Who’s Afraid of The Instant Pot?

Who’s Afraid of The Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is a newer kitchen appliance that home chefs everywhere are falling in love with. However, according to a recent study by Corrie Cooks, of 1108 Instant Pot users questioned, approximately 70% were afraid to use their Instant Pot at first.

This raises an excellent question. How many people haven't even tried using an Instant Pot due to fear?

This electric pressure cooker can cook food like meat, sauce, yogurt, rice, pasta, and even dried beans in less time than cleaning your kitchen after a home-cooked meal. Those who have experienced the speed and ease with which you can make an entire meal using an Instant Pot know precisely how simple to use this revolutionary kitchen appliance is.

Unfortunately, that is only the case for some. Many people hesitate to use their Instant Pot the first time, thinking it might explode from the pressure once the lid is locked. While this fear is completely understandable, it's also unnecessary if you carefully follow the instructions and use your Instant Pot correctly.

Learn more about these innovative kitchen appliances and how safe they are so you can start cooking with ease.

How Often Does The Average American Use Their Instant Pot?

To decide whether an Instant Pot is worth conquering your fear, it's important to weigh that risk against the reward.

The Instant Pot has multiple functions allowing you to cook food in a variety of ways. You can saute, air fry, slow cook, and pressure cook all in one convenient appliance. It also uses less oil for cooking, making your meals healthier and less greasy than other cooking methods.

Once the novelty of the Instant Pot has worn off though, is it just another trendy kitchen gadget, or will the Instant Pot change your life?

According to the study, less than 5% of Instant Pot owners cook with it daily, while only 5% claim to use it rarely, meaning it's just sitting around taking up valuable shelf or counter space. However, over 60% said they use it several times weekly. That said, even the ones who use it rarely love using it for hosting big dinners and parties. The additional functionality you get in an Instant Pot and the time you save preparing food make it a favorite amongst home cooks and those who love entertaining.

How Many Instant Pots Do We Actually Need?

Many different variables can impact this answer. The size of your family, the size of the instant pot, and how often you use it, for instance, can all dictate whether you would make good use of 2 or more Instant Pots.

For a family of 4 or 5, you probably won't need more than one Instant Pot. More than 75% of those asked in the study agree that one Instant Pot is enough. Since they come in various quart sizes, you can make larger or smaller portions of a recipe.

However, getting a second Instant Pot might be worthwhile if you have a larger family or if you are using one pot to make multiple Instant Pot Recipes each day.

Additionally, a second Instant Pot can come in handy during the holidays or for special events when you make big meals for larger groups. These Instant Pots can be good backups to lean on when your oven and stove are occupied and there are more dishes to cook.

Who Is Afraid of Using Their Instant Pot?

Those who have never used an Instant Pot fear it could explode under pressure once the lid is locked. Even though this Instant Pot fear is wholly understandable and shared by many, the danger of using an Instant Pot has absolutely nothing to do with pressure cooking at all.

In fact, the most significant threat in using an Instant Pot is keeping one's face out of the steam when opening the lid to avoid severe burns.

Like all kitchen appliances, there is some danger in incorrectly using an Instant Pot, just like there is danger in misusing knives, ovens, and microwaves in the kitchen. However, you can easily avoid these dangers with common sense and care. So, just like you wouldn't be too scared of knives to keep you from chopping, there is no reason to let your fear stop you from using your Instant Pot.

The key to not being scared of your Instant Pot is thoroughly understanding how to use it and precisely what all those buttons do. Simply take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

There will be a learning curve as you navigate through the various functions your Instant Pot offers. The manual will teach you about slow cooking, air frying, and pressure cooking, to name a few. The more you sit and study the manual, the more you will notice your Instant Pot fear dissipating while your excitement to try new delicious recipes grows.

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Author: Corrie Cooks


Corrie is the founder of Corrie Cooks, where he shares 1000+ Instant Pot recipes, air fryer recipes and cooking guides. He is obsessed with all things food, and has never gone a day without cooking something in the Instant Pot.