How to see dislikes on YouTube videos?

Here's how you can see YouTube dislikes again. Even though Google removed the feature back in 2021, there's a way to unhide the number showing dislikes.

Users have been unable to view dislikes on YouTube videos since December 2021. This controversial decision brought many issues. Even though a content creator can see the count in YouTube Studio, viewers are not able to see how many users left a thumbs down on a certain video.

Before this update, the rate between thumbs up and thumbs down counts would give the user an idea on the video's accuracy. Viewers can still leave thumbs down on a video and it would affect their video recommendations. But they will not be able to unhide the count through the platform's settings.

That being said, there is a way to see dislikes on YouTube. But it comes with a catch.

See dislikes on YouTube with a browser extension

A browser extension allows you to unhide the dislike count on the platform. Named Return YouTube Dislike, the browser extension offers the ability to view dislikes on videos published before December 13th, 2021.

You will not able to see the dislike count on videos that have been shared since that date, though. That's because the browser extension can not retrieve the data stored throughout 2022.

But this extension can still be quite useful, especially to understand whether a guide or how-to video is trustworthy. It offers the chance to see dislikes on more than 200+ million videos as well.

1. Install the Return YouTube Dislike extension to your browser.

Before you add this extension to Chrome, note that the ratio of likes and dislikes is not exactly correct. But it will give you a somewhat accurate idea of the general review of the content.

  • Open Google Chrome and type Return YouTube Dislike.
  • Go to Chrome Web Store and click on Add to Chrome.
how to see youtube dislikes
  • Wait for the extension to be added to your browser.
  • Close Google Chrome and make sure it is not working in the background.

2. Open a YouTube video to see if the dislike count is visible.

Go to the platform and start watching a video after you have completed the installation process. Scroll down to see if the extension is working properly.

view dislikes on youtube

As you can see, the extension allows you to see both of the counts. Thanks to this extension, you can now see YouTube dislikes again.

Why did YouTube remove the dislike count?

Back in January 2022, platform CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed the company's decision on hiding the dislike count.

“We realized that some audiences used the thumbs down count as a way of attacking the content creators. There are people working as a group to target a certain creator through these buttons. Their behaviors has been especially harmful for new creators as these harassments affect them and result in a discouragement to create new content.”

Users believe that the thumbs down button was a great way of understanding what to watch. But Wojcicki states that it was never an effective method to pick what to watch on the platform.

It is true that the video giant takes this ratio between likes and dislikes into account. But there is also a ton of different factors in its algorithm that suggest videos on the homepage or up next section.

Are YouTube dislikes coming back?

As of this writing, YouTube has not brought dislikes back. And it seems like it will stay that way in the future.

That's because the company's stance on this decision remains firm. They believe that some viewers used the thumbs-down count as an instrument to discourage content creators. Though a channel owner can still view the count in the channel interface. And viewers can still leave a thumbs-down on a certain video, ultimately forming an algorithm for themselves.

How to unhide dislike count?

If you are curious about how to see dislikes on YouTube, your only option is to install the extension. Our guide above offers you the chance to re-enable dislikes on videos. But it is the only way to restore this feature. The platform itself does not allow you to unhide the count by yourself. So there is no other way than to install the extension created by Dmitry Selivanov and Community.

Can a creator see who disliked their videos?

Yes, as we mentioned earlier, content creators can see the number of thumb-downs their videos have received.

But they can not see the name of the users who clicked on the thumbs-down button. The video giant has never allowed this feature. So it is impossible to know the username of a person who interacted with your videos.

How to view thumbs-down count as a content creator?

Here's a quick guide for content creators on YouTube. Follow the simple steps below to see how many likes and dislikes your videos have received.

Open YouTube and click on your channel icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

how to see who disliked your videos

Click on YouTube Studio to view your channel analytics.

Select Content from the menu on the left.

how to re-enable dislike count

Move the cursor on a certain video to view its likes and dislikes ratio.

Note that this screen is only visible to you.

how to see dislikes on channel settings

Here's everything you need to know if you are wondering how to see dislikes on YouTube videos.

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