I Don’t Know What To Blog About – Find Out With These Great Tips

I don't know what to blog about

And I really need to stop worrying about what to come up with for your next post

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If this is the case then you need to follow below

My brainstormed, well researched guide I am going to show you

What to do if you don't know what to blog about

what to blog about

Everyone planning to start a blog

Thinks first on how to come up with blog posts ideas

Sometimes they don’t want to start

Because they are afraid of running out of ideas to write about

How to plan for what to write about in your blog?

I know how you feel about your blog

When I started this blog, I was exactly like you

Thinking about what I should write about

Which can fascinate my audience

I started with one blog post

Then I got stuck wasting time doing nothing

As I did not have any idea what to

Write next on my blog

Then I realized that I have to create a strategy

That makes me laser focused on what my audience really want to read

Plus you want to make sure that you have enough ideas to keep you busy

Anyway I will tackle the following list below as shown in table of contents

Look for the highlighted in yellow notes to realize how each point brings for you

Something to do if you don't know what blog about

Speak about your Passion

While it is very hard for you to write about what others like

We are all created by default to show our own interests to others while we can still feel what they like

We cannot force ourselves to be Interested on something we have never liked before

What fascinates others in a well known niche that really makes money like Weight Loss

It does not mean that it will interest you and you should pursue that niche

There is nothing wrong about writing on what really interests you

What interests you definitely should be interesting to others around you unless it is not nerd

If what you really like falls under those niches below

How to make money
Health and Fitness
Personal finance
Beauty and fashion
Relationships and personal development
Lifestyle like survival, gardening, Women’s lifestyle..etc.

The list above covers Health, wealth and relationships

These are universal interests for all People around the world

If you have an interest in one or more of the above

It can be very easy to attract audience

Don't say then I don't know what to blog about

The only challenge you will face is to create a broad or very specific niche

For example under Fitness

You can go with Yoga

This is a broad niche

While under Yoga there are materials, books and techniques

Those are sub niches

There is nothing wrong If you go with a broad niche and then based on your audience interaction

You can decide which sub-niche you want to tackle

Now again how pursuing your passion can be eclectic in your writing

Well, let me use a niche like gardening as an example

You have a passion and knowledge about Gardening

Now what to do with your passion?

Break down all the elements adhering to your gardening niche

Like Sun, Moon, Light, Seasons, Water, Air, Wind, Soil, Fertilizers, Seeds, Pot, Planters and Containers

Then analyze them with W questions (What, How, When, Where and Who)

Also Mix two or more elements together and repeat the W questions

These are just what I thought on top of my head

It took me a minute to come up with the above list

I did not use my best friend Google

You can use each gardening element to create not few blog posts but a complete book

Seriously, for example for the Soil

You can write about what type of soil to use

How to know the right type of Soil where to buy the best Soil or fertilizers

Now think about combing two or more elements together and come up with questions

How can Sun affect your Soil when to Water your plant during different Seasons

Remember I am not into gardening

Please don't pick up on me

Focus on the fact that you have got a passion

And don't say I don't know what to blog about

What people ask you for advice?

It works most of the ways based on your degree or education

If you are someone like me who works in informational technology (aka IT) job

People will ask you to fix their laptops

It is not a nice experience especially you will do it for free

But while they are always asking you to fix something

Most probably they will come to you seeking advice

Like best laptop to buy, difference between 2 different phones or

Should I buy Android or iPhone phone

Keep that in mind and don't say I don't know what to blog about

If your education or current job is really a passion

Unless not having any other craving passion then use it to build your blog about it

I found it difficult to pursue a blog about technology

Because I love internet marketing

What do you know or like to read about?

