Racism Alleged as House Republicans Remove Ilhan Omar From Committee Obligations

It's been a busy day on Capitol Hill, despite Congress not passing a single piece of legislature.

House Republicans unanimously voted to strip Ilhan Omar of her obligations to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, much to the dismay of House Democrats. Republicans have primarily cited alleged anti-Semitic comments Omar made in the past as the reason for her swift ejection.

Omar's Democratic colleagues were quick to protest her removal. Impassioned speeches given by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib only served to further divide the House, and cause both sides to dig their heels in even further. Interestingly enough, it seems that both Republicans and Democrats are accusing the other side of racism.

Upon hearing of this news, Twitter users rushed to the social media platform where political pundits and ordinary citizens collided in an epic discourse over the surprising turn of events that transpired on the House floor.

Republicans Are United in Supporting Omar's Removal

This Twitter user goes for the jugular in a direct verbal attack, calling the three-term Representative an “anti-American piece of trash.”

Plenty of reactions around Twitter are clearly visceral and emotional, like this user who proudly boasts she “gets a warm glow” when watching one of Omar's colleagues passionately defend the Congresswoman after she was removed from her committee:

This particular Twitter user points out the hypocrisy of the Democratic party, accusing them of “doing the same thing” to Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar in the past:

Twitter user ACTBrigitte puts it plainly, professing that Omar “got exactly what she deserved.”

Cries of Racism Emerge Throughout the Democratic Party

This user points out an interesting point in proving his “GOP is what white nationalism looks like” argument. Today, the entire House GOP was united in stripping Omar of her committee obligations yet struggled to come to a consensus when choosing their speaker earlier this month:

Accusations of outright racism have been lobbed towards the GOP as a result of Omar's committee dismissal. Twitter user ksorbs believes that racism is “the only reason” the Congresswoman was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee:

Twitter user Victorshi2020 has condemned the House's decision, labeling Omar's removal as something “absolutely shameful.”

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