How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Financially & Love Who You Are

Looking for practical ways to stop comparing yourself to others financially?

Well in this article you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others financially.

It is human nature to compare or contrast themselves with others or activities others do.

This is normally because someone did something which you felt was well done than yours or rather someone with some authority recognized the other persons work and never recognized your work.

And as a result you tend to compare your work and theirs.

We normally forget that by so doing we tend to lock our potentials, our abilities that could probably swing us to the path of a successful life.

This is not so different from looking away from your destiny because you have chosen an easier route to reach success which wasn’t planned for you since you have taken a detour instead of the main route.

How to stop comparing yourself to others financially, basically means the act of not making reference to what other persons around you are doing. It is very different from having a role model or a mentor whom one tends to emulate.

The secrete of how to stop comparing yourself to other is to stop comparing yourself and develop your own ways of handling tasks or rather doing things your own way and also by unlocking the power of contentment.

From a thorough digging of archives and scrapping off the fossils, it is true to say that this has also been a challenge even to our forefathers.

Without further a due, lets narrow down to our agenda of how to stop comparing yourself to others financially.

For starters, I would like to share a personal story.

When I was 10 years of age, I had a friend whom we shared a lot in common.

We used to do everything including our chores together.

We went to the same school and sat in the same class.

Long story short, we were best friends and we felt nothing could come between us until one incident where one of our teachers gave us an assignment.

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The assignment was to sell some fruits we were given by the teacher.

The thing was a pair had their week of selling some fruits and then give their profit to the teacher and it could be summed up and the money was either given to a children’s home or given to the school for development.

On that particular week we were assigned that assignment.

So we set up a stand outside the school and we started to sell the fruits.

The first sale was commendable. What followed was our separation.

My friend was one of the smartest kids in class and so what she did that day made me change the way I was seeing her.

I started comparing myself with what she did because, after the assignment the teacher commended her most instead of us both.

I didn’t want to feel jealous so instead I started to compare myself with everything she did in order for me to be perfect too.

From the above story, it clearly show that I felt bad that my friend was appreciated more than I was.

What was eating me up was that thought of her performing more than I did.

This is what happens when you let comparison take the better part of you. It tends to take the people you love and in place it puts enmity, envy between you or among you.

What we forget is that comparison will only last for a while since it won’t be long until you realize it’s worth it.

Unfortunately, by the time you come to realize it’s no longer worth it, you probably have lost everything.

In life, many people face different challenges when it comes to finances, others struggle to become rich, others are trying to get money in order for them to put food on the table or to satisfy their basic needs.

This are two different people because one is trying to become rich while the other is trying to meet their basic needs.

Do not or rather never compare yourself with another person because you never know their financial hurdles.

The following are some of the ways of how to stop comparing yourself to others financially;


1. Unlock the power of contentment.

Contentment basically, means you are satisfied with what you have and what you get.

In this case, I’d like to majorly stress on being satisfied with what you get from your own sweat and not looking at what other people have done.

When it comes to business accept what you have is what you have been working for the whole day.

No matter how little it is, remember that is just a stepping stone to huge success.


All you have to do is develop something unique and extra that you do not see your friends doing.

By doing something contrary to what majority are doing, it does not mean that you are doing it wrongly it’s just that you have already embraced what you do it’s just that you are trying to make it better and more productive.

After all that is the key to having a business, it show be productive.


2. Practice gratitude.

Always say thank you whenever you get something.

Remember to tell God thank you for the much you have, for the far you have come from and the far you going to go.

When you show gratitude, things normally work out well for an individual.

Before you start looking at how far your friends are and you start comparing your success and theirs, first show gratitude or rather appreciate that you have something.

Because, that moment you start complaining and comparing yourself to others, it’s at that time you start becoming ungrateful.

Never compare your friend’s financial success and yours because it might ruin so many plans that God has planned for you.

It is always a sign of discontentment when you become ungrateful and start comparing yourself to others.

Regardless of the little money one has it can never change how God sees you because we are all His.

In a nut shell always practice or show gratitude.


3. Do not compare your life to everyone else’s highlight reel.

Comparing yourself with other people’s life is the first sign of failure. Normally most people compare their financial success to others because they feel that what they have earned or achieved is not enough.

This are just thoughts that normally come more often.

Remember that repeated habits are habits and you can only get rid of a habit by installing your own ways of doing things that are comfortable and easy to manage.