I read books about internet marketing more than technology

But at least, it turned out that although I would really like to make money blogging

I found deep inside that making money is not my first desire

In my case I love to try everything new when it comes to online marketing

The idea of seeing something working for you can really be measured by making money out of it

It took me a while reading different books until I realized by analyzing my reading trend

Look at the last 5 books which you read

If they are all into one subject then you must have a passion about it

Don't say now that I don't know what to blog about

How to find topics to write about

Find popular ebook on Amazon

Go through its table of contents

Take blog ideas from each chapter

I found that I would read any book for Seth Godin or Dan Kennedy (the later created a NO B. S. series)

Although they teach the core of marketing

They managed to write in a style that really makes any internet gurus learn from their teachings

Think about your target audience

Think about whom you want to speak to whom you want to teach

If you read this advice that says you must create a Persona

I never gave it attention

Until I had this incident (written below) that made me a deep believer in creating my Persona

First what is a persona?

When you write anything on the internet

You must be thinking about someone like you reading and understanding your words

What if nobody understands what you write, you either think that they are all stupid or

You have to write it in a level of details that makes your target readers understand most of your writings

You start to create a fictional user or group of users

Who if possible give him/her a name (in case of thinking about one user)

That has a level of education (completed high school or college ..etc

Works in a certain job and has an issue which you are writing about

Like how to do basic troubleshooting for laptops

If you find your persona then you can claim that you don't know what to blog about

Why you need a persona?

Now what made me believe in creating persona

I thought of creating Persona as a useless advice

Until a family member asked me to check her laptop as it was very slow

I started checking all unused programs

I asked her if she knows how to uninstall programs

She did not know so I explained the term and I uninstalled few unused programs

Then I found 20 GB of old movies and another 50 GB of music she was not interested to keep

Then she asked why I deleted them and didn't use the uninstall programs to safely remove them

I did not have the persona on mind yet while thinking about my level of details for explaining things

But I knew I will never go in details to a certain level like that

If I am writing about Technology

Let's say how to boost your laptop performance and speed

I will never think to explain the difference between programs and files

And never be interested on targeting those people

I am very patient to teach people around me what I know

If someone does not understand what I am saying

It makes me challenged to use my words to break down

The technicality into something anyone can understand

Problem is that targeting very basic beginners In niches like Technology or How to do things

Makes you obliged to go with Videos multiple series of videos to show them

As if they are sitting with you

That's what I learned from the above experience

I am writing how to do technical things

I would rather create videos on YouTube

Which I was not comfortable doing it but I finally did it

What I learned from using personas?

I decided to have my Persona as an advanced beginner

I can never imagine that I could write a version of

How to build a blog for someone who doesn't know how to use a computer at all

The level of details for your target audience helps you if you don't know what to blog about

Use Google suggestions

Google suggested searches
Google search related to

Google suggestions also known as Google Autocomplete

Don't ever take this lightly you have Goldmine here

Maybe you need to combine it with searches related to which shows at the bottom of your search result

Google People also ask for

Combine it with People also ask for

Don't tell me you will not get great ideas

If you don't know what to blog about

Use Google Image to generate blog posts ideas

Plus switch to Google images as per the screenshot below

You will spot many blog posts ideas

You have “Google Suggestions”, “People also ask for”,
“Searches related to” and “Google Images”

Believe in yourself and come up with your own technique

Nobody will be able to teach you how to be innovative

It is an iterative process that only gets improved if you don't give up and keep exploring new things in blogging

Use Google Keywords Planner

Keywords planner is part of Google AdWords

You don’t need to advertise on Adwords to be able to use Keywords planner

With this tool, you will get up to 800 keywords Sorted by monthly searches

These numbers are not accurate

Anyway it doesn’t matter as you are looking for ideas

At least look for keywords with high searches

As you don’t want to build ideas on something people don’t search about

Your keywords to target are what you should build your blog posts around

If you don't know what to blog about then blog about these keywords

Use keyword planner and sort monthly searches

Sort by average monthly searches to
Collect keywords for your blog posts ideas for
Search volume greater than 1000 searches a month

