Epic Fails: 14 Genius Ideas That Backfired Spectacularly

Someone in an online forum recently asked, “What have you tried and found out it's not for you?” People are very different people, so some people might not like stuffed mushrooms, while others found out full lifestyles weren't for them.

 Here are 10 top-voted responses from people who share similar experiences. 

1. Office Jobs

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One person shared, “Office jobs. I feel this one. I spent five years doing office work and didn't realize just how much it took little pieces of myself in that role. It wasn't hard, but it was unappreciated and had no real direction. The team completed stuff, and somehow I was supposed to feel fulfilled without having any part in the achievement.”

Another agreed, “Yeah. I've tried varying office roles and decided any job that has me sitting still or confined to one room is not a viable choice. And my hyperactivity will also negatively impact other people's work, so it's a mess all around.”

2. Being a Crime Scene Investigator

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One user shared, “I have a bachelor's degree in forensics. I got hired in my dream position at 23, just two years after I graduated. This was plan A, the dream I had been working towards since I decided to enter forensics when I was 16. Then I quit after just 3 1/2 months. I wasn't prepared for how intense crime scenes are.”

“The emotional and mental intensity of a scene would paralyze me. Most death investigation crime scenes were suicides, homicides, and drug overdoses. We rarely had someone die peacefully surrounded by people they loved.”

“It was always violent and lonely. I tended to think about a person's last moments that led up to why we were there, and I would be overcome with emotion. I had panic attacks at multiple scenes.”

3. Casual Hook-Ups

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“Casual hook-ups. A committed relationship is far less stressful and more satisfying,” one user expressed.

Another replied, “Totally agree. Physical attraction isn't enough for me to enjoy it. If I don't know the person, I don't trust them and am way too in my head the entire time. I tried it a few times. Subpar with women and even worse with men. Won't be trying it again.”

4. Sensory Deprivation Tank

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“I tried a sensory deprivation tank because I thought it would be therapeutic, etc., and it devolved into a panic attack. I tried to ride it out, but fifteen minutes in, I crawled out crying and shivering. Some of us need to feel connected to our senses to feel real. Also, the salt burned the heck out of my scalp. Wear a swimming cap if you're going to try it.”

5. Being Active on Social Media

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“Being active on social media,” replied one. “I prefer to keep to myself and not share my life online. When I say social media, I mainly talk about Facebook and Instagram.”

“The platforms where you use your real name, and you're surrounded by people you know, not Reddit.”

Another agreed, “I'll happily post anonymously on my Reddit account, but otherwise, it feels unnatural to be on other social media platforms.”

6. Being a Teacher

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A teacher admitted, “Being a teacher. I love teaching but hate being a teacher. The funny thing is that I'm still teaching. I will be changing after this school year is done. Do I know what to do? Not really, but I shiver at the thought of another 30 years to go.”

Another teacher exclaimed, “Admin and parents killed my passion for teaching!”

7. Nightclubs

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One person confessed, “Nightclubs. I grew up in a super religious house, so I wasn't allowed to go. Then I moved out and found them super boring and overwhelming. You can't have a conversation, people seem to be acting to look cool, and it can get super expensive.”

“I also tried them and learned that they serve a great function of keeping people I have no interest in interacting with within a place I don't want to be,” a second user agreed.

8. Playing The Guitar

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Someone admitted, “Playing the guitar in an elective class at a public high school. My teacher straight up promised to give me an A for effort if I didn't come to class anymore.”

A second user said, “They sound like a terrible teacher. That may have been the main issue.” Finally, a third expressed, “You failed successfully.”

9. Working in a Daycare

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“Working in a daycare. It made me realize I love my kids, not all kids,” shared one. Another replied, “I love kids. I'm great with them. Teaching preschool cured me of ever wanting to work with them again.”

However, another stated, “I worked in childcare and confirmed that I like kids. Other people's kids. I will never have kids.”

10. Heroin

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The number one voted response was heroin. Someone elaborated, “I tried it once for like ten years. So 0 out of 10 would not recommend.” Another agreed, “I also would not recommend heroin.”

“It dominated my life for 3-4 years when I was younger. I just achieved 15 years clean a couple of weeks ago.” “That's a terrifying way to describe addiction. I hope you're doing well,” a third responded.

11. Marijuana

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“I don't like the feeling of being high,” said one commenter. “It's not relaxing for me. I didn't get paranoid or anxious, I just didn't like it.”

Another user added their own story saying, “Same. It just locks my mind in such a way that I have to use every ounce of energy to even speak. And it feels like my mind is drowning. And I get nauseous on it sometimes. And it messes me up for at least a whole day afterward, making me depressed for no reason and still having trouble being social, to the point where on the rare occasions I would try it, my coworkers (who were not the people that smoked with me) would ask me if I was okay the next day at work, a solid 16 hours later.”

12. Multiplayer Games

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Sometimes, it's more fun when you're playing video games alone. “I don't like interacting with people in real life and turns out it also applies to games,” said one user. “Single-player games are the way to go.”

13. Scuba Diving

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One person responded to the thread with their story about scuba diving, saying “I love the water, I've been swimming since I was a tot. But the part of my brain that says breath, said “NO” when I was underwater for any more than 10 minutes. I went out to do my qualification dive, made the swim to the buoy, and on the return trip I left the water and informed my instructor. He was there with another couple for their 2nd checkout dive and so finished with them and we all went home.”

This isn't an uncommon feeling as another person said, “I’m in a scuba class right now and in our first time underwater a couple of weeks ago I got really panicked at one point when trying to find the regulator. It was just in 5 ft of water in a pool and I was completely safe but that still stuck with me. I had the thought of maybe this isn’t really for me. I hope to still continue and get certified, although it sounds terrifying to be dozens of feet below the surface and unable to shoot right back up for “real” air.”

14. Programming

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One person “Took a class in college. Prof said ‘just play around like it’s a puzzle. It’s so exciting to see it when it works.' Nope. Not exciting. Sitting at a computer all day was boring AF! Glad others are willing to do it.”

Another person added their own thoughts on the topic, “That was my reaction when I took my first coding class at 18 (Matlab for those who are curious). Got a C+ in that course.”

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