Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

The debut season of Ikebukuro West Gate Park or shortened as IWGP ended only one year ago, and fans are already demanding to see Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2. The first season of this mystery drama was very intriguing, and it hooked the viewers right from the beginning and until the very end. As a result, now they want to see more of this show. So, when will the anime return for another installment? 

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a Japanese mystery drama anime series. It is the remake of Ira Ishida’s urban mystery novel series of the same name. It was later adapted as a television drama and manga series also. Studio Doga Kobo animated the first installment of this anime. The show made its debut in October 2020. It ran for a total of twelve episodes before concluding in December of the same year. After the anime, the franchise released its manga adaptation as well.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 1: Recap Story

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2

The story is set in a district of Tokyo, named Ikebukuro. The district is home to not only many different businesses but also gangs. Our main character is named Makoto Majima. Despite not being in any particular gang, he is quite well-known in the district. He has often been nicknamed the troubleshooter, as he usually mediates between the factions. He is helped by a gang named the G-Boys, who are led by Makoto’s friend, Takashi Andou. 

Makoto later meets a girl named Hikaru who is running from attackers. Later, while hanging out with friends, Makoto becomes interested in Hikaru’s friend Rika as a girlfriend. After Rika is found murdered, Makoto is beaten by the detectives during questioning until others attest to his good character. Makoto first earns his reputation with the police and the IWGP underworld by solving the mystery of who strangled Rika to death in a hotel.

While Makoto initially targeted the wrong guy, he eventually discovers that a jealous Hikaru masterminded Rika’s death. She had arranged for Yamai, a man from Makoto’s past, to mimic a local serial rapist. The case was more tragic than expected. Hikaru’s mind had been warped by being brutally molested by her father throughout her childhood. In the end, Yamai went to prison, and Hikaru is sent away from her father.

But Makoto’s girl problems are far from over. A yakuza boss demands that he track down the whereabouts of his wayward daughter, Princess. Makoto’s mother Ritsuko hires a girl named Kana Matsui to help around the shop and she becomes entangled in another plot. The problem starts when a new gang named the Red Angels starts making moves in the G-Boys’ turf. Along with issues in Ikebukuro, Makoto and the G-Boys must try to prevent an all-out war and maintain the existing peace in Ikebukuro.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2: Renewal Status

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2

IWGP novel series began to serialize way back in September 1998. In the early 2000s, a live-action drama of this novel was also made. After that, a manga series written by the original author ran from 2001 to 2004. However, the story of the manga and the anime series is quite different. They even have some different characters in the same arc. On the other hand, the anime skipped the initial chapters of the manga and the novel.

The lead character Makoto is already quite reputed in the anime, and each episode of the series focused on a different case. Unlike the books, the anime features some hot topics like poverty, prostitution, and many more. Initial episodes of this show were a little slow, but the tenth episode was the peak point of the anime where Makoto went through drastic character development. That makes the anime bring fresh air to the story

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2: Release Date

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2

The first season of the anime received a great response from the viewers. Its intriguing content managed to impress the audience. However, it failed to get a response from the critics. From the point of expert reviews, it was quite average. But the show has a lot of fans and is quite popular. Studio Doga Kobo has renewed its shows in the past that had even lower ratings than this one. So, it might not become a huge problem, as its huge fandom is also there to back the series.

Also, the production studio has plenty of content to make Ikebukuro West Gate Park Season 2. So, it is a good sign that there isn’t any lack of source material. Plus, the last episode of the anime’s debut season teased the second season as someone approached Makoto for another case before the curtains fell. Therefore, the chances are great that the makers will soon announce the sequel of this show. We just need to get the demand higher.