How To Teach English Online In One Week

Wondering how to teach English online?

Teaching English online typically carries the task of communicating an idea through recorded sequences of thoughts which are in a written form and in most cases requires a bit of translation into the learner's native language for effective comprehension.

In recent times, society has been faced with a controversy of how best to manage students, workers and immigrants as in regards to their English fluency skills.

Different strategies were therefore put in place for such individuals to see to it that they are cope with the language within the shortest time possible.

The use of technology for the cause (teaching/ learning English) is very effective and has actually often been  implemented so that learners can face teachers through visualized chat communication thus learn better and as a result comprehend more.

Through the student-tutor interactions, the English online classes can help to eliminate the risks of miscommunication or misunderstanding that could arise as a result of one-way conversations.

Teaching a language subject online would be one of the easiest teaching experiences that one could ever shoulder although it can also turn into your worst job if at all you fail to adhere to the required online teaching basics, usage of fundamental IT equipment and proper lesson scheduling.

Apart from the equipment required, these key basics can undoubtedly change according to the nature of classes you are to conduct like the age group of students and the number of classes to conduct per day.

Teaching English online would require you to have a well-structured and interactive curriculum and if you want to do it online, you need tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet through which you can get the participants together and share your screen were need be.


Who then Qualifies to Teach the English language Course Online?

Teaching English can be done by any eloquent person but like any other course, people that have obtained a degree in the English language would have relative ease when teaching the course.

Primarily, those who are looking to pursue this line of work should have some experience in teaching English, either online or as a teacher at a school.

They must also already know how to speak better or fluently speak in English, but this may not be necessary if they can take care of their students while overcoming any linguistic obstacles with their accent.


Where Are the Best Courses?

In some ways, the internet has given life to languages through platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook pages and some renowned websites like lingoni.

Though the best alternative would be enrolling for a course on accredited teaching platforms like Udemy, Allison, Coursera and more as these offer certificates of completion to students who successfully complete their course.

The learners in most cases utilize social media platforms to post messages and images in their native tongue for entertainment purposes or for specific reasons like for an event where events companies expect an international flair.

This has given new avenues for languages that were almost about to buckle under government loss of funding on education and schools’ moving towards privately funded options

Online English  classes can majorly be conducted through the following three ways a side from  considering the level of education and other related factors;

Online ESL Companies

This kind of approach is so suitable for teachers who have just started conducting online classes. You can spare some little time out of your busy schedule and perhaps make abit of research on some of these companies like, Engoo, Open English and Preply.

One of the properties that makes these companies a little bit more preferable is that they provide teachers with a teaching curriculum to use.

Secondly, payment is hourly and a teacher is connected to students from specific parts of the world unlike other forms of online teaching.

Every company surely has its own specific requirements but here are some of the most common ones;

a) A 120-hour TEFL Certificate

Online English teachers should possess a 120-hour TEFL Certificate as a minimum qualification. This is because it may not be apparent if an individual has any teaching experience as opposed to formal qualifications in the field.

Teachers will know the expectations of and methods required to fulfil their job requirements which employers wouldn't know otherwise due to lack of information.

This certificate is evidence that one is qualified for the teaching task and is a reflection that one has enough theoretical understanding and practical experience in teaching the English language.




b) Stable internet connection

The higher the quality connectivity, the better your online teaching will be. Poor internet connection can slow down your online teaching and may lead to misunderstanding or in the worst case make your students realize how bad your English is.

A clear example I can give is of google classroom which doesn't work on an unstable Internet connection.

All online teachers should opt for mobile internet boosters and these must be able to work for a long period of time without power outage to avoid inconveniences.


c) A computer with a webcam

A laptop or desktop with a clear front camera is one of the most suitable gadgets that are used thou sometimes a smart phone can as well be used in some specific teaching tools like google meet and zoom, but for some good degree of efficiency as a professional teacher, a desktop would be the best appliance that could at least opt to.


d) Headsets with a microphone

It’s always better to have a condusive and quite environment around where you're conducting your class from, let it be your home, hotel, office or any other place of your choice.

Some headsets can actually perform more other numerous functions like swiftly muting and unmuting your self incase of any sudden uncalled for interruption.


e) An inviting teaching background

Keeping your students with a positive attitude towards what you are teaching in class and a feeling that what you're teaching is really worth paying attention to, you need to use some pulling force of a nice background.

