How and Why You Should Use Kindle Vella To Build Your Writing Career

Being a self-published author is a significant undertaking but can also be very rewarding. The problem is that there is a good amount of upfront cost with covers, marketing, and editing. It can add up quickly, and take a bit of time to see a return on your investment.

But Amazon's latest author offering gives self-published novelists a way to go back to a time-honored publishing tradition to build reader interest and loyalty.

It may be hard to imagine now, but as far back as the 17th century, before they were gathered together in bound form, novels were published in pieces by various magazines and newspapers. Split up into 10-25 pieces, publication in serialized form enabled middle-class readers in Victorian times to purchase novels that would be too expensive for them to afford in a single edition. Dickens and Poe started this way, and even into the 1960s and 70s, many of the now-popular science fiction authors published their greatest works a piece at a time.

Kindle Vella returns to that centuries-old tradition, now in digital form. For self-published authors, Amazon's Kindle Vella can be a worthwhile venture. The platform has many benefits, from fast money to establishing a writing practice to connecting with other writers.

What Is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a serialized story platform from Amazon. The stories are grouped into episodes, which are similar to chapters but tend to be shorter. The first three episodes of each story are free, so readers can figure out if they like the premise before putting any money into reading from there.

Readers then can buy packs of tokens to use to unlock further episodes. Every section of 100 words costs one token. These episodes can be between 600 and 5,000 words, but most authors will stick to shorter episodes to attract more readers. Readers can read stories in smaller pieces and only keep paying if they enjoy the story.

How It Can Help Authors

Adds to Your Amazon Author Titles

Vellas will show up under your author name on Amazon once you link them through Author Central. These will grow your authored titles, which can increase your street cred.


While the audience for serialized fiction tends to be different than ebooks, it can still give you a bunch of exposure. This separation is also good because you can use the story on Vella for that type of audience and republish your work as a full ebook later on – like Isaac Asimov did with The Foundation novels.

Connecting With Other Writers

Connecting with other authors is essential when it comes to success. They can help with motivation and brainstorming. Writing can be isolating, but connecting with other writers helps you feel less alone. And provides some great built-in fans in your corner.

It Helps You Write Faster

The more views you get to your Vellas, the better it appears regarding bonuses. While the structure isn't apparent, views are essential. You need more people to view your stories. Since people only unlock once, you need to produce new episodes. The more frequently you update, the more views you get since you're constantly creating new episodes.

Increases Skills

The more you write, the better you get. More writing almost always leads to better writing. Vella keeps you on a schedule, and the practice benefits you by building a better writer.

Earn Money

You get a portion of the amount people spend on tokens to read your stories. There is also a bonus structure, which helps you earn more.

Tips for Getting Started

Take a Look at The Top Genres

You should write what you love, but you want people to be interested in your story, and you need to do it quickly. Looking at the popular genres and finding something you like are important to your success. You will know how to focus your subject areas by seeing what's trending.

Get an Attractive Cover

The old saying about not judging a book by its cover is good in theory, but the truth is good covers attract attention. You want something eye-catching that people will notice. Look again at other stories and see what types of things they use.

Remember, It's Different From a Traditional Book

Usually, regular books will have longer chapters, but with Vella, you need to temper that. If you have longer, more expensive chapters, people may shy away from them. You also need to be sure that you have a hook or cliffhanger at the end of each episode. This specific structure isn't always necessary with books, but with Vellas, you want people to decide to unlock that next chapter.

Be Consistent

To help gain momentum and numbers, you need to be updating consistently. You want people pulled into your story, but if you wait too long to update, they may forget about you or move on to other stories.

Find Some Friends

Other writers are essential allies. Find some writer friends familiar with Vella to help teach you how it works and support you. They are great to go to with questions, and they'll support your work.

Check Out Groups and Ads on Facebook.

There are a few ways to help drive traffic to your Vellas. There are groups on Facebook that help and provide marketing opportunities. You can also run ads. By being diligent about promotions, you can help get eyes on your Vellas.

While the writing world can be rough, things like this can help you. Vellas can help supplement and push you to finish what you're working on. They are great for motivation, finding support, and earning money to put back into your writing.

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Kristen Winiarski has worked as a professional writer for 15 years, studying classic TV shows and films to further her expertise and understanding about how they have evolved. This passion led her to start her own classic movie blog before branching out into the professional entertainment writing world.