Inbound Closer Review (2023 Update) : Scam or legit? Truth Exposed.

Are you looking for an honest Inbound Closer review?

Well you just landed on the right blog post.

On the topic of making money online. There is still a huge controversy about the true gurus of online making and those that just put up a façade to lie to people so that they can sell their products.

But, the thing is, it is really hard to be able to perfectly tell who is who. Everyone wants to be rich somehow and today, since we are in the digital era, very many opportunities have opened up to make money online.

The point is sorting through the chaff and finding where the money is. I cannot guarantee that inbound closer is the way to go.

I am simply giving a review about it basing on factual research. I might give my opinion on the same but ultimately, it is your choice whether to trust the program or not.

But first, let’s get to know what The Inbound closer program is.


What is Inbound Closer?

What is this program that people are talking about that helps anyone make money online irrespective of their skillset? Well, The Inbound closer program is a sales training program.

It is a subsidiary of The Sales Mentor which is also under the B2B digital marketing company. It involves tele marketing and high- ticket sales.

Note: I know some of you have heard about outbound sales. There is a difference between inbound sales and outbound sales. Inbound sales is a business model that focuses on attracting leads that are already interested in your product or service.

You must build a good relationship in this model where your prospective buyers trust you depending on your interactions with them.

Outbound sales on the other hand is where you engage all the potential buyers before you know for sure that they need your product.

In outbound sales, you use all means necessary to get in contact with potential buyers. With inbound sales, the buyers are already a step closer to buying and need a little more of information here and there to be further convinced.


Who is an Inbound Closer?

A closer is a person responsible for finalizing sales deals with clients. They are usually high ticket sales that are sold on phone calls.

The role of an inbound closer includes finding prospects and also sales leads and convincing them to sign contracts that seal the deal.

You need to spend time nurturing the prospective buyer by interacting, guiding and giving them all the necessary information on what they are purchasing.

So, the immediate catch I see here is that anyone who wants to try this line of business must be a good sales person.

What unique thing will you say to this person that will convince them to commit to the sale? People get calls every day about such things and are usually irritated by them so you must bring something to the table ideally or you must learn to be really good at sales.


Who Owns the inbound Closer Program?

It is owned by Taylor Welch and Payton Welch who are brothers. Taylor Welch is a high ticket closer mentor in Franklin, Tennessee. He studied marketing at the University of Memphis and he also previously worked as a copywriter.

He, together with Chris Evan founded the B2B digital marketing company, Traffic and Funnels.

Payton Welch is the lead advisor of Inbound closer. He is however not the head of the program although he is the face of the program because he is the one in mos of the advertisements. He previously worked in a local department store called Von Maren.

He was mentored by his brother to become an inbound closer for The Sales Mentor.


How Does Inbound Closer (the program) work?

On the main sales page, you will be directed to a 23-minute-long video. It gives you a bit of free training.

The video is by Payton Welch and he talks about the issues one faces while working an ordinary nine to five job.

He then offers whoever is watching a possible alternative to such jobs and this option can change life as you know it.

He states that it is not so easy and it takes one about 60 to 70 hours per week for over a year or two for one’s business to get on track.

He then gives the possible figures on how much money one could make being an inbound closer. He says he doesn’t regret making the change himself from retail to inbound closing.

He then goes on to say that once you have become established, you can make six figures in 21 days while working 1 or 2 hours per day.

The catch is that you follow their formula which is on a 6-page PDF file. He then talks about the program itself called “The Inbound Closing Accelerator program” which is between 49 US dollars and 97 US dollars depending on when you purchase it.

So, the actual course is 21 days long broken down into weeks: Week one, Week two and Week three.

There is the introductory part that is not assigned to any week. You get two PDFs that simply introduce you to the world of inbound closing.

They teach you the most important parts of being a successful inbound closer.

In Week one, you are given eight videos, five PDFs and three word documents. These include learning how to use the 7-figure sales script, learning about the reflex selling system amongst other things.

In Week two, you are given seven videos, three PDFs and two word documents. Here, you learn about the common objections inbound closers face and how to handle them.

The video shows you a call recording for you to learn from.

In Week three, they upsell you the Inbound closer certification program which includes more information. And you are also given access to a Facebook support group for better planning and strategizing.

So, the Inbound closer certification program is also a whole course in itself and its price varies between 500 US dollars and 997 US dollars.

It has six modules plus the introductory one. These are-

  • Module 0: Becoming the person who deserves success.
  • Module 1: Closer’s mindset.
  • Module 2: Self-Empowerment.
  • Module 3: Introduction to closing.
  • Module 4: Closing with confidence.
  • Module 5: Mastering objections.
  • Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer.

What are the known pros and cons of Inbound closer?

Then again, just a disclaimer. I am only giving my opinion here. You can get to your own conclusion after reading about Inbound closer.



  • You can get a refund of your money if things do not work out as you expected.
  • You get access to a Facebook support group after purchasing the course. It is important to get different perspectives on something by learning and comparing different people’s experiences.
  • You can actually learn sales skills from the course even when you have no prior sales experience. You can use them wherever even if you do not end up being an actuals inbound closer.



  • It has upsells. I hate them. You may want to continue with the course but you pay way more for the upsell. The issue with these is that you might end up incurring more costs because you were misled thinking the most you could pay is the initial 97 dollars.


  • It has a lot of promises some of which are very misleading. You might think this is a one-way ticket to being rich. It is not. You need to be a good sales person to make it in this business. Even then, it is still hard to make a break. So, I just want you to know that things might not work out so you might have to pack it up.


  • It is not easy to actually start out. You can have access to some of the business owners that the brothers sell to but you must first purchase the upsell in order to access this list. It is not mentioned to you earlier in the program though possibly by design.


  • It is pretty expensive. This can’t be seen initially of course but once you find out how much the upsells cost, you might get the shock of your life.

So, after knowing this. Is Inbound closer a scam or is it legit?

In my opinion, inbound closer is not a scam. The fact that they use a lot of intensive advertising is just a business strategy to lure more people into taking their course.

This does not make them scammers. It just makes them good sales people.

Therefore, Inbound closer is not a scam. It is legit. From my point of view anyway. So, you can give it a shot. There is no loss made whatsoever because you can get all your money back.

It is guaranteed.


Conclusion: Inbound Closer Review

There goes my Inbound Closer review. Feel free to try out the program if you want. If you don’t feel up to it, that’s okay too.

The world is wide and full of opportunities. You will get your big break elsewhere.

I personally don’t recommend joining the Inbound Closer. There is no real value for money since almost all that is taught can easily be found online for free.