It can be made much better when it's in line with what you're exactly teaching about, in other words what you are actually going to be teaching in case there won't be much alternation in the topics or themes.


f) A degree in any course (some companies)

For some companies a bachelor's degree in any course is mandatory while others specify the exact qualification required.

Lucky enough, some few barely ask for any teaching qualification, but this shouldn't make you sink in your comfort seat at all for it's even in rare cases that you can get one.


g) Previous Teaching Experience

Professional and relevant work experience are synonyms of your past work expertise and they quite often call for undivided attention during screening.

It therefore makes it a major point to attach all the relevant work experience majorly that in line with your teaching history.


2. Teaching Market Places

These are simply platforms where teachers can create and list their own classes to track students.

Some of these include All school, italki, out school, name it. In this case you choose a specific topic or theme to have your class stand out different.

Market places are much more flexible as compared to online teaching companies simply because some of them will allow you teach even without a degree. In an amazing manner, under teaching market places one can teach other subjects of his or her own preference like music, science, hobbies.



This kind of teaching is usually best for teacher who are more comfortable with creating their own classes.

Earning in this case is potentially higher as you personally choose how much to charge and how many students you want in your class.

However, some percentage of your earnings goes to cater for the network and for the platform used take for instance Skillshare, Udemy, Blackboard and many others.


3. Freelancing

Teaching online as a freelancer requires one to have concrete teaching, planning and business skills. The good side of freelancing is that you can teach what you are most passionate about and you can as well twist your teaching schedule to have some free time to spend with loved ones, travel and also get another job.

Possibly you can also choose students that are good for you and your teaching style.

Online teaching isn't so different from the usual face to face teaching with an exception of using some tech gadgets.

No matter the mode of teaching. As an online English teacher you have to poses some simple teaching traits which I supposes would really make your profession an amazing one.

Some of these are;

a) Proper planning and class scheduling.

Trust me, as long as you are a qualified teacher, you have to make a proper, efficient and realistic plan for your class.

You are most likely to have your subject content left out at the end of the teaching period or even be charged much more money in case you are using online teaching market places or even freelance method.


b) Know what you are going to teach.

 It sounds quite obvious but some people actually aren't sure or don't at all know what they are going to tackle.

This can assuredly cause weird and uncalled for embarrassments before students.


c) Being and appearing smart.

You obviously cannot just wakeup power on the PC and start lesson, no way. You need to first prepare yourself both mentally and physically before conducting any classes.

It can not only make you look smart but also boost your confidence and make you quite more serious and committed.


d) Be interactive and friendly.

Most online teaching tools encourage student-teacher real time interaction. Tease students with some simple quizzes, ask them questions and come in were it seems abit hard, smile abit.

Generally make the class active, it wouldn’t really be good to have your students smile only when you're closing the class.


e) Must be a qualified English language teacher.

It would be okay teaching English using just some simple basics and research but having a nice teaching qualification would be of much more advantage especially for the case of ESL companies.


f) Confidence.

It’s quiet often assumed that online teaching sessions don't require one's teaching confidence, simply because it’s a face to face interaction with a camera.

I do strongly suppose that it’s a wrong assumption especially when you're not used with being before cameras.

Besides the above explained forms of online teaching and the required tools, I would like to share with you some of the few easy steps that one can follow to conduct an English class, right from scratch

  • Get TEFL certificate
  • Apply to as many ESL companies as possible
  • Try market places and freelance teaching once you get some confidence, experience and an ease creating your own teaching material. It can not only fetch much more dollars but also makes you enjoy the profession. If you're a non-native then freelancing would work for you best.

A few points for potential teachers to note; –

Do not forget that you need to apply to as many companies as possible in order to land your dream job

Always be committed and follow the right steps of teaching online though it is very possible that you may not meet or fulfill some of the requirements in one way or the other.

It is vital for teachers to expect that instances in their teaching sessions may come up in spontaneous ways-so adjust accordingly.


Conclusion: How To Teach English Online In One Week

In many parts of the world, English is considered a necessity in order to do well in school and go on to work in business. This means that a substantial number of students are now communicating in English every day

To wrap it all up I would like to say always expect some instantaneous scenarios as long as you’re conducting online classes.

Most of these can really be disappointing, demoralizing and can make you feel like giving up on everything.

One of them is policy changes. Some companies change policies at any time they wish and you surely have less pull about it as an independent contractor.

Another thing that you need to know is that it takes time to get students, meanwhile it can take you almost close to a month to make a reasonable number of students with male teachers often taking the least time due to fact that they are few.

Lastly, companies are sometimes saturated and may go on hiring freezes from time to time.