Instagram Follow Unfollow – How To Do It Properly (Ultimate Guide)

Instagram has recently become one of the top social media networking site

Facebook bought it in 2012 after original owners sold it for 1 billion

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People started paying attention on how to get free Instagram followers

Instagram Follow Unfollow

They found so many ways to do that where Instagram follow unfollow is one of the traditional technique

That's what I will discuss below in details

What is Instagram

Instagram is a visual social media site

Actually a complete 100% visual platform which enables sharing photos and videos

It is different from Facebook and Pinterest

Where Facebook shares text, photos and videos

While Instagram only allows sharing photos and videos with your followers

Why users want to gain followers on Instagram

The more number of followers on Instagram the more exposure to your content

All of this without having to spend any dollars

In my personal opinion, you have to be passionate about using Instagram

Taking new pictures of yourself or even for places you like to visit

Celebrities they don't put effort to gain followers

But I found regular users will need some effort like exposing their skin for girls or guys

Sharing their cute little animals or have a sense of humor with funny quotes

What Is the Instagram Follow Unfollow Method

Instgram follow unfollow is a very basic technique

Nobody invented this technique

I thought about it when I first created my Instagram account

But then I found it is an obvious habit by many Instagrammers

You start following tons of other Instagram accounts for the sole purpose of following you back

Then you wait for a couple of days and remove those Instagram accounts that don't follow you back

The limit for following Instagram accounts per day is 200 with 10 accounts per hour

This makes the Instagram follow unfollow to be tedious and time consuming

Leaving no space for human intervention to carry this task

Instagram Common Mistakes For the Follow Unfollow

Below I will list few common mistakes for the Instagram follow unfollow method

1- You have to invest in third party app to carry the follow unfollow method on Instagram

As you cannot stay 24×7 on Instagram doing it manually

I started manually then realized based on the limitation following 10 accounts per hour

It is impossible to do it manually

I found FollowMeter to be one of the best tool to do that for you

Instagram follow unfollow technique

2- You think you are building your followers but you are wrong

They can be a followers but not your typical type of audience

You can avoid following random profiles

But you can be specific and follow accounts in related niches

This will help build a great audience

3- You cannot rely solely on following and unfollowing accounts on your Instagram accounts

It cannot be the only technique for building your followers

All Instagram users can realize it easily

As it doesn't make sense to have 3 photos and 4 digits or more of followers

Even if you have the best stunning photos

But with few activities on your Instagram account won't build your audience

You have to engage on the Instagram platform by investing some time

Or hire someone or third party service to do that for you

Does Instagram Technique For the Follow Unfollow Still Valid

Yes it is still a valid technique

As long as you stick to the 10 followers per hour with 200 followers in any day

I am not sure about this statement whether it is accurate

But Instagram is always on the rise to apply certain algorithm to detect all accounts that apply the follow unfollow technique

You are definitely jeopardizing your Instagram account and they will close your account

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