How To Submit Your Website To Opera News Feed (2023)

Are you wondering how to submit your website to Opera News Feed? 

Well you have come to the right place.

In this post you are going to learn how to add your website and blog to Opera News Feed.

You will also learn about the Opera News Hub program and how you can make money from it while working from home.

For years now, I have run a fairly successful blog. In my quest to grow, I was introduced to the simple opportunity of having web browsers showcase your work on their news hub.

A news hub is basically where all the latest information is displayed for all the users to see.

At times, when you open up a new tab on the browser, these sites pop up with “flashy headlines” and “breaking stories”. I became curious as this presented itself as a great opportunity.

However, I had no knowledge about doing something like this.

And I did not even know where to start. Being based in Africa helped me a great deal in choosing Opera mini as the web browser to use as most of my content is made for the African audience.

Therefore, I write this article to show you how to submit your website to the opera news feed. Opera mini has functioned as one of the best web browsers in the world.

It has very many users and very user friendly as you will see below.


What is Opera mini?

Opera mini is a web browser that you can use to access the internet.

It falls in the same group as the likes of Google, Mozilla Firefox and

Just like its counterparts, you can get access to various websites on the internet using their platform.

In order for any website to get views and valuable traffic, you have to consider getting on top of the searches on these platforms.

Opera mini started its operations in the late 1990s – 1996 to be exact. It started as a software company operating in Norway and it has soon become one of the most known web browsers on the internet.

The official release date of the Opera mini platform was in August 10, 2005.


There have been a lot of changes to it since it started and it has hosted other platforms like Google on its browser.

For now, Google is the main website on this platform.

Opera mini has an application that is designed to suit your own browsing style and use significantly less data than you would on a website.

It is one of the `most user friendly browsers on the market.

Its powerful functionality coupled with a regular revamped look make it appealing to its users.

In Africa alone, this web browser boasts an incredible over 100 million users.

This is a relatively great number if you are considering the potential to increase traffic to your website.


Features of Opera mini.

The browser and app undergo regular updates that can be hard to keep up with.

That said, these updates continue making the website user friendly and easy to use by the users.

As you read this article, you should know that as a website owner, the user friendliness of the Opera mini browser towards the site and this makes it significantly easier to have regular views on your site.


The features include:

1. Great personalization features.

You have the opportunity to customize the layout of your browser, its theme, news topics and navigation.

This is intended to make it easier for you to browse the way you would want to.

It also increases the user friendliness of the web browser as you have the opportunity to choose what you see.


2. Speed dials.

With this feature, you have the option to access your favorite pages faster.

This makes it convenient to browse the internet and get what you need at the fastest possible time.

It works just like the speed dial on your phone….and you know how convenient how that is, right?

Browsing has been made easier with this especially if you do not want to be distracted with suggestions.


3. Smarter downloading.

This feature helps to automatically scan a site for downloadable media, and download files in the background.

This can support your site especially if you have infographics that you need to send out to your users.

This feature also helps to designate a known place to locate your downloads on the device; whether it is a phone, a tablet, or a computer.


4. Safe and private browsing.

Here, we are introduced to the safety of browsing.

This feature helps you to visit any page on the web browser safely.

This means that if any trouble arises say from an unsafe site, Opera Mini warns you or promptly denies you access to anything that can be harmful to your device.

You can switch easily between the normal mode and private mode of browsing.

In the safe mode of browsing, your search history and website cookies are deleted from your device in a way that nothing remains to indicate that you used safe browsing on your device.


5. Customizable navigation.

With all the features mentioned, opera mini lets you choose which features you may need to use the most.

You can choose at most two features that you can add to the dynamic navbar as shortcuts.

This is something you have to choose on your own and you can also edit it as much as you want.


6. Offline reading.

This feature helps the user to save news and pages to read when offline.

This was introduced to reduce on the data used to constantly load a page.

It works in a way that even if you are online, it will retain the information on a page that was loaded on a previous online session so long as you don’t reload the page.


7. Substantial data savings.

The smart browsing feature automatically selects the optimal browsing mode for the website you are using.

