Auto Mechanic’s Controversial Advice May Be ‘Illegal’ but Great for Your Car

You’re not an actual car fanatic until you’ve delved into vehicle modifications. And once you dive in, there’s no going back. In the world of mods, some push the line of legality. Namely, exhaust system modifications. 

This auto mechanic claims that his exhaust modification may be illegal, but it’s actually good for your car, and in his YouTube video, he explains how. 


In the video, he removes his car’s catalytic converter and mufflers, which we all know is illegal. Cars are required by law to have proper exhaust system parts to control the release of exhaust gasses and maintain the noise that tailpipes emit. 

Why Is Removing a Catalytic Converter Good?

First, we have to understand the basics of an exhaust system because it’s more than just a pipe to release exhaust gasses. 

There are two primary parts to your exhaust system. The first piece is your catalytic converter. This part reduces harmful emissions by converting toxic gasses into less harmful substances. 

The following essential part is the backpressure in the exhaust system. A certain level of backpressure is critical because this helps maintain engine performance and ensures exhaust gasses are expelled efficiently. 

What Does This Auto Mechanic Do?

He straight-piped his car and removed the catalytic converter and mufflers. He says that this makes the car a lot louder but is actually a lot better for your car because the vehicle is allowed to expel exhaust faster and more efficiently since the gasses don’t have to be converted before being discharged. 

Removing your mufflers and catalytic converter is illegal in most states where car inspections are required because it allows harmful emissions to be expelled into the environment, which is harmful to the planet. However, since this mechanic lives in an area of Colorado where car inspections are not required, he says that he runs into a lot of cars with these two parts removed.