How To See Liked Posts on Instagram? – Posts You’ve Liked Feature (2022)

How to fix liked posts not showing on Instagram? Below we'll discuss how you can solve this error so you can always see the posts you've liked on the social media platform.

Being able to see liked posts on Instagram is a great feature. You might forget to save a certain post but want to see it again. Considering that popular social media platform is breaming with content about virtually everything, finding these posts can be very time-consuming. That's when this feature comes in handy.

Here's how to see all the posts you have liked on Instagram.

Posts You've Liked Feature Missing on Instagram

Many users have reported that the “Posts you've liked” feature has gone missing. The “liked posts not showing error” is actually not a bug or a glitch. This handy feature has not been removed.

With the new update that arrived this year, Instagram made some changes to its interface. The developers changed the location of some options as well. That includes the Posts you've liked feature too. Here's how you can see the pictures you have previously liked on Instagram.

  • Click on the three lines icon on the top-right.
your activity instagram app
  • Tap the Your activity button.
Tap on Your Activity Instagram app 1
  • You will be taken to a new menu.
view posts you liked instagram 2022 1
  • Click on Interactions to display your latest activity on Instagram.
  • This is where you can see all of your previous actions like your likes, comments, or posts.
  • Tap on Likes to see the liked posts.

In this section, you can see all the posts you have liked before. It is also possible to sort your likes from newest to oldest. You can filter out some posts as well. If you are looking for a post that you liked some time ago, this is how you can search for it.

How To See Liked Posts on Instagram Web?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see your account's activity on the web version of Instagram. Users have to open the mobile app to see all of their previous interactions on the social media platform. That includes sharing a post or seeing previous likes as well.

Did Instagram Remove “Posts You've Liked”?

No, Instagram did not remove this feature. You can still see their previous likes and comments through the mobile app. But there's an important thing to keep in mind. If users want to look at their previous activities, they can only display a certain number of posts.

You might want to find a post that you liked a very long time ago. That might not be possible, though. If you have liked more than 300 hundred posts since then, Instagram will not be able to display that certain post you are looking for.

That's because the platform limits the number of viewable posts. Users can only view the last 300 posts they liked before. So if you want to keep a record of a certain picture, it's better to save it. That way, you can save all the posts you see on the platform and can view them again whenever you want.

How To View Someone Else's Likes on Instagram?

Users were able to see the liked photos of their followers before 2019. However, the social media giant removed this feature with an update. As of 2022, it is not possible to view the previously liked posts of your followers.

Instagram stated that the change was implemented to protect user privacy. Being able to see someone's activity can result in unwanted situations.

Most users were content with this decision as most people don't want others to know what they like on Instagram. But parents depended on it to see what their children were doing on their accounts.

In conclusion, you can only view the last 300 posts you liked on your account. And as we mentioned earlier, you can only do it through Settings > Your Activity > Interactions > Likes.

Hopefully, this guide has taught you all you need to know to navigate your activity on Instagram.