How To Turn Your Property Into a Wedding Venue

How To Turn Your Property Into a Wedding Venue

As you’ve looked around your space, whether it’s a gorgeous farm property or a breathtaking hall, you might have considered turning your property into a wedding venue. After all, wedding venues are lucrative businesses. But there’s more to it than just posting your property on wedding websites. Here are some of the first steps you’ll need to take.

Fill Out the Paperwork

First, check with the city to see what town ordinances you need to follow. Noise is one of the biggest factors, as some towns have rules regarding noise levels after a certain time. You should also look into rules about parking, lighting, and outdoor structures like tents. The filing process is time intensive and will cost money, but it’s cheaper than being hit with a fee later!

Consider Your Investment

Before putting money into your potential property, it’s good to take stock of what you have to work with. Do you have a barn or house to remodel, or will you build a brand-new structure? How far will your budget stretch? Once you know what you’re starting with, then consider the next steps.

What Amenities Can You Offer?

The more benefits you can offer to a potential couple, the more likely they are to book with you. Can they have their ceremony on your property or just the reception? Do you have a nice space for an outdoor ceremony?

If you’re planning to do outdoor ceremonies, it’s also wise to have a backup indoor space in case of rain. Having a designated indoor ceremony space works well for this, but you could also use the reception space.

On-site readying spaces for the wedding couple are a great thing to offer your couples. If your property is more remote, overnight accommodations could be a fantastic option.

It’s also a good idea to determine if a golf cart suits your kind of business. Expansive properties require some way to get around, and few customers want to travel on foot. These can be solid transportation options for you and the happy couple.

Basic Necessities

Restrooms, parking, and a commercial kitchen are three things that you must provide as a venue. For example, even if you’re exclusively hosting intimate weddings, you’ll need parking space for at least 25 cars. Adequate lighting is also crucial; remember to light both interior and exterior spaces. You should also place lighting along paths of travel and ensure it matches your venue’s aesthetic.

Include the basics in the initial price but make upgrades available for an added cost. You can partner with wedding vendors to make more amenities available. However, you should still provide items like ceremony chairs, standard lighting, and tables.

Turning your property into a wedding venue is an investment and will take quite a bit of time and money. However, once it’s complete, you’ll have a steady stream of income and happy couples waiting to book with you.