How to Stop Gambling and Save Money – 6 Ways to Stop Gambling

Many gamblers ask how to stop gambling and save money

Gambling is harmless fun but it can be addictive to some gamblers

Those gamblers seek support when it is too late

Unfortunately they lose their families as it is very hard to live with someone who dumps money like lunatic

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how to stop gambling and save money

That's exactly how non gamblers perceive wasting money in Casinos

In this post, I'll focus on how to stop gambling and save money so let's begin with

What are the common myths of gambling?

There are few common fallacies or myths whatever you like to call it

These fallacies about gambling are still alive and never fades like

I have my smart technique of winning

I've met many gamblers admitting they got smart techniques to make them win

How? that's impossible

If someone has got smart technique he'll be a money machine

By the way, if you win for multiple times a big cash, the casino will expel you out

Do you remember Rain Man by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise increased his chance of winning and he was banned from entering Casinos

This is a movie, don't live this dream

It is due to pay soon

If you are a slot machine addict, don't think because someone before you were playing for substantial time without winning that you can take over and it is due to pay soon

Slot machines are not configured to let you win every nth time

I remember with my friends we tested one slot machine after big win and it is totally not consistent

Even if you win, you can't tell if this slot machine is going to compensate you to cover your losses

Stop gambling and save money as slot machine is not an investment machine

I can double my money every time

I heard this from at least more than 5 different gamblers

Just double your money on Roulette or Poker tables and once you win you will compensate your loss

Let's make the calculation together

$100 and if doubled, it is $200 then $400, $800, $1,600, $3,200, $6,400, $12,800, $25,600 and so on

Roulette as a game can take you 50 trials to win the bet on one specific number

But if you're playing odd/even or green/red then your chance is of winning is 50/50

Let's say you lose 4 times then you will bet with $1,600 as per the above

Who told you that at $1,600 you will collect enough money to cover your losses

What if I tell you that you put $1,600 and all gamblers put $400, what do you think?

Let's say you are playing on one specific number to double the number to 20th times

That's impossible because you would not afford to get this amount of money

Think about it and stop gambling to save your money

It is my lucky day today

I am sorry to tell you that you as a gambler mentally decide to make any day your lucky day

It happens that you receive a call from someone you like or hear a good news

You decide to think that it is your lucky day

Why is gambling bad for you?

To stop gambling and save money you have to realize why gambling is bad for you

Gambling has a harmful effect both to psychological and physical health

Gamblers may experience depression, anxiety and stress

Gambling is bad because in most case it turns to addiction

It is similar to the addiction of taking a drug or having a drink

What is worse than that, gambling has the power to alter you mood and state of mind

Anybody addicted to drug and alcohol needs to increase the dose to experience the same effect like before

Gambling is equivalent to drug and alcohol where gamblers need to gamble more to experience the same high moment or thrill

They think by continuing to increase their gambling they can win back their losses

Why should you stop gambling?

Still not yet convinced to stop gambling and save your money

Well, read the below 6 reasons on why to stop gambling right now

Casinos have what is called house edge

House edge is the percentage of profit for each game played inside casinos

This is a predefined numbers calculated before

Slot machines for example, you can play up to 600 spins in an hour

This is the highest number of games with house edge up to 10%

This means player's loss is 10%

A game like Texas hold'em has house edge as low as 2.2%

This means it is less losses than slot machines

Overall Casinos have team of mathematicians you can never beat their logic

Gambling affects your mood

One day you can lose a lot of money while another day you don't lose much

How can you guarantee yourself to keep your positive and go back to your normal life without really losing your mood

Let me tell you, it's impossible, never heard of anyone being able to do that

Gambling is addictive

Yes it's true, gambling is addictive

How you know you are not already addicted to gambling

You can convince yourself that you are playing for fun but you are not

Prove it by stopping gambling and save your money now

You would lose your friends and family

Who would keep a good relationship with someone who is prone to be broke and lose money

People are creatures who like to maintain a healthy relationship

You don't want anyone coming to you asking to borrow money

If this happens how can you make sure he won't take that money to gamble again

Gambling waste a lot of time

Many gamblers told me before

They report an average of 4 to 5 hours in every session they spend gambling

Gamblers are an easy target to robberies

Everyone going in or out of casino is a target to robbery

Robbers stalk casinos looking for winners before they ask for escort

What is a gambling addict?

Gambling addiction is the uncontrollable urge to keep on gambling despite the fact you're losing money

It is so dangerous that it may happen that some gamblers pledge their jewelries, watches or even their cars to get quick cash to gamble with

Always there are opportunists who hang in casinos to prey on those addictive victims

They know they won't be able to pay back their loans

What causes gambling addiction?

Just to let you know compulsive gambling is a kind of addiction

There are many reasons for what can cause your addiction to gambling

But don't be afraid, you will not get abdicated from visiting the casino three or four times a year

Gambling addiction occur from something you build deep inside your mind

Like being desperate for money and you think you can get quick cash from gambling

Or your desire to experience the thrill and highs of those you imaged coming out of casinos with thousands of dollars

I'll be fair with you, who doesn't like this fake image

It can be the entertaining atmosphere you maintain inside casinos

You find yourself there as you enjoy every moment

Perhaps outside you feel bored and nothing fills your life

How to overcome gambling addiction?

