFix you pay $24.95 monthly and get makeup worth $100

Allure Beauty Box is a $23 monthly subscription from Allure magazine where you get high end full sized beauty and makeup items

Boxycharm with a monthly subscription of $25 they send 4-5 full size of indie and makeup brands worth $100

Ipsy called Ipsy Glam bag with $25 monthly subscription you get 5 full size products plus Ipsy bag every 3 months

Beauty Heroes is pricey as monthly subscription is $58.95 you get full size item and a side kick item that is sometimes full size item too

Look Fantastic for $19 a month you get a minimum of 6 products plus Elle magazine

Kinder beauty box with $21 a month you will receive a box of at least 3 products and quite a number of samples

Macy's beauty box pay $15 monthly and you will receive five deluxe beauty samples plus one bonus item and cosmetic bag along with $5 beauty coupon to be used in store or online

3- Reward programs that offer birthday gifts

Some makeup and cosmetics boutiques will reward you with a gift when it's your birthday like

Ulta when you join you will earn one point for each dollar you spent

These points are doubled during your birthday month

You can choose a free gift of your choice in store during your birthday month

Sephora you adds up points using their loyalty card by shopping there

On your birthday month you get a free gift without any purchase required

Urban decay with Urban decay program you earn points for reviewing products

Also if you share the products on your social media and refer your friends

Again they give you a free gift on your birthday

Below is also makeup and cosmetics companies that give free birthday gifts

4- Giveaways on social media

Some makeup and cosmetics companies offer giveaways on social media especially on Instagram as it is number one photos and videos platform

Make sure to follow your makeup brands on social media to receive notifications when such giveaways are released

5- Cash back through credit cards

There are so many credit cards that incentivize you with cash back percentage with all of your purchases

Most of these credit cards they accumulate points and you can redeem them for cash or beauty gift cards from so many stores like Sephora or Macy's

6- Ask for free high end makeup

It will never hurt if you ask for free products

Some companies will respond to you while most of them already have samples prepared for customers whom they want to hook them into buying their products

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