How to Update KRNL

If your KRNL version is outdated, it’s a smart idea to update it as soon as possible.

Gaining access to several games and features on Roblox won’t be easy without the latest KRNL exploit. So many sections of games available may not work properly when the exploit lacks recent updates.

It could be challenging to update KRNL sometimes. Error messages, download failures, etc. could ruin everything. 

If you’re keen to get your installed KRNL updated, there’s more than one method you can try out. 

In this guide, you’ll get clear information on how to update your KRNL to the latest version. You can only use the desktop KRNL version for this, as mobile versions of this software are easy to update. 

Also, your computer must be connected to the internet for both updates to work. Make sure you have an active internet connection before attempting any of these steps. 

Why is KRNL Not Working?

How to Update KRNL
How to Update KRNL 3

Two methods work to update your PC’s current KRNL version. Here’s a detailed description of each method and how to use them:

First way to update KRNL: Reload bootstrapper

Reloading your KRNL bootstrapper for an update can be completed with the following steps:

1. Locate KRNL folder on your computer

It’s important to note where the KRNL folder saves during your first installation. Go to the folder containing files of your current KRNL exploit. 

2. Delete files in the folder, except the bootstrapper

Highlight every file in the folder, leaving out the bootstrapper. The bootstrapper file is identified as “krnl_console_bootstrapper.exe” in most KRNL versions.   

You can erase these files by moving them directly to the Recycle Bin or hit “Delete” on your keyboard. 

3. Run the bootstrapper file

After removing the files, double-click on the bootstrapper file to open a Command Window. Starting the bootstrapper command window re-downloads the latest KRNL version into your computer. 

4. Launch Roblox

Run Roblox and your latest KRNL version will automatically sync to it, giving you access to new features. 

Second way to update KRNL: Reinstall KRNL from the official website

Reinstalling the KRNL exploit is possible with the following steps:

1. Disable system/third-party antivirus software

Your system’s antivirus software will affect this process if enabled. Disable it during the installation, and enable it when you’re done. 

2. Visit the official website

Log on to from your computer’s browser

3. Download the KRNL setup file from the link provided 

The setup file (usually in a zip folder) will download into your computer after selecting your device’s version. 

4. Run the setup file and choose folder location

After the download completes, unpack the zip folder into a location on your computer. Run the setup file (usually named “krnl.exe”) and allow the installation process to elapse. 

The latest KRNL version is now in your computer. 

How Do I Fix KRNL Not Downloading?

Several issues may cause a KRNL update to fail. Here’s a look at the most common reasons why a KRNL update may fail to complete:

Antivirus firewall 

Most antiviruses (pre-installed and third-party) see KRNL exploits as malicious software. Active antiviruses on your system during installation will cause most KRNL updates to fail. 

Browser preferences

Browsers usually have preferences that block certain features on some websites. Having advanced blocking features enabled on your browser may cause KRNL update failures. 

Connectivity problems

Poor internet connections will hamper the update of your KRNL version. It’s a smart move to use a strong internet connection when downloading a KRNL update. 

Outdated .NET Framework

Most KRNL bootstrappers will fail to run properly on computers without recent .NET Framework versions. Make sure your PC has a current .NET Framework before attempting a KRNL update. 

Non-Webclient Roblox

Some devices come with preinstalled Roblox software with defined parameters. These Roblox versions are designed to entertain very few modifications and may not work with most KRNL updates.

Uninstall the preinstalled version and download the latest Roblox from the official site.  

Bootstrapper or downloader problems

A faulty bootstrapper may not receive updates correctly. Downloaders with security features may also omit required files your KRNL exploit needs. 

What to Do If KRNL Updates Fail to Work

The following steps can help you fix problems with a KRNL update:

Re-install KRNL

Reinstalling the KRNL version is a smart way to reset your exploit to the most-recent version. You can delete the old KRNL on your computer and get the latest version to install here

Re-install/Update Roblox

Running the latest version of Roblox can make KRNL updates easier to complete. Get the current version of Roblox compatible with your computer here.

Whitelist KRNL 

Allowing the KRNL version to run by all your antiviruses will make updates easier to install. Whitelisting KRNL will also make sure no essential files get deleted during an update. 


Having an outdated KRNL version might ruin your gaming experience. 

First off, failing to update your KRNL will make it impossible to update characters in several online games. 

Secondly, updating weapons, environments, and other essential gaming features will be difficult. 

Updating your computer’s KRNL version gives you access to all the latest features and more. Use the methods described in this guide to update your KRNL version and guarantee the best gaming every time.