Prepare Your Pocket: Infla-dating Is Here

In the world of slang and slangy dating, the latest portmanteau word is infla-dating. We have the dating app Plenty of Fish to thank.

In a recent survey, PoF found that due to the general increase in the price of goods and services, such as food, drink, transportation, clothing, and housing GenZs are prioritizing more budget-friendly dates.

Of 8,000 respondents, 48% of single millennials and Gen Zers advocated for cheaper date options.

The Zoosk team examined the price of a date in the US as of May 2021. The average cost of a date is $97.67. This estimate might be higher if we take into account 2022's high record for inflation and consumer prices. As the rising cost of living causes budgets to tighten, it's understandable that more singles may seek out frugal alternatives to meet potential partners.

What Infla-dating Is

The goal of infla-dating is to save cash and reduce dating spending to help fight against rising prices.

According to Melissa Stone, an in-house relationship expert for Joy Love Dolls, the term is a relatively new concept, but many people will already be familiar with finding cheaper date ideas. But now, it is becoming increasingly popular and is gaining more attention in the dating scene.

The Bright Side of Infla-dating

It shouldn't matter how much a date costs. What matters is making real connections. Stone notes that Infla-dating has many positives. “It can provide you with the perfect opportunity to get to know someone on a deeper level while having fun and saving money,” she says.

According to Stone, infla-dating will encourage people to be more creative and thoughtful when planning dates, allowing them to create deeper and more meaningful relationships. With the right mindset, Stone thinks dating can still be a fun and enjoyable experience without having to break the bank.

“Simple dates like a picnic in the park, a game night at home, or even a walk, can be just as enjoyable as going out to a restaurant or show,” she suggested. “Plus, these kinds of dates can allow for more meaningful conversations and create better connections.”

Making Infla-dating Worthwhile

Stone’s best tips for saving on dating would be to find activities you both hold a common interest in and do not require a lot of money. For example, “playing board games, or having a movie night marathon of your favorite films at home are all great options.” Stone also recommends checking Groupon for deals on meals or activities.

She advises thinking outside the box and getting creative with your date ideas, emphasizing that infa-dating is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your date with less financial obligation. You can show your date that you're really paying attention and listening to them by planning a date that incorporates their hobbies and interests. From cooking their favorite meal at home to starting something new such as painting, there are endless possibilities to make your date truly special. What better way to show that you understand them and what they really like to do?

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