How to Trade Pokémon with Yourself

Trading Pokémon across two different games is a fun experience for Pokémon players. It is an old feature of Pokémon games where two players can exchange one Pokémon at a time.

You can also trade Pokémon with yourself by buying separate Pokémon game copies first. Then you have to make sure that both devices you are using are compatible for trade and then link them to each other. 

The Pokémon Company already made many Pokémon games and different consoles and gadgets. So trading an older Pokémon game directly to a newer version is impossible.

The only way to trade Pokémon from older versions with yourself is to check if a newer Pokémon game and its device have backward compatibility. 

Some players have even traded Pokémon from many generations ago to newer Pokémon games such as Sword and Shield

How Do You Trade Pokémon with Yourself?

To trade Pokémon with yourself, you must have the proper tools and games to perform it. Also, you must remember that it can be a little more expensive if you want to do it the traditional way. 

Not only that, there are steps you need to follow to trade Pokémon with yourself. Start by doing the first step below:

Step 1: Choose a Platform

Depending on the version of Pokémon you are playing, the platform will also be different. It is where you must also consider game compatibility.

You should get two of the same Pokémon game or equivalent versions first. For example, if you have Pokémon Sword, it is advisable to get a Pokémon Shield to trade with yourself.

The hardest part for many players is to get another Nintendo Switch for trading. You can borrow a Nintendo Switch from others if you want. 

For older games like Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, you must have a Nintendo 3DS first or equivalent compatible device like 2DS, 3DS XL, DSi, etc. 

Step 2: Open 2 Pokémon Games

Then on both devices, insert your Pokémon game cartridge and open the game. A game intro will always appear when you are opening the games. 

See if you are opening the correct Pokémon version and check if your saved data is intact. If a game version is corrupted, you should turn your device off first. 

Then you can try and clean your game cartridge with proper tools and reinsert it after. If it is still corrupted, you may have to start the game again. 

After that, you can check which Pokémon you want to trade to another version or game. You may also mark the Pokémon you want to trade, especially if you have multiple copies of the same Pokémon from breeding. 

Step 3: Check Compatibility

You may skip this step if you are sure that you have purchased legitimate copies of Pokémon games. And also, for trading in older Pokémon games, you can store them in a Pokémon Bank for 3DS or ‘migrate’ them. 

Step 4: Connect both Games

DS Pokémon games and above have wireless features for trading Pokémon. It is easy to connect DS, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch games. 

All you have to do is open your game and go to any trading center in the game. The trading center across different Pokémon games will not look the same. 

And as for Pokémon games in the Nintendo Switch, it is faster because you only need to press the Y button and connect to another Nintendo Switch device. 

Step 5: Proceed to Pokémon Trade

When you are done checking and setting up the connection between your two devices, you can be trading next. Prepare any held items and make sure to give an everstone to a Pokémon that you don’t want to evolve while trading. 

You can also prepare more Pokémon to trade by compiling them in a box or at your party. 

Step 6: Check both Pokémon

After both your devices have received both Pokémon, check their stats and info to make sure that everything is in place and correct. Save your progress after you are done with safety precautions. 

In most cases, the game will not remove the original trainer’s name after trading a Pokémon. And also, check or remove any held items next after the trade. 

Can You Trade Pokémon between DS and Emulator?

You can’t directly trade Pokémon between DS and Emulator. Emulators don’t have the same wireless technology capabilities that a DS has. 

But there are ways to trade Pokémon from DS to Emulator and vice versa. However, it involves software like PkHex and others. 

Can Fake GBA Pokémon Games Trade?

You can’t trade Pokémon from fake copies of Pokémon games most of the time. But for older Pokémon games, some players said that it works sometimes. 

But if you want to make sure every Pokémon trade is successful, it is highly recommended to purchase a legitimate copy of the game. 

Does Home Trade Evolve Pokémon?

No. Home Trade app doesn’t evolve any Pokémon that is transferred in and out there. You’ll have to do that within the actual games.