Burned Out At Work? Increase Your Productivity With These 13 Things

Some days we just can't get around to doing much no matter how hard we try. We feel frustrated because, due to our productivity levels, we can't achieve set goals. And if you find yourself in such a position, you're not alone.

In most cases, it has nothing to do with laziness and more to do with fully maximizing time and effectiveness, employing tactics that are proven to work, and working with the right products.

Yes, there are a lot of tools designed to help deal with this. @heyeaslo asked on Twitter, “What is one purchase that makes you more productive?”

Twitter has responded, users listing their favorite purchases that helped their work life. Here's 13 of them:

1. A Good Pen and Fresh Notebook

Of course, nothing beats the good ol' traditional methods.

According to experts, this traditional method of learning and recording has a lot of advantages when it comes to productivity. It improves memory and builds imagination.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly has proven an effective tool, not just for writers and college students working on research papers, but for everyone. It helps polish your text and provide structure to your written thoughts.

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing doesn't make you lazy. In fact, it only means you're selective on what you allow to take up your time and helps you achieve more.

“Cooking, cleaning, laundry all have been outsourced. I intend to get an alarm clock now to disengage from my phone and mindless browsing, inshallah,” @NoorjehanArif said.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many users commented noise cancelling headphones as a major boost to their productivity levels. “Understated productivity hack,” @KnowEmque tweeted.

Someone else said, “If I’m focusing on something else it blocks out the noise and if I’m listening to a podcast I tend to focus more on the content compared to when it’s on a speaker or something.”

5. A Quality Laptop

One twitter user wrote: “Having a reliable and powerful laptop can help you be more productive in your work and maximize your output, especially if you often have to work out of the office.”

6. Blue Light Frames

“Blue light can be eliminated by up to 90 percent, which significantly reduces eye fatigue, blurriness, dryness, and premature aging. Plus, you'll sleep better and deeper at night with less blue light,' @SagarSatchit said.

I can testify!

7. Laptop Table

A good laptop table is just as important as a good laptop.

“It prevents a lot of neck pain and I found it pretty helpful in productivity,” @itshritikpanda said.

8. Productivity Journal

@Wolfganghere said, “Ideas in your head are great but when you write them down, that is when you actually materialize them and are able to act upon them rather than just living through what life throws at you, you get to dictate it!”

9. An Organizer Pouch

“Handy place to keep pens, necessary cables, tech bits and bobs and a few medications for when you need them,” @Sam_DuncanB said, endorsing an organizer pouch from @Bellroy.

“No joke saves me at least 5 minutes per day of rummaging through my bag/house for stuff I need.”

10. An Extra Monitor

Get in here, tech geeks.

“Working on the laptop is great for mobility, but coding and building UIs on a bigger monitor is a game-changer,” @MarcelCruz posted.

11. Whoop

As you try to hit those goals, let's not forget how important sleep and quality rest is to your wellbeing.

“Others have mentioned, but @whoop for sure. Optimizing sleep and recovery has been so key,” someone said.

12. YouTube Premium Subscription

My college mates often joke that they learn more on YouTube than in classrooms. @aneesmerchant said, “I leveraged YouTube for a lot of learning and ads being out of it helps me to stay focus.”

13. NotionHQ

Notion was also listed as one of the most productive apps as it helps to schedule, organize, plan day to day activities, set reminders, and do so much more, all geared towards helping you achieve your goals.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.