Compulsive gambling addiction affects 2-3% Americans with symptoms like irritable mood, pressured speech, decreased need for sleep and few other symptoms

To stop gambling and save money you have to overcome your gambling addiction

These are few considerations to stop gambling addiction

Put limit to yourself

I cannot call myself a gambler at all

But I live in a place 2 hours away from Niagara falls

Anytime I go to the casino, I set a limit like $10 or $20 to spare and that's it

You have to set a limit to yourself

This works best if you are not addicted yet to gambling

Admit you have a problem

Number one solution to recovering from any addiction including gambling is admitting that you have a problem

If your family or friends force you to do that then you will not be cured

It has to come from inside you that you hate what you've become and you want to stop gambling and save money

Seek professional help

There is something called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Where the therapist and the addictive gambler works one on one to help the gambler sees the destructive behavior of gambling

And to overcome the gambling thoughts that possess your mind

Join a support group

There are self help groups like Gambler's Anonymous (GA) that uses different techniques to help compulsive addictive gamblers

Also there are other groups that help family members deal with their loved one

Consider medication

In some cases psychiatrists often prescribes an antidepressant that can affect the serotonin system

Other drugs such as lithium and opiate antagonists like nalmefene

How to stop gambling and save money?

When I mention stop gambling and save money

I assume you are in a stage you can quit gambling using your own will

You're not addicted yet

Decide if gambling is really worth it

Think about what gambling brings to you

Does it bring happiness?

Do you believe you are making money gambling?

My life will be boring without gambling

While all the assumptions are not true

But that's your mind makes you think of

Compare it to what you will lose as money and social life being alone

Trust me on that, stop gambling and save money as it is not worth it

Avoid temptation

Stay away from places where you can find casinos

What made this gambling addiction worse is that you can now gamble online

There are many online casinos that puts you in the gambling atmosphere

In that case, there are many software and apps that block gambling sites

At the end of this post, you will find a list of software that can help you avoid gambling

Replace gambling with other activities

Since you decided to stop gambling you will experience boredom

You have to decide what other activities can make you feel fully engaged

Each Gambling session takes a lot of time so you want to fill that time with something that gives you the same thrill

It can be a sport or hobby you are really passionate about

Convince yourself that your losses are not recoverable

I've never seen anyone who was able to recover his losses by gambling again

Whatever you have lost just leave it behind your back

Stop gambling and save your money

Don't take gambling as an excuse to recover previous losses

Tell your friends to self exclude you from casinos

This is a kind of challenge test you abide to it

Like telling your friends and family to slap you or spit on your face whenever they see you gambling

Some gamblers exaggerate with the punishment they tell their surroundings about

This trick has proven to be really worth it to stop you from gambling

Identify your gambling triggers

Monitor all activities around you that trigger you to go for gambling

There are certain places or circumstances that put you in the mood of gambling

Like I mentioned earlier being bored can trigger you to go for gambling

Remember gambling now can be online so you don't have to go to casinos

Seek professional help

Again I said earlier if you are about to be addicted to gambling

But who knows, seek professional help to identify if you started to fall in compulsive gambling

You can start earlier before it is too late

What does gambling do to your brain?

There is a hormone called dopamine which is responsible for your happiness

Compulsive gambling stimulates your brain with this hormone

Every time you gamble your brain's level of pleasure gets weakened

So your brain puts more pressure to push for more dopamine to trigger its reward system

Can you get rich gambling?

In the long term No

Gambling can make very few people rich under this circumstances like

You go to a casino and play let's say Roulette on number zero

Let's say you win and quit

Which is a very rare situation but in reality gamblers never get rich

Any money they game they will lose it by future gambling sessions

Can a gambler be cured?

Unfortunately there is no specific cure from gambling addiction

Because this type of addiction starts from your brain which needs your own strong will and the help of a professional therapist

Admit that you have a problem then start as early as possible

Follow the steps outlined by your therapist and one day you can break free of this compulsive gambling

Are there apps to let you gamble for free?

I am not sure if gamble for free or with play money will help those weak spirit who are still recovering from compulsive gambling to entertain themselves

Or I am wrong and this will make things worse

Anyway there are so many apps that let you gamble for free like

1- Most of the online casinos have something called play money where you can play and never pay a dime

I cannot put myself in gambler's shoe but I assume any gambler can have fun and not lose money – what do you think?

2- Play Lucktastic free app on your mobile

This app will let you scratch cards online if you win you get free PayPal money instantly

3- Willy Wonka slots free casino available on Android and iPhone

4- Lucky Day app is free to download with scratch cards, daily and monthly raffles, and jackpot lottery

5- Feel free to search your Android or iPhone store for free slot machines and make sure to read the terms well

Is there an app to stop gambling?

Below are the list of all apps that help block your gambling sites

Bet Blocker is a free to download app or on your laptop

It blocks more than 6000 gambling sites to help you overcome gambling addiction

Gamban similar to Bet Blocker as it is available for all devices

BetFilter is available on all devices but with a fee starting with $5.83 per month

GamBlock is available with 3 licenses gold, platinum and titanium where gold membership is $84.95 a Year

Freedom is available for monthly fee of $6.99, annually for $2.42 a month or forever as one time fee of $129

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