Use Google Analytics

I always imagine Google Analytics as my best friend whom I go to when I am down

Before using Google Analytics

I thought I would expect to see traffic coming to my pages

Based on my own imagination for blog posts I expected that

It would impress with visitors

I found blog posts that I wrote recklessly

Getting more visitors, I realized that my audience have passion in certain area

Use Google Analytics to find best pages

To find which blog posts are getting the most of your audience attention

Just go to Behavior, Site Content then All Pages

Not only that but also sometimes you find keywords searched and

Irrelevant blog posts are served which can trigger the necessity to fill in the gaps by writing contents for these keywords

Use Google Analytics to find missing searches

To find which new blog posts to create based on search terms or Keywords

Just go to Behavior, Site Search then Search Terms

Use Google Trends to find keyword ideas

Google Trends is very useful, make sure you select United states

Write keyword(s) and look at the bottom

You will see a list of related queries

For example, I put “Affiliate Marketing”

I found two searches that triggered great blog posts ideas

I found “How affiliate marketing works” with 400% increase of searches and “Is affiliate marketing worth it” with 300%

There are people here that look like they tried blogging or any sort of making money online through affiliate marketing

But with no luck so they became desperate to know the right way of building an online blogging business

You can build an email list at the end of a blog post that answers every single question about affiliate marketing and if it is worth doing it

The email list will build a trust with those people who are hunger of learning the right way to do

Affiliate marketing (advice don't promote anything to them)

Focus on building trust with those people through only pure knowledge that you can provide to them

One more funny thing for you to check

Switch United states to Worldwidevfor the term “Affiliate Marketing”

Almost it did not change while for another term like

“Start your own blog” with United States, you will find one term which is
“How to start your own blog”

While with Worldwide you will get “How to start your own blog for free”

This proves one thing

Always consider to check trends for your target keywords and sort your effort to write on the rising trends

Use Quora top asked questions

This question itself is asked so many times on Quora

Unfortunately Quora as site based on people asking any type of questions

They don't have the feature to categorize top asked questions based on topics

You have to search Quora for top asked questions and keep reading

You will get the sense of what makes few questions as very top voted

I will give you an example for blogging about blogging

It is not about how to start a blog

It is about what is needed to grow a web startup's User-base from zero to one million?

The above question will always get tons of people to always keep asking

They will never get fulfilled of their thirsty to read more answers to it

You know why? because if you have your own blog and still makes no or very little money

Then you start doubting what could be wrong

My point is that the cornerstone of any niche
It is about finding the hidden questions in that niche

You can only find it by checking Quora, Reddit or even yahoo answers

If you find those hidden questions then you know what to blog about

My caveat for Reddit because inserting hyperlinks is completely prohibited

This means when you see an advice coming from someone who really cares

Find Tools to Ask and Collect Questions

FaqFox can help you generate questions by analyzing competitors’ blogs

Just type a keyword in one text field and site you like to check in the next text field

It will scrap them for all questions related to this keyword

Remember nothing wrong with collecting
All questions famous blogs in your niche already asked
You answer them from different angles

AnswerThePublic is very similar

It only expects from you to type your keyword

It will generate hundreds of questions

See if those questions trigger any idea to build a blog post about

I always challenge myself to take few questions
From AnswerThePublic that I feel
It would resonate with my audience

Answer the public questions generation process

If you don't know what to blog about

Just search on Google for forums in your niche by typing

Keyword + inurl:”/forums/” or Keyword + “discussion board”

Try also Keyword + inurl:”showtopic.php”

Usually you will find sticky posts

Where due to their popularity forums’ owners decided to keep them on top

You will find answers to so many
How to questions better than
The top 10 on Google

Here is a trick which I found recently

I noticed few members in internet marketing called WarriorForum

Those members have thousands of post reply

One of these members was discussing his way of getting traffic by sharing his Google Analytics account

Obviously some of his traffic are coming from the forum itself

This means that if you follow members with high numbers of replies

You can collect a very good number of blog post ideas

Also if you add your own comment

Definitely you will get traffic (although this post is not about getting traffic

But I just wanted to list this traffic trick here)

