Man Converts His Gas Car to Hydrogen and Claims To Save 56% On Gas

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It’s easy to get mad about gas prices, especially when they’re soaring higher each day that passes. Most of us suck it up and pay the bill, but some people have resorted to extreme measures to avoid inflation. This TikTok creator shares his ingenious method for avoiding exorbitant gas prices, and his DIY endeavors are impressive and admirable. 

This man converted his gasoline car into a hydrogen hybrid and claims that he improved his fuel efficiency by 56%, and according to his math, that means he’s saving 56% on his gas costs. 

But What Is Hydrogen Hybrid, and Would Something Like This Work?

The man in the video used household items to convert his car. He has glass jars, metal wiring, water, baking soda, and more. The total cost for his setup could not have been more than $100, depending on the quality of the supplies he used. 

His setup looked like a car thief tried to hijack his ride. He filled the two jars with water and small amounts of baking soda, rigged up the jars and wiring, and was ready to go. 

Electrolysis was at the heart of the transformation. Water (H2O) is a molecule of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom, hence the term H2O. 

This works by passing an electrical current through the water, separating the two elements and resulting in hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (H3). Once these two are separated, the H2 can be funneled directly into the car’s engine alongside the gasoline. This is what creates the hydrogen-gasoline hybrid system. 

How Does Hydrogen Work as a Fuel?

Hydrogen is often considered a third option to gas-powered and electric vehicles. This is because it is a clean and efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels. When hydrogen is burned as fuel in a gas car, energy is created when the hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air. Energy is released, it powers the pistons, and the vehicle moves forward. 

Since burning hydrogen doesn’t produce harmful emissions, many people are looking to hydrogen as the solution for greener transportation. 

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