This can also come in handy when you are in an area with slow network.


8. Video player.

After downloading movies and music, you would need to play and listen to all the content that has been saved to your computer.

The video player feature was integrated with the download manager that makes it easier for you to play any format of the media that has been downloaded.

It also comes in handy on a mobile device as the video player has the option of one handed mode.


9. Native ad blocker.

There was an update on the opera mini user page that was intended to reduce on the ads that keep popping up on particular web pages.

This feature blocks the pop ups and it is a built in ad locker.

This does not affect affiliate marketers because you have the opportunity to select which ads are annoying and those you do not mind looking at.


10. Offline file sharing.

This feature allows you to share files with other opera mini users on nearby devices without an internet connection.

You can transfer as many files as you want. It is also significantly faster than Bluetooth.

You can share files of all sizes and types so long as the receiving device also has opera mini.


11. Night mode.

This feature is also known as dark mode. Most applications for example Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have adopted this feature since it is essential to the use of applications at night.

It turns the background of an application or in this case a web browser dark or dim in order to ease usage of the apps in low light and to also reduce the effects of too much light in the night on the eyes of users.


How to Submit Your Website to Opera News Feed?

You need to request the Opera news team for your blog to be added to their platform.

This is the formal and only way to reach the Opera news team in order for your site to be uploaded to the Opera mini front page.


You should follow the following steps;

  1. Send a mail to the email address of the opera news team. Their emails are  and  and Also make sure that you carbon copy (CC) The content of this mail should consist a request or an expression of intention to join the opera news team.


This is the exact strategy I used to submit my website to Opera News. Please ensure you send your request to join the platform on the exact emails I have provided above.

The first three email addresses should go in the “Send to” field and the rest should be added in the Carbon Copy field. (CC field)


Those are the real emails that will actually allow you get a response . IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES I HAVE SHARED!

I say this because like many of you I spent alot of time sending emails to various email addresses that were provided by websites online and didn't get nay response.

Take it from someone that actually got in touch with the team.

I have attached a screenshot of the exact message I sent to the Opera Team.



  1. When you receive a reply to the mail you wrote to the opera news team, you have to respond accordingly.

I personally received a response to my email after 24 hours.

This is what the response was.



The positive feedback from them usually requires you to write an appropriate request containing your website link.

You should write an appropriate response to accompany the website link and any other information you might be asked to include.

The details must include the niche of your website, what you will gain from the platform, what Opera mini will gain from displaying your blog posts and why you think your blog should be accepted to the Opera news platform.

For those of you that may still have doubts whether this actually works, I have shared a screenshot below that you can check out.



  1. There are certain criteria you have to meet. If they are met, they will get back to you.

They usually take long to review sites and requests. This can take up to two weeks.

This is one of the emails the team sent me.

opera mini

  1. Once the request has been approved, follow the next instruction they give you as you will be on your way to having your website submitted to the opera news feed.



The benefits of getting your website added to Opera news feed

1. You stand to see your site get more traffic thus more exposure.

The Opera mini application and web browser has a lot of users.

This is attributed to the fact that most of the phones we have can easily accommodate this web browser.

Since a lot of people use it, this makes it easier for a single website to be seen by numerous users.


2. Generates SEO for bloggers.

SEO is very crucial to bloggers.

Whenever you get a lot of views on your website, it helps to bring your website to the top of Google searches which in turn increases the number of traffic to your site and consequently builds the domain authority to your site.

This basically means that you have a lot of people looking at your site on Google, Opera mini and other similar web browsers.


3. Source of income to the site owners.

There is some money to be made with Opera mini.

When you add your site to Opera mini, you give them the right to display ads on top of your site.

This helps them advertise products and services for their clients.

This is good for you too as you can earn 50% of the revenues they make when sales are generated from your site.

The downside is that you enjoy this money when $1000 worth of sales have been made on your site and none before that.


4. By adding your website to Opera mini, the latest posts uploaded will be displayed on opening of Opera mini by a user.

This puts you at the forefront making it easier for viewers to access your latest posts and updates.


