When Brilliance Turns to Bust: 14 Genius Ideas That Ended in Failure

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The human experience is unique. One person might love what you hate, and you might abhor what another adores. Recently, members on an online forum discussed things they've tried, only to discover it wasn't for them. Here are some of the top responses. Have you shared a similar experience? 

1. Office Jobs

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One person shared they spent five years doing office work and didn't realize how much it took little pieces of them away. They say the job was easy but unappreciated and had no real direction. Ultimately, there needed to be more fulfillment in the role. 

2. Being a Crime Scene Investigator

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Another commenter shared they were hired in their dream position at 23, two years after I graduated. They wound up leaving after three months because they didn't realize how emotionally taxing crime scene investigation would be. After experiencing panic attacks on scene and nightmares at home, this user quit. 

3. Casual Hook-Ups

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I totally agree with the forum member who said hook-up culture was not for them. The member went on to say that If they don't know the person, they don't trust them. After trying a few times, they won't be doing so again. 

4. Sensory Deprivation Tank

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I would never try this, especially after someone shared their experience. The commenter shared they spent a short amount of time in a sensory deprivation tank and it devolved into a panic attack. Fifteen minutes in, they crawled out crying. Some of us need to feel connected to our senses to feel real. 

5. Being Active on Social Media

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I prefer to keep to myself and not share my life online. I'm not alone! One commenter summed it up best when they said, “I'll happily post anonymously on my Reddit account, but otherwise, it feels unnatural to be on other social media platforms.”

6. Being a Teacher

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A former educator shared they love teaching but hate being a teacher. Other teachers agreed, with one saying their school's administration and student's parents killed their passion for the profession. 

7. Nightclubs

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I might catch heat for this, but nightclubs could be more exciting and manageable. You can't have a conversation; people are making fools of themselves to look cool, and the experience can get expensive. 

8. Playing the Guitar

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Someone admitted that playing the guitar was not the rock and roll dream they were promised. They added they took a music course as an elective class at a public high school, and their teacher promised to give them an A for effort if they didn't come to class anymore. Maybe the teacher was part of the problem! 

9. Working in a Daycare

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I can't imagine working in a daycare. One former daycare employee said their experience made them realize they love their kids, not all kids.  

10. Heroin

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The number one voted response was heroin. Someone elaborated they used it for ten years before getting clean. Someone in recovery added the drug controlled their life for 3-4 years when they were younger.

11. Marijuana

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Numerous commenters said they tried smoking once, then quickly resolved never to do it again. Most hated the feeling smoking gave them.

12. Multiplayer Games

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Sometimes, it's more fun when you're playing video games alone. I wouldn't say I like interacting with people in real life, and it turns out it also applies to games. Nothing wrong with that! 

13. Scuba Diving

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One person responded to the thread with their story about scuba diving, saying they love the water, but the part of their brain that said to breathe said “no” when underwater for more than 10 minutes. 

14. Programming

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Programming is a big nope for me. Not exciting. Sitting at a computer all day with strings of numbers and letters is not my idea of a good time. Another person added their thoughts on the topic, saying they had the same reaction when they took their first coding class at 18. They wound up getting a C in the course. 

Source: Reddit.

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