I don’t Want to Work – What Would Happen If I Quit My Job Right Now?

I don' t want to work that's the feeling I got when I woke up one day

I talked to my wife and asked her what she would feel if I quit my work now

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I am not an impulsive personality and my wife knows that

We sat together and nailed it down to the reason for my decision

It was all because of my manager as my company had an organization change

I don't want to work

This term is well known in large organization

They laid off some employee and merged teams under same or new manager

Everyone told me he is tough personality and nobody would like to report to him

Anyway I won't leave you hanged, I will tell you about my story regarding this lunatic manager shortly below

By the way, I like my work and I just want to set the right expectation for you

If you think I would tell you I quit my work and pursued my dream thing I like to do and all of that and luckily it worked out for me

Surprise, I did not quit, yes I have a passion and it is blogging

If it happens that my passion brings me same money consistently to what I earn

I would still be hesitant to quit as I like my work too

Anyway in this post, I will discuss everything about those who don't want to work

Why so many people don't want to work?

There are so many reasons behind why they don't want to work

It may be due to the following reasons

Working in the wrong position

It happened when I completed my project management certificate I was so excited

I asked my manager to give me some training

He assigned me to shadow a skillful project manager to learn all the tricks of this project management job

I started training and after 2 months, I remember my manager asked me what do you think about working as a project manager

I got the courage to tell him that I did not like it all

Luckily he is open minded and told me that he did not like it either and he believed it is boring job

Imagine you work in something you completely hate, at least you would look for another job inside or outside your company

Insufficient pay

It doesn't make sense to work for a job that pays $45 per hour and you get paid $20

Unfortunately there are some evil companies that look for fresh blood with low pay even with the 2-3% annual increase your salary will not be adjusted

I know you sometimes accept to gain experience or whatever the reason but you will be doing bad to yourself if you don't look for other opportunities outside

Working minimum hours per day

I remember I worked in one of Canadian banks as an IT developer working only 15 minutes per day

Yes seriously, the rest of the day I have nothing else to do

I was pushing my leg to go to work every day and that's why I didn't want to work

Lack of work-life balance

Unfortunately some work places don't have the meaning of work life balance

They can call you to go on the weekend with an excuse that you need to stay for 30 minutes

My wife worked at a new company where the hiring manager told her that she may go once every 6 weeks on Saturday for 3-4 hours

It ended up that she worked every other Saturday and all statutory holidays with all working days finishing 9 pm

I encouraged her to quit as our kids were really going crazy not seeing their mom

She took the decision to quit but her colleague stayed for 2 years till she finally landed another opportunity outside this cursed company

This is obvious as you don't have time to look around and get interviewed

Not able to socialize at your work

One of my weirdest job I worked at for 2 weeks was at a small IT company

My first day at work, I was older at least 15 years than any one working there

There was an old man who was very hard to take a word out of his month

I didn't like the environment and I think they did not like me

I got laid off after 2 weeks and I was so happy that they took the decision on my behalf

Lack of honesty and trust

Do you remember the story of how an employee told his boss that he is sick and spent 2 days at home

His manager found some pictures of his sick employee on Facebook taken at a resort with a couple of friends where one of them is one of the friends' list for the manager

Actually it can happen the other way around that the company doesn't trust their employees and establishing a suspicious environment where everyone spies on the other

What to do if you don't like your job?

First be rational and figure out why you don't like your job?

Most companies have an open door policy

If you don't like what you do or not getting enough work, big organization will respect you when you raise it up

In fact, if you swallow it because you are afraid that they will lay you off

Believe it or not, you will be laid off when the lay off wave comes

It is easy to tell who is important and the company likes to keep

On the other side, if you are experiencing any harassment

Raise it right away, you can tell if it is really a reputable company or cheap biased one as your concern should not be tolerated and an action should be taken immediately on your side

Back to my story about my manager who was turning my life into hell

I did my magic tricks I could do to impress him with my skills

I worked extra hours at home to finish everything before due dates

This took me around 8 months of trying to please him but unfortunately nothing worked out for me

Anyway, in large organization you can search for internal job postings under your manager supervision

I skipped my manager (I knew later that was wrong) and I found a new opportunity in another department to seize after 6 weeks of looking around

When I made sure I received the job offer, I just informed him

I can tell he was pissed off and reacted like a spoiled child when someone takes his toys out of his hand

On the farewell lunch outside, he did not even pay my bill as a well known tradition

Bottom line, I love my work and I wouldn't rash any wrong decision

How can you live without working?

Let me ask you, why you want to live your life without working?

First, I know it is obvious but I will state it again

If you manage to have no expenses like bringing it down to the minimum

Then you will be able to live with a part time job working only once or twice a week

You will still be on track for your retirement plan and saving for emergency fund

By the way, there is nothing wrong to dream of waking up late and not setup an alarm

I asked myself once if I win the lottery would I quit my work

Actually the idea of travelling the world is not practical, I have small kids to raise up

They need education so why I was thinking about living without work

Well, it is because I hate routine, I have to wake up every day early to go to work

What if I fell tired or I need to sleep more, I don't want any commitment

Well, after the pandemic, my wife and I are working from home waking up 2 hours late than before

Anyway whatever there is a pandemic or not and you are always panic to lose your job

Or it may be you were laid off before and you don't want this bad experience to happen to you again

Use the negative feelings as a great motivation to think about saving money and building your own business while you are still working at your job

For example, if you are blogging and you have just started, my advice be patient and don't quit your job until you start making money from your blog more than your salary for at least 6 months in a row

Can I make money without working?

Short answer, yes you can but and there is always a BUT

You have to build an internet business that can leverage others to do the work for you and you pay them like your employees

Blogging is one example to achieve this dream

I have a surprise that I know many bloggers who make very good money from their blogs but still go to their work

What? why they are doing that? simply because some bloggers they don't like blogging as a full time job especially you can hire professional writers to write your articles and you pay them from your profit

This will leave you with few hours every week to work on your blog

On the other side, there are other bloggers who quit their work to build more blogs to diversify their income

They need full time to focus on other blogs until they hire writers to write for them

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