In a Serious Relationship? Your BFF Might Be Sabotaging You

If you're in a serious, committed relationship, your ‘best friend,' could spell disaster. For anyone who's ever been in a serious relationship, handling your significant other's non-romantic relationships can be tricky. This especially applies if your SO has a best friend of the opposite gender. 

Numerous studies have been done surrounding the question of whether a straight man and woman can be “just friends.” While the general consensus is that these relationships can be very difficult to manage while in a romantic and committed relationship with someone else, the results are all over. 

There is a thread of truth that seems to fit most romantic relationships, however, when one partner has a best friend of the opposite gender.


The fact is that jealousy is likely to show itself eventually. While your romantic partner might want to assuage you in the beginning, the minute they feel threatened by your relationship with your ‘bestie' that jealousy will come into play. They may ‘lash out' at you or accuse you of something inappropriate.

They may try to control your schedule and where you go or call you incessantly to find out who you're with. 

This insecurity isn't as much about you as it is about them and is more of a plea for reassurance. The terrifying fear of losing you can make your romantic partner do crazy things to try and obtain that reassurance that you won't leave them for your best friend. 

Of course, opinions on the matter differ as widely as the results of psychological studies on the matter.

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Obviously, not everyone felt the same way about this topic.

@chir_rich didn't like the MilitantThomist's point of view.

User @mwnine wanted women to know they have the same responsibility, in their opinion.

@JoePookie thinks there's ‘no need to test the waters,' and admits he wouldn't be happy if his wife was hanging out with men alone.

To say times have changed is an understatement when it comes to platonic relationships and married couples. While the debate about whether or not married people can continue relationships outside of their marriage with opposite gender best friends is still hotly contested.

And like most issues, there are those who will absolutely agree that it's a bad idea and those who don't understand the major problem.

The intricacies of romantic relationships offer up so many variables that getting a straight answer on this issue or any problem related to intimate relationships is likely to never be accomplished. Modern psychology even struggles to give cohesive advice.

So, suffice it to say that it's a dangerous arena to step into and must be handled with the utmost care in making their committed relationship a priority.

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