Dramatically Increase The Quality of Your Life

tips for a better quality of life

When I consistently follow these 6 tips my mind instantly feels more calm, my life feels more organized, and everything seems to go a lot smoother.

Even better? All of these tips are completely free, and quick. No special equipment needed to start having a dramatically increased quality of life today.


How to Have an Instantly Better Quality of Life…

At the beginning of the day

1. Wake up 10 minutes early – Not having to rush around in the morning makes such difference.

2. Make your bed – Set the stage for a more organized day by doing this simple task of straightening out your blankets and pillows.

3. Create a “To-Do” list – Having a plan for the day will keep you on task and will increase the likelihood of actually getting done what you need to.


At the end of the day

4. Pack your lunch for the next day – Another way to avoid that rushed morning chaos and have a calmer start to the day.

5. Take 5 minutes to clear random clutter – Putting away those loose papers and misplaced items doesn't take long if you stay on top of it.

6. Jot down at least 3 things you're grateful for – Even on the crappiest of days being able to seek out what's actually going okay helps to keep things in perspective and helps you savor the good days and moments that much more.

Bonus Tip – Marry the right person. If you have a generally optimistic attitude and then find yourself thinking (because of your optimistic attitude) that your partner will not always be such a downer, then you're just in denial. Marry someone who has the same level of happiness and same outlook on life as you. It's easy to want to hope that they'll change and come around to the “bright-side” but there is an extremely high possibility that they'll never change (even if they give you glimpses of hope here and there). Miserable people like to stay miserable because that's where they are the most comfortable, and they'll do everything they can to make you miserable along with them. You deserve better. Marry someone who's happy, and someone who you deep-down believe is a “good person”. On your wedding day look at yourself in the mirror and if you feel deep-down in the gut of your soul that you're doing the right thing and marrying the right person than that's great! You're doing the right thing! If you have any doubt or if the thought, “He/She is an a$$hole!” has run through your head in the past week or month, don't do it (they are an a$$hole! Listen to that little voice)! This is quality of life issues we're talking about. If you're worried about all the money you have already spent on the wedding, that will pale in comparison to how much grief you'll be put through living with a pessimist, how much of a struggle life with that pessimist will be, how much time you'll waste with them, and then there's the cost of the actual divorce. Get out as early as possible. Marry the right person.


What free things do you do that help you have a better quality of life?

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