How to get your website approved instantly?

opera news

To stand a chance for your site to be approved instantly, you should strong credentials on your site. What I mean is:

  • You must ensure that your site is offering value by the information you pass across in your content. The content can include infographics, blog posts, articles and others.
  • You should make sure your website is updated regularly to make it attractive to be on the opera news feed
  • You should have an unforgettable and unique domain name.


How to join Opera news hub i.e. how to create Opera mini account?

opera mini news hub

There is a certain procedure that you would have to follow and certain requirements have to be met. As you go down this road, make sure you have a Facebook or Gmail account, a bank account and valid identification.

With these at hand, the entire registration process is in three sections.

  1. The sign in/login section: This is where you use your Facebook or Gmail information to Sign up with Opera Mini News Hub.


  1. The actual opera account creation section, Wemedia information: Wemedia description is the one you are to give your microblog on opera news hub.

opera mini profile

It is important that you choose the category for your blog depending on your niche.

That said, you do not have to limit yourself by choosing specific categories, you can choose to write across all categories.

content library

  1. The representation information. This includes your real name, your country, email address, mobile phone number, ID card type and number and your preferred payment type.

These are the general steps you will have to follow for you to create an opera mini account.


Join Opera News Hub Today


How to post on Opera mini?

Since you already have an account by now, you have to learn how to post on Opera mini.

The basic thing about posting is looking for content that can be trusted and unique.

You can post on Opera Mini News Hub by heading to the “Create section” in your account.

create article


This means that even if another website on Opera mini has already written about a particular topic, say affiliate marketing, your content has to be better than your competition.

This can be done in two ways

·         Writing better quality content for your readers.

You have to put the work in to get accurate and trusted information.

This must reflect in the quality of your content.

You might have to acquire the services of a professional writer.

The other option would be to learn copywriting so that you can create better quality content on your own.

This could help on quality control.


·         Using keywords to refine your search.

By keywords, I mean that the name of the articles uploaded onto your site should include the words that are easier for the reader to find.

If you are writing about a type of investment, say stocks, your title should be “STOCKS”, instead of “INVESTMENT TYPES”.

In this case, you are trying to talk about a specific kind of investment and not all investment types.

opera mini dashboard

Therefore, if a reader was looking for an article on stocks, they would not read yours if you had used the second title instead of the first.

That said, you have to use your Opera mini account to post.

As soon as you are done creating it, you can start posting according to the categories you set out in the Wemedia description.


How many articles can I post per day on Opera news hub?

Each content creator is allowed to submit 5 articles per day.

When you have a site of your own, you have the freedom to post articles so long as the second article is not posted within 2 hours of the first.

This means that these limitations have to be maintained for you to stand a chance to post more articles.

That said, Opera mini news hub team would not want their site to be saturated with content from one site.


They have to maintain the timeliness of articles posted on one site.

Therefore, they tend to limit you to a small number of articles posted per day.


How to upload videos on Opera mini News Hub?

Opera mini has the option of uploading videos on its site.

At times, users may not know if this yet it can help you earn money and followers on other social media platforms.

You can upload videos onto opera mini using:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Local phone storage.

Opera mini has the option of adding a video or an article in its latest versions.

create article


So long as you do not copy the video of another person, Opera mini will not flag you for plagiarism.

This is what will appear on your dashboard when any content you upload is either plagiarized or copyrighted.



Conclusion: How to Submit Your Website to Opera News Feed

After reading through the article, you have a general view on how Opera mini and its affiliates work. 

You have first-hand information on how to get approved, create an Opera mini account, and how good Opera mini is to you.

If you are looking for a way to get on to this platform, you can follow the steps highlighted above. When you join this platform, there are various opportunities that could improve your chances to get the much needed traffic to your site.

All you have to do is to have content that is true/accurate.

This is important especially if you are starting out. You have to build up your audience by showing that you have a high affinity for the truth.

You should also limit plagiarism on the content you send out to your site as you may be suspended from Opera mini.