How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations – 6 Smart Hacks

If you're looking to save money on wedding invitations

You're not alone, all couples desire memorable moments during their weddings

But who cares about wedding invitations

Nobody will keep them

They will be disposed right attending the wedding events

I witnessed many wise couples who decided to cut from their wedding costs to add more luxurious vacations on their honeymoons

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how to save money on wedding invitations

That would make an unforgettable memories for the couples not for the guests

Anyway not all couples can do the same

Some couples care about their guests to avoid gossips

That's why they cut money from items like wedding invitations to save money

Anyway I'll discuss below possible ways to save money on wedding invitations

Average cost of wedding invitations

If you are not aware of the cost in buying weddings invitation cards

The average cost is between $3 to $8 per each card

This means you are talking between $300 to $800 for 100 wedding invitation cards

I think this is very reasonable number as you split them between the bride and groom

6 Possible ways to save money on wedding invitations

Take the below suggestions as friendly advice to you

Again, it is your wedding and you decide what is important for you as a couple to spend money upon

Think about the money you can save on your wedding invitations and what to do with

You can buy extra 2 or 3 nights after you come back from your honeymoon

Or you can add more activities on things to do extra on your wedding trip

Avoid expensive envelope

Do your best effort to lower what you pay on wedding invitation evvelopes

Who cares if they are decorated or not

Keep it simple and use a blank white envelope

Save money buying unfold wedding invitations

Traditional wedding invitations come as two fold wedding invitations

I suggest to save money by using one fold wedding invitations

Of course one fold is cheaper than two fold cards

We all know that nobody keeps wedding invitations more than a week

I feel sorry to invest money on expensive wedding cards that will be disposed

Increase your wedding invitations by 10% extra

I know what you think

I am discussing ways to save money on wedding invitations

Then I tell you to order 10% extra but I have my reasons

You don't want to print an exact number for your wedding invitation cards only to discover that few cards are sent to wrong address

Or some invitees report that they haven't received their invitations

Avoid wedding invitations with embossed text

Wedding invitations with embossed text are way expensive with minimum of $3 each

If you decide to avoid embossed text, your price can go down to less than a dollar

I attended so many weddings with magnificent embossed wedding invitations

Ask me what happens after I attend the wedding, I get rid of wedding cards

Do your wedding invitations by Yourself (DIY)

Yes you can do your wedding invitations cards all by yourself and save all the money

If you have a colored laser printer or have a friend or relative who has then you can print a professional wedding cards

But how? very simple, just go to Canva and search for wedding invitations

You will get hundreds of design to choose from

If you don't know Canva, any design is highly customizable where you can change the text, the background color and any images there

Next step is to buy a blank wedding invitation cards from Amazon

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Switch your wedding invitations to online e-cards

Last but not least, you are not the only one who switches to online wedding invitations e-cards

There are so many people nowadays use online wedding invitation service like Paperless Post to invite guests by email and SMS

The good thing about this type of service is that it keeps you updated on who is coming or not

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