How to Write For A Blog Both Audience and SEO Love

If you really want to learn
How to write for a blog that keeps
Your readers attracted like a magnet
Then you need to follow all the steps below

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how to write for a blog

If you think that writing stunning content is only
A gifted talent given to few writers then you are wrong
I am going to show you below how you can start
practicing writing enticing content in no time

What I wrote below works for all kind of blog posts
If you read it attentively and follow them to the letter

Personally I am writing this post for myself first
As I am planning to use it as a guideline
Every time I plan to write a new blog post

Writing For A Blog To Win Both Visitors and SEO

This blog post is intended to take you
Step by Step on how to write great content for your blog
Without going through procrastination writing your blog contents
Due to fear of starting to write
And not able to organize your thoughts
Or doubting that your Audience will not like it

Another issue that adds up on top of that is
Taking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into consideration
It makes you really sick as you cannot write flawlessly
As you try to write SEO contents plus appealing to your Audience

I know all of your problems as I have gone through all of them
In this blog post, I will show you how to create blog contents
Without worrying about SEO and making sure your Audience will definitely like it and share it

Think about your title

Your blog post title is the key to either
Repelling or enticing visitors
to click on your blog post and read your content

To come with attractive titles
You can use Hubspot blog idea generator or Portent title maker

Potent Idea Generator

Or if you have a title in mind
You can analyze it using Coschedule Healine Analyzer

Don't write a title that promises something
Different than what is inside
For the sake of being attractive

For this blog post, I came up with this title
Although I found Hubspot suggesting different
Attractive one but I realized I wanted to
Keep my promise and provide you with a content
Related to my title (I hope so)

A trick which I always do when
I come up with my blog post title
I take my title and do a search on Google
Using “AllInTitle:” followed by my blog post title
With no space after the colon

If I repeat my title, Google will show up some results
I try again to change anything in my title and
Repeat again the “AllInTitle:” till I get no results found

This helps me to identify when I publish my content
To see if Google indexed my blog post or not yet
Keep in mind to keep your title characters to 60

Consider your Audience first

I always imagine myself
Going inside user's brain to
Understand what is the user's intent
When searching for a title like mine

Get inside your audience brain

Google managed to sort websites based on
Many factors, I read that they are around 200+
But one key factor that Google gives great weight is
How long your audience stay on
Your blog post and your website in general

If Google decides to show up your blog post to visitors
They measure if you helped them find
What they are looking for

The only way for Google to know that is
By measuring how long your visitors stay on each visited page

Please imagine for a moment
If you have a visitor now
Do you meet his/her need
For what he/she is looking for

Action, forget about SEO here
Focus to provide the best solution to
Your Audience problem or concern and this will
Happen by the deep research as listed below

Do very deep research

You know the famous phrase “Content is king” but
How to write for a blog that great content that you call it a king

A. Read search engine top results

Go to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and
DuckDuckGo for your planned topic
Trust me it is not lot of work

Once you do it for one blog post
You will be able to complete
This step in less than an hour

All you need to do is to take points
And drop them into any editor
For example in this blog post
I collected half of the ideas here
Only from checking other blog posts

Think about it this way
People are craving for
Solutions to their problem
They can tell
If your blog did an excellent job
Or they go and look for another blogs

B. Modify your old blog posts

Nothing is best than
Writing a blog post
Following all steps listed here

Then later on after publishing your blog post
You go and find something missed

Remember making a blog post thorough
Never happens overnight

By the way this item itself
I added after I published this blog post

It was 6 AM early morning
I was half asleep and I realized
That I always add missing things to old blog posts
So I decided to add it here

C. Analyze major social media

When it comes to Social media sites
Especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Not all niches work the same
I don't know about your niche
But as a rule of thumb
The best blog posts those that get viral
To search social media sites
I use free account

You need to get an idea of
What made an ordinary blog post go viral
Keep in mind that sometimes
The blog post itself is not different than other posts

It may be unique due to its visual media
Like great Infographics, mindmaps or videos
Created to summarize it

D. Search for your topic on Pinterest

Pinterest is not a social media site
It is a hybrid of social media and search engine
Go to and search for your topic
From top results check for how many times
Any particular pin got pinned

I cannot give you a definite number of
What to consider as a great blog post
As it differs from one niche to another
Pick the pins with the highest number of re-pinning

Pinterest pin with the highest number of pinning

Go to and search for your topic
I love Quora as one question can lead you to another
Which has never crossed my mind
Some answers are completely out of the box

Quora questions and answers site

F. Check Reddit site

I recommend because
The community there is against adding any link
Except when it is collaborating a point

It has a voting system where the best answers
According to most of users will rise to the top

G. Check Answer The Public and QuestionDB

Go to and QuestionDB
These sites they add no value but
They generate hundreds of questions
Based on the seed word
e.g. “write great content” or “great content”

BCTT = A good question is like an arrow you can aim at any challenge (Gamestorming book)

Answer the public questions generation process

Put effort to segregate your points under the right topics

I have a confession to you, I am not good at this but
I am doing my best to look at all the points
Which I collect from the above deep research

My advice is, don't try to complete it in one sitting
It is an iteration job
Once you start writing more details for every point
You can see that some points make more sense
If they get moved under different headline

For example under the headline below
For adding the magical spices to your content
Adding engaging images and relevant videos
Where in fact created as a separate point

Later on, I realized that it would make
Sense to group it under the below headline

Add these magical spices to your content

Always think about using
All of them as they can be applied
Almost to all types of blog posts

