Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Everything We Know

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most iconic anime series of the 90s. Like most anime series, Hunter X Hunter is based on a manga series. Yoshihiro Togashi launched it in early 1998.

The manga series was first adapted into an anime in 1999 and ended after a short period. In 2011, Madhouse (Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Diamond no Ace & All Out) released another Hunter X Hunter anime series, which ended in 2014 after six long seasons.

An English dubbed version of the series was released in Toonami in April 2016. After season 6 of the English version also ended in Toonami, the demand for Hunter x Hunter season 7 became even greater.

Will Hunter X Hunter be back for season 7? That's what we will find out.

Will There Be a Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

Unfortunately for fans, the chances of the anime series returning for Hunter x Hunter season 7 remain low at the moment. Madhouse has not yet announced its intention to renew the Hunter X Hunter series for new seasons.

They are currently busy with other projects and have released several anime series and movies in the last year. It should also be noted that the past seasons have already exhausted the source material for an anime adaptation. If there is enough material available in the future, perhaps Madhouse (Overlord, Death Parade, Highschool of The Dead & Alderamin on the Sky) will be more than willing to pick up the anime series for Hunter x Hunter season 7.

How Long Before the HxH Manga is Advanced Enough for Season 7?

It is likely that the creator Yoshihiro Togashi will not be able to produce more manga for Hunter X Hunter. The mangaka is said to have suffered from serious mental health problems that have affected his work. The mangaka has been under extreme pressure due to the popularity of his work. He is said to be still recovering until now.

However, Togashi has expressed extreme dedication to finishing Hunter X Hunter. The legendary author does not want to disappoint his audience. He reportedly asked his wife (creator of Sailormoon) to finish Hunter X Hunter if he died.

The Hunter X Hunter manga series currently has 36 volumes, with the last one released in 2018. Four of these volumes remain untapped by the last six episodes and could serve as source material for Hunter x Hunter season 7.

However, these four volumes have yet to complete the Dark Continent arc. So fans have to wait for Togashi to release the remaining chapter.

Update 2022: Hunter x Hunter Manga News

On 24th May 2022, The author of Hunter x Hunter's Twitter account named @Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp posted a picture of the corner of a piece of paper with the number 6 written in ink. This has been confirmed to be the Official Twitter account of the HxH Manga's author, Yoshihiro Togashi by Yusuke Murata (a Japanese illustrator well known for his work on One-Punch Man).

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

It is important to note that the Hunter X Hunter anime was never canceled after season 6. There simply hasn’t been any news about a season 7.

All that being said, if Togashi is working on more Hunter X Hunter manga, there seems to be no reason that Madhouse would refuse to adapt it into a season 7. How long that takes will depend on when the mangas themselves are finished.

It is impossible to guess precisely when a Hunter X Hunter season 7 can be expected. Especially with how little Madhouse has engaged in recent activity. However, if everything runs smoothly, then fans could expect to see a season 7 released in 2024 at the earliest.

Likewise, until Togashi finishes the next chapter of Hunter X Hunter’s manga, there is no knowing exactly how many episodes season 7 of the anime may have.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments of the seventh installment of Hunter X Hunter.

What happened in Hunter X Hunter Season 6?

The last chapter released in 2018, almost 2 years ago, made fans wonder what to expect in the next season? It's been almost 2 years and there has been no news of the new chapter that fans are still eagerly awaiting.

In a tweet from two years ago, Togashi announced last week that ten chapters of the manga were almost ready. And he will start again as soon as his health improves. So this means that Togashi has already planned the manga until chapter 400, and this tweet is from two years ago.

Hunter X Hunter Characters, Cast, Staff and Studio

I. Characters and Cast

Gon FreecssMegumi Han (Terror in Resonance as Five)
Killua ZoldyckMariya Ise (Made in Abyss as Reg)
KurapikaMiyuki Sawashiro (Sword Art Online II as Shino Asada)
Leorio PaladiknightKeiji Fujiwara (Psycho-Pass 2 as Sakuya Tougane)
Hisoka MorowDaisuke Namikawa (Black Lagoon as Rokurou Okajima)
Chrollo LucilferMamoru Miyano (Death Note as Light Yagami)

Gon Freecss: is a Rookie Hunter and the son of Ging Freecss. Finding his father is Gon’s motivation in becoming a Hunter.

Killua Zoldyck: is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and the heir of the Zoldyck Family, until he runs away from home and becomes a Rookie Hunter. He is the best friend of Gon Freecss and is currently traveling with Alluka Zoldyck.

Kurapika: is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan. He is a Blacklist Hunter and the current leader of the organization founded by Light Nostrade. He is a member of the Zodiacs with the codename “Rat”. His goal is to avenge his clan and recover the remaining Scarlet Eyes.

Hisoka Morow: is a Hunter and former member #4 of the Phantom Troupe; his physical strength ranked third in the group. He is always in search of strong opponents and would spare those who have great potential, such as Gon and Killua in order for them to get strong enough to actually challenge him. He originally served as the primary antagonist of the Hunter Exam arc and a secondary one of the Heavens Arena arc, before becoming a supporting Hunter x Hunter character during the Yorknew City arc and Greed Island arc. During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, he briefly reprises his role as a secondary antagonist.

Chrollo Lucilfer: is the founder, leader, and member #0 of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of thieves with class-A bounties. His physical strength ranks seventh in the group.

II. Production Team and Studio

Original CreatorYoshihiro Togashi

Where To Watch Hunter X Hunter 2011

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Hunter X Hunter Action

Hunter × Hunter, pronounced “hunter hunter” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It has been serialized in Shueisha's shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since March 1998, although the manga has frequently gone on extended hiatuses since 2006. Its chapters have been collected in 36 tankōbon volumes as of October 2018.

Hunter × Hunter was adapted into a 62-episode anime television series produced by Nippon Animation and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, which ran on Fuji Television from October 1999 to March 2001. Three separate original video animations (OVAs) totaling 30 episodes were subsequently produced by Nippon Animation and released in Japan from 2002 to 2004. A second anime television series by Madhouse aired on Nippon Television from October 2011 to September 2014, totaling 148 episodes, with two animated theatrical films released in 2013. There are also numerous audio albums, video games, musicals, and other media based on Hunter × Hunter.

Hunter × Hunter has been a huge critical and financial success and has become one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series, having over 84 million copies in circulation as of July 2022.

Hunters devote themselves to accomplishing hazardous tasks, all from traversing the world's uncharted territories to locating rare items and monsters. Before becoming a Hunter, one must pass the Hunter Examination a high-risk selection process in which most applicants end up handicapped or worse, deceased.

Ambitious participants who challenge the notorious exam carry their own reason. What drives 12-year-old Gon Freecss is finding Ging, his father and a Hunter himself. Believing that he will meet his father by becoming a Hunter, Gon takes the first step to walk the same path.

During the Hunter Examination, Gon befriends the medical student Leorio Paladiknight, the vindictive Kurapika, and ex-assassin Killua Zoldyck. While their motives vastly differ from each other, they band together for a common goal and begin to venture into a perilous world.