The World Reacts to an Insane Car Wreck Video

The great American interstate can be a hazardous experience. I had the ‘pleasure' of driving on the I-5 in Los Angeles once —I have never felt less safe on a road, especially when trying to merge or exit! When I saw this video, my L.A. nightmare was fresh in my mind. However, this crash happened on Route 440 in New Jersey and wasn't caused by reckless driving. 

A Good Advert For Tesla

This is clearly a great ad for Tesla – and fitting that the young Tesla owner posted the video on Tesla's owner's social media platform! Tesla's autopilot control dodged the tire, while the driver dodged his potential end.

Rogue Tires

In the video, a wheel suddenly detaches from one vehicle, sending a nearby SUV 50 feet into the air before flipping onto its roof. This is the stuff of motorists' nightmares. Thankfully, the driver — an off-duty cop — walked away unharmed.

Please Don't Hit Her

Off-duty officer John Rice (no relation) told national media that his wife and kids were in a different car ahead of him on the freeway. He reports only thinking of their safety at the time. “Please don't hit her,” is all he remembers saying. Thank God the tire missed the car in front and didn't touch anyone else. 

When It Rains…

For some, this kind of thing surely only happens when your luck is out. Then again, he did walk away and is unlikely to ever face such a wreck again. Who is unlucky in this situation?

Who Is Liable?

A legal discussion is still ticking along too. Some drivers with similar experiences worry that the liable truck's insurance won't cover the victim's medical bills. There must be some lawyers licking their lips at this event.

Modern Cars Are Too Light

An interesting angle poses questions about the weight of modern cars in general. With performance and economy strong selling points, the reduced weight caused this catastrophe.

Can We Have That Video for Free?

Interestingly, news media groups are falling over each other to get an interview with the driver who recorded the vid. However, the backlash they are getting for not offering payment is hilarious.

Wheel Debates

Arguments are still flying about what caused the accident. Wheel experts agree that wheel spacers (which are illegal in many states). A wheel spacer lifts the truck above the normal height, though this can be treacherous – and this is a case in point.

Shocking Negligence

Another knowledgeable mechanic concurs that something is not right with those wheels.

We can only pray that the truck owner's insurance will pay out enough to cover Mr. Rice's damages. Walking away from a car wreck puts life into perspective, and failing a full award of damages, I am sure crowdfunding may be a solution. Until then, stay safe on the roads and look out for rogue wheels!


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