Does Size Matter? What’s The Ideal Size Home for a Family of 5?

Twitter has once again posed the existential question of size, but this time as it pertains to family buildings.

It is common knowledge that family homes are essential foundations in the upbringing of every human, and may have lasting influences on the psychological and mental state.

Recently, real estate expert @realEstateTrent posted a question on Twitter:

“Money aside, what’s the ideal size home for a family of 5?”

While they may be many pros of living in a big house, imagine rarely knowing where anyone is – it's the primary setting for a Stephen King horror novel. And according to the comment section on this tweet, not everyone approves of it.

“Obviously smaller is enough,” says @ConeAldo. This user advocates for 5,500 sq. ft., the sweet spot in the middle, so while everyone has their personal space, no one is “too distant.”

A couple users voted for 4,000 sq. ft., which the real estate geek approved of, asking others their opinion on that size.

“Can you go 4K?” he asks, when @buttcut76 says, “We have 6 in 5k. Can't really imagine much larger being useful.”

User @WillPage_00 expresses strong opinion on size: “I don’t think a home needs to exceed more than 3-4K even if it has 5 bedrooms. Everything above 5 is just capitalism playing tricks on someone.”

@KathrynPNW thinks size is only relative to the activities that go on in the house.

Meanwhile, real estate developer and construction expert @RojasTrg shared exquisite photos of some of the 12,000 sq. ft. houses he had worked on recently that “didn’t feel too lonely!”

One user “blew everyone's minds” with her home building measurements, relatively small, especially considering the number of inhabitants.

She alleges she has a family of 8 in a 2,000 sq. ft. home, and it “still feels big,” proposing the notion that concepts like loneliness and emptiness have little to do with the size of the building.

“You are a superwoman,” @realEstateTrent replies.

@DavetheShoeMan shares how much he hated living in a 12,000 sq. ft. home, and how he had to text his kids to come down for dinner to save himself a trip around the house.

@ericbahn chooses to raise his family in a small house and has a theory that the increased interaction “will make us (his family) closer,” he adds, “I think it has too.”

@realEstateTrent comments: “Can’t imagine how many many more family interactions there are in 2,000 vs 10,000.”

Finally: “A wise man once told me ~ ‘Small homes make for close Families!’,” @gmovestr says.

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