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a hybrid type unique social media tool combined with Search engine one

You can type your keyword

Pinterest will display best pins according to its algorithm

Go there and collect ideas
It is unique because its search engine is different than Google

I collected so many ideas before where I thought I had enough data and knowledge

When searching Google only but I found that by using Pinterest, I find more ideas completely not shown on Google

Create a board to save any pin
Where you feel like it is sparkling a new idea for you
Practice using Pinterest as a user and you will get many ideas

Use YouTube videos

YouTube is the second best search engine after Google itself (a fact)

To get the most out of it, just type your keyword

Be patient and listen to the top videos

Especially If you are writing a list post

You can collect the best lists from Google
Then switch to Pinterest
Then listen to YouTube videos

You will be surprised to HEAR lists that are completely new

Use your competitors’ best content

Analyze Social Media sites using Buzzsumo to investigate

What makes a specific blog post goes viral or analyze domain names from your competitors

To see which blog posts resonate with people

You can also use SEMrush to see how your competitors are ranking and what they are ranking for

Find gaps in your competitor’s blog post
That is showing on Google first page top 10 results
Write something that is not only better but the best

Write reviews on books, products or courses

So many books I buy and read just because I got a recommendations from well known bloggers

Books are covering all niches

You can find a great book to read

Come up with summary that fits in a blog post or take set of ideas from all chapters

Remember with Amazon books above, you don’t actually read the book

You just skim through the table of contents

Be honest if you used/read the recommended book or
Tried this product or that course otherwise
Readers can tell if your review is honest or just
A fake review to earn affiliate commissions

Create Lots of Beginners Guide

Beginners guide is very useful when building trust with your audience

Although it takes time to build one but they see you as an expert

The challenge when creating a beginners guide

How do you know if you are really targeting beginners

When thinking about writing beginners guide
I always check the “How To” in Quora
View the answers and see which ones Is getting more votes

Create ultimate guides

Ultimate guide focuses mainly on covering the niche itself

I encourage you to create at least one ultimate guide in your niche

Start with this ultimate guide and then

Add to it separate details as links to new or existing blog posts

You can publish your ultimate guide
Then add to it more contents later
If you hold on publishing your ultimate guide until you make it thorough
I am afraid you will never publish it

Create how to blog posts

How To works well with Ultimate Guide like peas and carrots

Don't create “How To” if your ideas are not in order
This can be a List type blog post
Also videos are best tool to illustrate the “How To”
Don’t be afraid to take videos for yourself

If you still not comfortable then you can screencast your text and use free text to speech software to read the contents which you want to say

Create why blog posts

I remember my 3 years old son saying WHY to everything

When I think about it

I realized that the “WHY” question creates challenging environment for me in my brain

It makes me eager to answer this question honestly

I will tell you a secret where I have so many WHY questions

Where I am still having them as a draft copies to create blog posts from

Use Trello or SimpleNote (open Google and search for Simplenote) on my iPhone, also available for Android users to collect reasons
I find reasonable to my WHY questions
Never accept unreasonable answers to any why question

Create lists blog posts

Lists blog posts are irresistible for anyone not to click on

It acts like a title bait

I cannot resist seeing “38 tips to” or any number

You can collect other lists from different blogs to come up with a longer list
I always strive to think about adding my own list ideas

Don’t ever add the number in the link URL

As you may go and edit your list post and add new items to it


All the ideas above work great if you are kind of stuck not writing anything for a week or more

This is a sign that you finished your last blog post and wondering what to write next

Remember you don't have to follow it to the tee

At least cover what your audience want to read about

Also by experience, you will never be able to write a Perfect blog post from the first round

There is lot of room to come back again and edit nothing is wrong about it

Great Tips For Finding What To Blog About

Finally if you don't know what to blog about, I hope I explained it better

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