Aviator: The Exciting New Way to Win Big in Nigeria

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of crash games at online casinos in recent times, but one stands out from the rest. Aviator has burst onto the scene, becoming a much-wanted game since being launched by software developers Spribe back in 2019. 

The interest in the game has come as a result of its simplicity. It is one of the easiest yet most fun games to play at online casinos in Nigeria. Players just have to bet on when they believe the plane will crash in the game and are paid out as a winner if they guess correctly. 

Continue on with this Aviator game review to learn how to play Aviator, where you can play Aviator in Nigeria and why it has become a huge hit with online casino players in the country.

Best Online Casinos In Nigeria For Aviator


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Betway has a fantastic online casino with a range of the very best online casino games, including Aviator. This real money casino offers a premium experience within online gaming and comes packed with some of the most popular casino games in Nigeria.

Not only can you access Aviator when using Betway, you can also claim their welcome offer. 


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Another one of the top online casino sites in Nigeria, Mostbet is a well-respected and trusted brand that has a wide selection of casino games. Of course, the pick of the bunch is Aviator, which has become a sensation in recent times.

Be sure to claim Mostbet new customer offer, which allows new players to get a fantastic bonus in exchange for signing up.


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Betwinner is another reliable and trustworthy brand for online casino players in Nigeria. Boasting a significant player base that regularly returns for their standout games, such as Aviator, Betwinner excels in offering a casino experience that sees players return on a regular basis.

This top casino comes with a solid range of promotions, including the welcome bonus, which offers new customers the chance to claim a great range of bonuses.



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There is the option to play the popular Aviator game at BC Game in Nigeria. They have a fantastic variety of casino games, including classics such as roulette and blackjack, as well as 100s of slot games to offer. 

Sign up to BC Game today to begin playing Aviator on their platform. New customers can also benefit from the site's fantastic welcome offer.


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Last but not least is Helabet, who are another trusted online casino in Nigeria. Helabet allows their customers to play Aviator for real money online, as well as a whole host of other high-quality online casino games. 

To join the excitement of Helabet, be sure to sign up today. All new players that create an account with Helabet can get their hands on an amazing welcome bonus. 

What Is The Aviator Game?

A phenomenon in the world of casino games, Aviator has taken the industry by storm to now become one of the biggest and most popular games around. Developed by Spribe, Aviator is what is known as a crash game. Crash games have taken inspiration from traditional trading markets. The line increases and shows the size of the multiplier. Whilst this is rising, you will have the option to cash out at any point — the point of the game is to cash out before the multiplier, in this case, the Aviator plane, flies away. The higher the plane flies, the greater the multiplier will be, but timing is everything in this game.

How To Play Aviator

Aviator is extremely simple to understand and easy to play. It is one of the main reasons why this game has become such a popular choice amongst casino players in Nigeria, with it quick for even the least experienced casino players to pick up. 

Before each round starts, select a wager of your choice. There is the option to place up to two wagers each round which, once it has begun, will see the multiplier grow adjacently to the height of the plane on the screen. The goal for players is to cash out your bet before the plane flies away. If the plane flies away before you have had the chance to cash out, your bet will be a loser.

The size of the bet placed is at the sole discretion of the player themselves, and that stake will lock in the size of the multiplier within the potential winnings. For example, if you cash out with the multiplier at 3x, you will receive three times the amount of the stake that you placed as your winnings. Keep in mind that the plane can take off at any point of the game, and the challenge comes from withdrawing at the correct time.

To become used to the workings of the game, we would always recommend playing the free version of Aviator first. This allows players to become familiar with the concept of the game and what they need to do to win before risking their own real money. There is the option to play the Aviator demo version on a number of the Aviator casino sites listed above.

How To Win Aviator Game

As mentioned already, this is an extremely simple game to understand and play. How you win is also easy to understand, but achieving it is a little more difficult. Players must place their bet at the start of each round on Aviator, being sure that the size of the stake amount fits within the overall size of your account balance. 

Players can place two bets if they wish to double their chances of winning, but each bet must be cashed out individually, so always be sure to keep that in mind when choosing this option. In order for your bet to win, you must cash out before the plane flies away. The plane can fly away at any time each round, with the size of the multiplier varying between each round. No two rounds of Aviator will be the same — the plane will fly away at different times and the peaks and troughs of the size of the multiplier will always be different. 

Many players prefer the concept of Aviator over more traditional games like slots because it puts more power in the hands of players. There is more control over the outcome, even if the actual outcome itself is still determined by a random number generator. Having the ability to bet twice on each round can double players’ chances of winning at Aviator. 

Aviator RTP

Another reason for the huge interest and popularity of Aviator is the level of the RTP on offer. RTP stands for return to player, which determines the average amount of money paid back to a player of a casino game in prizes. At Aviator, the RTP rating is 97, which is higher than the average casino game RTP of 95.9%. A fun game to play with a greater return on investment than the average casino game, it’s no surprise that Aviator has been such a hit with players everywhere, including Nigeria. 

How We Choose Aviator Casino Sites

There are plenty of Nigerian online casinos and Nigerian betting sites that come with Aviator in their games library, but not all of them will be worth your time of day. As such, we have assessed the Aviator casinos in Nigeria by a strict list of criteria that can be found below. We found all of the casino sites listed above excelled when it came to each of the following options.

Range of Casino Games

Whilst most who have reached this page will have done so due to their interest in Aviator, it’s good to know if there is a good range of casino games also on the site. Not all players reading this will exclusively only want to play Aviator with their online casino provider, and that is why we have assessed the games library of each of the sites listed above. We have determined that they have enough slots, roulette and blackjack games, amongst others, to keep players entertained alongside having Aviator available.

Payment Options

The range of payment options featured at an online casino can often tell you how accommodating they are to players. If a site has a large list of payment options, including the most popular options within the industry, then it will be easy for the majority of players to make deposits and withdrawals from their accounts. A lack of payment methods, however, can result in some players being slightly stuck on how to navigate playing with real money online casinos.

Customer Service

Customer service options should be in place with all online casinos to assist players in their time of need. Common customer service options include live chat, email and telephone, as well as FAQs that are there to help answer any queries that players may have. Fairness should always be paramount with any online casino, and one way of achieving that is by being as easy to contact as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I play Aviator?

Players wanting to play Aviator can do so at any of the online casinos listed above. Sign up to each and claim their welcome bonus to begin playing Aviator today.

How do I play Aviator?

Aviator is a crash game that requires punters to cash out their bets before the plane in the game flies away. The plane can fly away at any time, giving players a conundrum on whether to let their multiplier keep rising or whether to cash out before it's too late.

Is there an Aviator free game?

There is a free-to-play version of Aviator that allows players to become familiar with the logistics of the game before playing it for real money. 

What is the RTP of Aviator?

The RTP percentage of Aviator is 97%, which is higher than the industry average of 95.9%.

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