Woman Thinks Its Insane Her Husband Wants to Name Their Child After His Dead Ex

So this man is perplexed as to why his wife will not stop complaining about the fact that he recommended naming his child after his ex-girlfriend, who is dead. He believes his wife is making a mountain out of a molehill!

Here’s The Story

In about a month and a half, they'll be parents. They haven't found out what gender the kid is yet, but they've already begun brainstorming names. A few nights ago, they were throwing around ideas for names. Before he met his wife, he dated another woman for around six years. Even Though they had split up already, it was heartbreaking to learn that she had passed away.

He struggles to come to terms with this and has often fantasized about giving their future child her name. But even more than that, he adores “Nancy.”

It seemed like his wife wasn't all that interested when he made the suggestion. She explained to him that she was hesitant about naming their child after his dead ex-girlfriend. As Nancy had previously been his girlfriend, she found this to be quite peculiar and illogical. From his perspective, Nancy was a huge part of him for a long time. He felt terrible about losing his best friend.

He thinks it would be a fantastic way to commemorate and pay tribute to a special person he sorely missed. He’s had arguments with his wife over the fact that she does not share his feelings about this. Although they have settled on a name, she continues to express surprise and confusion over his choice. She won't let it go, and he thinks it's because she's insecure or because she's pregnant and nervous.

Is He TA

One Redditor was frank about how OP’s actions came across as. While OP might not have meant it, OP’s recommendation was equivalent to telling his wife, “Hey wife, you're my second choice, so let's name our kid after what would have been my first choice.”

For crying out loud, this woman wasn't even known to OP’s pregnant wife or a mutual friend. There’s no way she would share OP's emotions about her demise. As such, one Redditor describes his action as tone-deaf. Flipping the script, the Redittor said that there's no way he’d be OK with his wife wanting to do the same thing. Not because he’s a jealous person at all, but because it would make her think of him for the life of the kid. The right thing OP needs to do is move on from that relationship now that he’s married.

In a clearly sarcastic tone, one user suggested that OP get a pet rock if he needs to name something after Nancy. The Redditor explained that OP could go with it everywhere and can think about and touch Nancy whenever he wants, and maybe his wife can throw it at you whenever you're being an obtuse moron.

OP isn’t wrong to miss Nancy or feel grief. What is terrible and even insane, one user notes, is his wanting to name the child he had with another person after her. This implies that if Nancy were still alive, OP wouldn't be with his current (pregnant) wife.

As far as Redittors are concerned, OP’s ex has no place in his current relationship. It's natural to want to honor the memory of a departed loved one, but it's wrong to force that obligation onto someone else. One fantastic approach to honor Nancy's memory would be to make a yearly contribution to a good charity.

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