The Blueprint for Success: Essential Qualities You Need To Thrive in Business and in Life

Most times, it's not enough to just be a “good” person. One must possess certain qualities or learn as a human to improve their co-existence with fellow humans. Being a committed person, for instance, makes it easier for you to smash your goals and for other people to depend on you.

In an online forum, someone recently asked, “In one word, what do you believe is the most important quality to have as a human being?” People responded, supporting their comments with logical claims. These are the top-voted qualities that define being a remarkable human.

1. Kindness

u/Sooti81 wrote a heartwarming message on why kindness is an important trait to have: “That cannot be emphasized enough. I help anyone who asks me. For some of them, I'm their only emergency contact. I've moved furniture, cooked dinner, hooked up internet, repaired clothes, picked neighbors up off the floor of their homes, helped them order glasses and apply for services, and helped a few create budgets.

“It doesn't matter if I personally don't like them. Truth be told, I'm not fond of most people. They are human and as humans are deserving of kindness. It the only thing that matters.”

2. Compassion

“Meh. People always say that,” someone said, disagreeing to another who said empathy.

“I think COMPASSION is better. Doing something for people in need even if you don't get feelings for that.”

3. Empathy

“The power of empathy is the power of understanding. Not just other people or beings but yourself. To allow yourself imagine a situation and what it would be like being there is a way of connecting to the world around you. I mean it's not that simple but yeah. Though I don't know if it is the most important,” a Redditor said.

u/Clubhouseclub also made a strong argument for empathy: “But what actions are considered kind is so cultural. I’m living in Bangkok and realizing that some actions that are kind in the United States are actually rude here, like in certain contexts looking someone in the eye and smiling. Without empathy it seems like attempts to be kind could easily become misguided and harmful. We have to understand others needs before we can be kind.”

4. Tolerance

u/No_Eggplant776 said, “Tolerance. You may not like me, agree with me, or want anything to do with me. But be tolerant of who I am. Treat me as a fellow human. No less.”

u/zachster777 countered this: “Are you familiar with the paradox of tolerance? In short, we can’t tolerate people who are intolerant. Otherwise they turn our tolerance against us.”

5. Acceptance

“I think acceptance is healthier and more helpful than tolerance,” u/squishy_sprite said.

“Having to ‘tolerate' someone seems so inhumane compared to accepting them.”

However, some other Redditors seemed to think differently.

One person said: “This is objectively wrong, as the inability to accept someone who is different is inherently human. I could even say intolerance is inherent to the human condition, as every single tribe of man has it to some level. It is the baseline, and is only defeated through great effort, only for that effort to be wasted when the next generation lacks that effort…”

“Acceptance is inhuman.”

6. Love

Redditors made comments like:

Love is the way.”

“God is love.”

“This is the best answer. Empathy. Integrity. Every other comment is just a part of love.”

“I agree. Love is the answer, no matter what the question. How much one loved and was loved is all that really matters.”

7. Honesty

u/pillrake said, “I had to scroll pretty long to find this. I’m not sure it is right (or that there is a right answer), but it was my first thought as well.”

“Same here,” someone agreed.

8. Resilience

“A little resilience goes a long way,” u/Desrac said.

u/emerg_remerg also said, “100% this is the right answer!”

9. Gratitude

Gratitude is nice. It is inward and outward looking. You can reflect on yourself and the goodness in others,” u/AnotherNewPhone4 posted.

10. Discipline

u/Vito_The_Magnificent shared, “Being able to follow through on your intentions is everything. Good intentions alone are worthless. Discipline is the thing that allows you to manifest them.

“Without it, we're ruled by impulse, and our impulses are rarely good.”

11. Respect

u/iforgot69 said, “I agree with respect. Treat everyone with the same level of respect. If you're generally nice, treat everyone nice. Then at least everyone around you knows what kind of person you are.”

Another argued this concept, saying, “Respect is earned.”

12. Self-esteem

“When you don't have that it's easy to be manipulated or controlled by others,” u/lovealert911 posted.

“‘Decide what kind of life you actually want, then say no to everything that isn't that.' – Unknown

“‘Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.' – Oscar Wilde.”

13. Tenacity

u/daringsogdog shared, “I think it's creative tenacity. The determination to do something, anything, even if it's recreational. It is what puts us above the animals. The drive to adapt and perfect our methods, to improve our current situation through any means. To keep pushing until we are comfortable, and then switch that tenacity to philosophical, scientific, and artist pursuits.”

14. Responsibility

“I might not always empathize with or understand the people in my life, Sometimes my brain just doesn't make the right emotions. But still I am responsible for the people who count on me and do the right things even if it doesn't feel good,” u/abnormaldude1 wrote.

15. Self Awareness

“You can’t be kind, compassionate, and tolerant without some form of self awareness to know when you’re being the opposite of those qualities just listed,” u/annadickson shared.

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