Insane Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Its main line of work is in the ecommerce world.

Their main source of income is a program that is commonly known as Amazon FBA.

This is a fulfillment program where Amazon helps sellers store, package, transport and deliver products to final consumers.

This program has made the company a lot of money.

With the increase in online stores, Amazon FBA network is an asset to ecommerce businesses.

There are many people that want to start their businesses using the Amazon FBA program.

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However, they lack the experience and knowledge to run their businesses successfully on the Amazon FBA program.

There are a lot of people that can teach you how to become successful using this program.

The courses offered for Amazon FBA are numerous.

Since I’m interested in joining the Amazon FBA program, I did some research to find a suitable course.

In my search, I came across one dubbed, “Insane Master FBA”.


What is Insane Master FBA?

Insane Master FBA commonly known as Master FBA is a course that teaches you how to find your winning product and promote it so that you can scale up your Amazon FBA business.

It is taught by Tom Wang. Just like many other tutors online, Tom Wang is a successful Amazon entrepreneur.


Who is Tom Wang?

Tom Wang is the proprietor of the Insane Master FBA course.

He is an experienced entrepreneur using the Amazon FBA system. He sold one of his businesses called Sdara Skincare for skincare products for an undisclosed figure.


A small background check came up with these facts.

Tom Wang is an entrepreneur, mentor, YouTube and podcast host.

He is a serial entrepreneur based out of Vancouver, Canada.

He also has a software that he uses to on his FBA program.


What is taught in the Insane Master FBA?

The course takes you through 11 different chapters filled with over 300+ videos and learning material.

They are listed in the order below;

1. Welcome and setup & amazon success stories.

This is the introductory section of the course.

You will be told some success stories that are engraved in Amazon FBA.

You are also shown how to setup your Amazon account and your FBA account.


2. Chapter 1.

This section shows you how to find your first winning product using the FBA masterclass helium 10 mini course.

The podcasts were used to create a playlist that can be added to your video content.

You can also get access to the podcast when you log on to his website at

The playlist is called The Tom Wang show.


3. Chapter 2.

This chapter covers sourcing of products, negotiations with suppliers and logistics.

These suppliers will greatly determine the products you get to deliver to your final consumer.

Therefore, you must select them with absolute care.

Having good products is important but the quality and consistency of delivery is greatly affected by the supplier you choose to buy from.

In this module, you are shown strategies that you can use to avoid dodgy dealers.

You also learn the failsafe shipping strategy that will show you how to save money and add value to your shipping process.


4. Chapter 3.

This section covers building the foundations for launch. Here, you focus on the important aspects of launching your Amazon FBA business.

For example, your stock levels, branding for your products, prices set for your product.

You move from the planning stage to implementation with the help of Tom Wang.

He walks you through this step with a comprehensive explanation through a video tutorial.


5. Chapter 4.

This section covers the things you must do to get reviews on Amazon before you start ranking. Amazon algorithm favors businesses with better reviews on the website.

Tom Wang teaches you how to get good reviews from your customers.


6. Chapter 5

In this chapter, you learn how to set up communication tools for your business.

To have a successful business, you must be able to communicate efficiently with your customers.

You can use a chat bot or a normal responder communication channel.


7. Chapter 6

Here, you get to learn how to use seller tools on Amazon.

Previously, Amazon did not have any tools that would optimize a seller’s store.

At the moment, you have so many tools that you can use for example listing optimization and SEO which you can use to find sellers on your site.


8. Chapter 7

In this chapter, you are taught the importance of advertising your store on your social media handles.

In addition to that, you can create ads that can be distributed on all social media platforms including Facebook.


9. Chapter 8

In this section, you are introduced to (PPC) pay per click.

A definition by on Google describes PPC as an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked.

Amazon has pay per click ads on the platform of all the sellers that have an ecommerce business with them.

You can also utilize this opportunity to make money using the site.

You are shown how you can earn using this skill.


10. Chapter 9

In this chapter, Insane Master FBA elaborates on how to maintain and scale your Amazon FBA business.

With a mentor like Tom Wang, you have the opportunity to learn from the very best.

He will give you advice on how to grow your Amazon FBA business to a level of acquisition of scaling just like other large ecommerce businesses.


11. Chapter 10

In this section, you cover the aspect of financing your Amazon FBA business.

Finance can be a tough attribute to businesses. Tom Wang teaches you how to manage your cash flows such that you do not get unnecessary interruption in your regular work schedule.

So long as you keep making payments to your suppliers and all relevant parties, your business will keep running smoothly and customers get what they want.


12. Chapter 11

This is the last part of the Insane Master FBA course.

Here, you cover everything else that is not mentioned in the previous chapters.

In some cases, by the time you reach this point, you might have hit $5k+ in sales that is if you started your business as early as you could.

At this point, you get access to more resources, coaching calls and bonus training material to help you deal with this milestone.

The good thing is that your bonuses do not end with completion of the course.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the payment you make for the course is for a lifetime.


How much does Insane Master FBA cost?

Insane Master FBA is quite expensive. At the time I write this article, it is priced at $6997.

This is a hefty price that you may take some time to earn back.

The course is valuable when you consider the positive reviews that you find online.

But you can put $7000 dollars to good use somewhere else.



Pros of Insane Master FBA.

1. Learn how to set up your own Amazon FBA business.

The course introduces you to the necessary steps you have to follow to set up your Amazon FBA system.


2. Simple and easy way to learn about Amazon FBA.

The course is set up in the easiest format for you to learn all about Amazon FBA.

When you buy the course, you have access to numerous videos and lessons given to you by Tom Wang himself.

The course follows the necessary steps for you to understand and learn how to make money using Amazon FBA.


3. Helps you to find your winning product.

The course gives you a basic outline on how to find a product that very few others are focusing on.

You are introduced to the method Tom Wang used to find his product.


4. Relevant strategies.

Basing on the reviews by students, you must know that the strategies taught in the course are up to date and they help to get a foot hold in the industry.

Since you are joining an already congested group, it is important that you utilize the best tools to make you some money.


Cons of Insane Master FBA

It is too expensive. The course is very expensive for anyone that wants to do with Amazon FBA.

You need to have almost $10000 with $6997 taken up in the course itself.

It would leave you with $3000 that you would use to stock up.

There is no assurance of earnings which makes it impossible for you to get a reasonable return on investment.



If you are to join this program, you must have a lot of money.

The price is set unreasonably high for someone looking to start a business using the amazon program.

In most cases, I would encourage you to look for other alternatives to make money.

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However, if you are hell bent on starting an ecommerce business using Amazon FBA, then this is the best way for you to learn.

This course has a lot of positive reviews from students all over the internet.

Here are some of the success stories from his students on YouTube.



This could only mean that there is a lot of value for the money you will invest in the course.



Conclusion: Insane Review – Is it Legit?

I do not recommend this program mainly because of the price.

The price is too high.  If you are to start up a business, you have to reduce unnecessary costs like these ones. I mean $6997 is too high a price.

Aside from that, the course works because you will find a lot of positive reviews regarding what students of the course are getting from master FBA.

If you have enough money (above $10k), you can start with this course.

If you do not have enough money, you should find an alternative to this course.

And the best alternative I recommend to all my readers is the Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a great program that will help you learn everything you need to know about building passive income streams online.

And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a single penny, Nada!! Not a single join.

It is free to join. No Credit Card required.

You can sign up for a free account here.