I’d like to recommend that instead of thinking about our friend’s financial success, we should instead start thinking of something that will help one reach to where they are by asking or seeking mentorship from them in order to achieve more instead of comparing.


4. Focus on your strengths.

By strength I mean what you can do and you are good at it.

This does not mean your physical strength but your ability to come up with killer ideas that will leave everyone looking for you.

Strength is majorly that unique thing that you own that nobody else possess it.

This can be your weakness which to others maybe seem as your strength. Ideally, what am trying to say is, focus on what you can do and avoid looking at others, trying to compare their strengths and your strengths.

If you have a business idea that you think it could work, try it out because you never know that business idea could be your elevation to success and by success I mean financially.

So do not focus on what you can’t do but instead focus on what you can do, that is your strength.

Remember that what you think is a process that has evolved over time and right now you may not feel like you have full control over the way you think, but trust me when I tell you that you have the full power of how you think.

The only challenge is that you are just doing it in a very damaging way.

So the only solution to this is by stop thinking in a way that damages but rather think in way that will create, this can only be done by focusing on what you do best and leaving the ‘undo-able’ as you would like to call it, or things you cannot do behind.


5. Celebrate other people’s financial success.

This is one of the many things man find difficult to do. I was also a victim but with time I got to realize and know that there is no harm done when you celebrate someone’s success.

By this I do not mean you throw for them a party or buy them a gift.

It simply means, you not showing any signs of jealousy or feeling bad because they have achieved more than you.

You can also try and seek what they did in order to get there.

This means you do not compare but rather trying to seek advice on how they got there.

Basically learn to celebrate other people’s success because you would also want others to be happy that you achieved financially instead of them feeling envious about it.


6. Learn to compete with yourself and not others.

Learn to challenge yourself in order to reach your potential instead of competing with others.

When God was creating man, He created us in different and unique ways.

This means that what I can do or my capabilities or rather my strengths are different from other people.

He knew for us to be all equal He had to create us in the same way, nobody being special than the other but again He also gave each and every person a different story that makes them unique and different from others.

So this means that nobody can have the same story or strength with another person.

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Test yourself and find out how far you can get in terms, of developing ideas and putting them into use.

Because if you try to compete with another person it means you are trying to be like them which will be tedious for you because you are not moving with your pace.

You will have to strain and stress in order for you to keep up with them so that you are not left behind.

With regard to finance, you will always find out that you have done so little or rather you have not met any objectives of the day.

This is bad because you will even forget about the people you love since you are not meeting their basic needs since all the money is put in some unnecessary things or activities just to try and keep up with another person.

Normally people refer to it as ‘putting yourself in a class you do not belong or not suitable for you’.

What we all should understand is that things move in a sequence and that’s why most motivational speakers will tell you don’t be in a hurry when seeking success because it comes gradually.

Because in order for one to be financially successful, you have to meet all the hurdles that come along with you getting there.


Conclusion: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Financially

In summary, try or learn to compete with yourself and not others.

This will save you a lot of energy that is need for you to reach your success.

It’s always good to remember that no matter how good people may look on the outside, everybody and I mean everybody struggles with one deep-rooted problems that they struggle to get rid of.

It can be depression, anxiety, not passing in exams, a business idea not going through, and more.

What most people tend to do is, they hide their problem and keep them to themselves so that you don’t think that they are flawless just because of what you see on the surface. It is part of human nature.

Thoughts is another pre-causer of you comparing yourself to others. It is normally a basic realization that thoughts are the backbone of doing majority in your life.

For instance, in order for you to do a certain thing or per take a certain task, you have to think about it.

From the thoughts or how you are thinking, that is the determining factor of how the output will be, either good or bad.

Basically the human being is controlled by thoughts. Things makes you think things, by this I mean that whenever you see something you think about it.

So when you see someone has a big house, their business is peaking up so well, or they are financially stable, you start thinking about it.

The result will be, you will tend to compare what you have to what they have.

Remember that you are the thinker of your thoughts which are normally triggered by what you see.

So this means that that you are the only person who can change the way you think in terms of you comparing yourself to others and also how you perceive things and people.

After this realization that you are the thinker of the thoughts and not some motor planted in your head, you can possess a more proactive self or rather first person role of deciding not to compare yourself to others or even think about other people.

Predominantly, what can be done is, learn to take ownership so that you become a person who starts to be more aware of the actual evidence for why you feel the way you do.

Since at the end of the day it will all be you and nobody else.

By this it’s a sure bet that you will stop comparing yourself to others financially.