1. Start with nice appealing Introduction

Start with a statement what your blog post is about
Restate the problem to show your empathy and
To assure to your audience that
They will get what they were promised on the title
Inform your audience with the benefits
They will get from reading your post

2. Use AIDA

AIDS is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
Actually this can be a separate blog post
But I will summarize it here

Who is reading your blog post
To get your user's attention
You have to develop what is called
An empathy map as shown below

Empathy Map

Put yourself in his/her shoes
Create a persona of gender, age, education,
Their current occupation and interest

What is the most current
Problem they are facing
How you are helping them
With your current blog post

You only have the title and
The first paragraph to show them
That your can relate to them

Best way to grab their attention is
By providing an information that
Educates and entertains them

Doing that you will be able
To connect through emotional level

You create desire when you
Provide value to their problem

List all the possible information
Then provide them with a solution
That will make what you said very easy to achieve

For example, if I tell you that
I have a tool that scans all of the above
Mentioned sites under the deep research section
If know you will develop a deep desire to buy it
By the way, there is no tool doing that

If all of the above were done perfectly
You have a high chance of closing your action successfully
Like asking to subscribe to your mailing list
Or even buying a quick guide that take them by hand

3. Write Anecdote

Definition of Anecdote in dictionary is
Short amusing and interesting story
About a person or an incident

Always write a story about yourself
That shows their weakness but in you
Describe their weakness as if it is yours
Don't show yourself as a hero

4. Share interesting statistics

Day to day statistics is not going to grab attention
but shocking numbers will make your Audience want to read more

5. Add engaging images and relevant videos

Images and relevant videos are totally up to
Your imagination, there is no training or advice
I had an earlier post on building websites
I found an image of a child stacking cubes (I got hooked to it)

My advice here, there are free sites
Where you can download images from

If you can add a mix of cartoon images, 3D
Or your own images created by PowerPoint

Infographics is considered one of the factor
That can lead to sharing your blog post on
Social media or sharing the Infographics on Pinterest

Venngage and Canva is considered one of the best
Places to create your Infographics images

6. Speak with a personal style “I, Me, Mine”

When I first started writing on another blog
I thought that I will lose credibility by using the “I, Me, Mine”
I realized later that the opposite is true
People tend to listen to personal experience
If it is back up by solid proof

Make your content scannable

Provide your audience with clean experience
Everybody now is surfing the web from their mobile phones

Speaking about my experience with my iPhone 8
When I visit websites and I get any pop up
Sometimes I cannot close it
Because the close [x] icon is very tiny

I try if no luck then I kill the web page
I learned a lesson as what if I have a visitor
On my website, what is his/her experience

Anyway I will give you my advice
Please stick to it (I created them in short notes below)

1. Create small paragraphs of 4-6 lines at most
2. Each paragraph has short lines (even if you have full width page)
3. Add bullet points for list items
4. Images not only illustrate your words
But they relax your eyes between long text
5. Font 20x and line height 28px (try it, it makes very nice reading experience)

Here is a proof based on the 2 screen shots below
I leave it to your judgment

How to write great content

Just Basic SEO is enough

Start with the following
1. Setup Google Search Console
2. Install Bing WebMaster Tools
3. Setup Google Analytics
4. Install Yoast SEO if you are using WordPress
5. Put your keyword in your URL
6. Shorten the URL
7. Use your keyword in the first paragraph and in the summary section

The best thing to do is go and read Brian Dean SEO Checklist

Create a long form content

Did you hear the skyscraper technique
Simply you find a piece of content and
Take this content and you build on top of it

You make a complete guide out of it
Build a long complete not missing any point

Some misunderstood the skyscraper technique
They find a piece of content and rewrite it

Don't fall into the mistake of finding a long content
To take it and rewrite it, you are creating
A garbage non sense content

Google loves seeing you taking reference
By linking to authority sites

But How do you know that
You are linking to a high authority site

Well download SEO Quake or MozBar extensions on Chrome browser
Any website with DA (Domain Authority which ranges
from 0 to 100 to measure the authority of any website)
Greater than 50 is enough sign that
It is an authority website

Add a clear call to action

some bloggers have their call to action is
Offering their an affiliate link or their own product

I believe the best approach and it works most of the time
Encourage your visitors to join your mailing list

If you have a very nice researched blog post
You have a high chance of getting lot of sign ups
Assuming you have a relevant sign up form to
What your visitors had read on your blog

What are the best content writing tools

This section can be a separate blog post
But I managed to append it here
As it makes sense to complement
What I discussed above with best writing tools


Nothing is better than having an online tool
That can check your grammar, spelling and plagiarism detection


This online website will make it easy to take notes,
Create To Do lists and write blog posts
Best thing is that you can see it from everywhere
You write on your laptop and it synchronizes with Evernote mobile app


Easy to use online text editing tool
That analyzes your text and it highlights
Sentences that are hard to read
Suggests to remove extra adverbs…etc

Hemingway Text Editor Tool


Online tool to help you write without distraction

When you start it, it asks you
How many words to write
The app will only display
The last letter you typed


When it comes to task management
To sort your ideas, draft your project
Then Trello comes in place

You can divide your work into
Separate columns name it whatever you like
Ideas, To Do, Doing and Done or completed
You can move any items between above columns

Also similar to Evernote
You still can update your items
On the go by using the Trello mobile app

Trello Main Page


Best tool to integrate between BloggerDropbox, Gist,
GitHubGoogle DriveWordPress and Zendesk.
Without losing your text format

Best thing it also has offline functionality

Finally if you learned how to write for a blog, please share it with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

Infographics on how to write great blog posts content

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