Discover How To Get Free Facebook Followers On Your Facebook Page

Do you want to get free facebook followers

Are you tired of seeing Facebook pages with more than 100 K users?

You pull out your hair thinking
What they are doing which you are missing or don’t know
Is there a hidden secret?
How competitors get free Facebook followers and you are not?

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I talked before in a previous post called Facebook Page Likes Increase Trick
About Brittany Ann eBook and below I am talking again about it

Well with Brittany Ann eBook Strategies Worth Sharing
It is one of the top best resources
If you want to learn all strategies
That you need to boost your Facebook page

I lay down few of her ideas and tactics as her book is full of contents
With 6 sections covering boosting your Facebook page from different angles

Facebook Page Tips Strategies Worth Sharing ebook by Brittany Ann-How I Grew My Facebook Page from 2,000 to 100,000 in 5 Months

Unfortunately Brittany Ann discontinued this eBook

Section one starts with quick introduction of why Facebook

1 – Active users

Facebook already reached 1 billion active users as of December 2015
It is not only about the number of users that matters
But also around 70% of them log on to Facebook daily

2 – Best community in all Social Media

Facebook interface is designed to make it easy to connect with followers
And their friends and carry a meaningful conversations

It is the best in all other Social media
On Twitter, it is very tough to continue discussing a lengthy topic
Due to the significant amount of distractions

While on Pinterest, it is not even designed for any kind of conversation
With Google+, it is already decommissioned

3 – Laser targeted traffic

With Facebook you can get tons of traffic
In every niche even very small niches

You can ask for women interested in Knitting Canva
And over 50 and they all have kids

The above did not happen by chance
People go to Facebook to enjoy connecting to their friends and family

They work on their profiles to provide all kinds of data
Which you can use later to filter out your audience on whom should see your Ads

4 – Low cost

You can start advertising your business for free
By creating Facebook page for your business

Even if you pay for promotion
You still have the budget to pay $1 per day

Not like Google AdWords where you are always on
Competitive edge to bring traffic to your website
Then you have to increase the bid to take it from other advertisers like you

Brittany Ann in her eBook discusses
Why Facebook’s declining reach algorithm is a good thing
For both users like you and brands

She talks about if advertising on Facebook is suitable for you

Section two about getting started in Facebook
Where she starts to talk about your big goals with
What you want to accomplish when you plan your Facebook page (This section will explain why you failed to generate free Facebook followers on your Facebook page)

Then she covers what makes your Facebook page unique and
Walks with you on setting your fan page up for success
With few key tips you don’t want to miss like

  1. Your profile picture: Make sure to use a picture of you not a logo or symbol as People use Facebook to connect with their friends and family so when you show up, they want to see a real live person
  2. Your About section: Make sure to fill out all the information and keep it accurate
  3. Country restrictions: Ban Chile, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka where you are more likely get fake likes from click farms
  4. Similar page suggestions: Make sure your page is included, this will make Facebook recommend your page to new fans
  5. And many more…

What is next

Brittany Ann moves to next topic on
how to get your fans engaged as she advises you to
stop thinking of Facebook as a marketing platform

Like using controversial, friendly tone and leave all the sales junk out
Write about normal things people talk about

Brittany Ann moves to section three in her eBook
About posting basics where she starts with
How to spot amazing content and where to find them
With easy content sharing tricks that will save you hours on Facebook

How often should you post and
When to post so your fans can actually see it
Also how to create an editorial calendar

Section four is about how to get the right people to like your Facebook page
Where Brittany Ann lists 15 easy ways to get more Facebook fans

Beside that she reveals the one can’t miss trick
That can easily score you hundreds of new Facebook fans

She also covers the bad practice that is killing your engagement (actually I didn’t know it until I read this eBook) which is never ever join Facebook groups asking for like for like as it will destroy your engagement, why?

Facebook determines how many people to show your posts to
Based on how your readers react to them

These people don’t really remember you
They will not react to your Facebook page even when Facebook shows your posts on their news feed

Facebook determines how many people to show your posts to based on their reactions
If you get 5 likes out of 10 people
Facebook will continue displaying your posts to more people

Eventually you will not get any likes or luckily few likes
Assuming these people who contributed in the like for like
Very few of them are interested in your posts

In the end

Brittany Ann moves to section five on how to get Facebook to show your posts to people
How Facebook reach works and how you can make it work for you

She talks about Facebook algorithm which is called
EdgeRank to determine which of your fans are likely to like, comment and share your posts

Then she talks about how to get your fans to like, comment, click and share

Also the three reasons why your fans won’t share your articles

At the end of this section, Brittany shows how to do the share for share
Without hurting your Facebook page and
How to ask questions people can’t help but respond to

Finally the one simple trick to give your posts a quick boost

Brittany Ann last part, section six about bonus tips and tricks
Where she covers mistakes that can be made when taking shortcuts

Like many bloggers take shortcuts by setting their blog posts to auto-publish to Facebook, why? (She explains 3 reasons)

Same goes with Twitter and Pinterest

Also this amazing 12+ words that kill your Facebook reach and
The one sneaky trick to get people interacting

Brittany Ann - Strategies Worth Sharing

Final words, Brittany Ann Strategies Worth Sharing eBook is really a must have eBook

If you are serious about building your Facebook page to bring you tons of traffic

Brittany Ann delivers more than what you will pay in this eBook

You learn from a page owner who has more than 151,000 subscribers

She delivered more than what she promised

Finally if you discovered how to get free Facebook followers on your page, please share it with others using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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