Intellifluence Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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The movement to the digital world has ensured that most business activities are done online including studies, research and marketing.

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of internet users has risen tenfold with social media platforms taking the biggest percentage.

This unprecedented growth has led to an increase in online adverts to increase brand awareness amongst internet users.

Finding the right kind of influencer for your platform can be hard.

The process is simplified by checking out influencer market places like Intellifluence.

In this article, we shall cover the important aspects of how this platform works, what it does for the online community, the prices paid for subscriptions by brands and how the influencers handle their work.


What is Intellifluence?


Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform that facilitates collaboration between brands and influencers.

According to the website, the influencers here join on their own making them dedicated to their clients.

You can access the platform using the internet by visiting their homepage or through an application available on the App store and Google play.


Who created Intellifluence?

Intellifluence was founded by Joe Sinkwitz and Terry Godier.

They are both experts in their field. Joe has worked for over 20 years in SEO guiding several companies to successful marketing campaigns.

Terry is an experienced SEO and web developer with experience in search related problems, pay per click management, conversion optimization and site analytics.

They have a team of people that help them and it includes:

  • Erik Kaufman – Product strategist
  • Jonathan Kuster – Director of enthusiasm
  • Thomas Berbner – Head of growth marketing
  • Andrew Evans – Communication strategist
  • Sammi Digan – Customer support


Features of Intellifluence

Using this platform introduces you to a lot of unique features in a single place.

The features below make it outstanding as an influencer marketing platform.

1. Real influencers.

When you acquire a contract to market with the platform, you shall get access to influencers that are dedicated to their jobs.

There are over 100,000+ creators and influencers employed on the platform.

This makes it a good place for you to find a marketer.


2. No long-term contracts.

The platform does not allow for any long-term contracts of marketing.

They are subject to a lot of changes in time and money that makes them unreliable in the eyes of the marketers.

To avoid the money issues that could arise with having a contract, you (the brand) are tasked with uploading a short-term assignment allowed to facilitate short term payments to those working on the assignment.


3. Amazing ROI.

Most of the influencers on the platform have a large social media following starting at a measly 8k to over 185k followers.

This means that their particular engagement rate is relatively high to match their following. This ensures that you get a large return on your investment.

You can also filter the influencers by blog and SEO metrics and niche.


4. An all-in-one solution platform.

Unlike similar platforms, the platform integrates a payment system, influencer discovery and messaging tools built into the system and online platform.

This improves usability as brands and influencers alike do not have to look for other tools so they can integrate and fully utilize Intellifluence.


Other features include:

  • Internal payments to avoid influencer fraud
  • Influencer pricing guidance
  • Campaign wizard for easy setup.
  • Dedicated account manager for advanced plan subscribers.


Get Started With Intellifluence


What social media platforms are accepted for use on Intellifluence?

For you to sign up with the platform, you must have at least 8,000 followers on any of the accounts listed below:

  • Facebook (profile and pages)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • Reddit


The platform also supports other forums like

  • Market place reviews
  • Blogs
  • IOS and Google play
  • Podcasts
  • Sound cloud


How does Intellifluence work?

The platform has to work with influencers and brands.

As such, there is Intellifluence for brands and Intellifluence for influencers.

1. Intellifluence for brands.


Intellifluence for brands has a free option and three paid packages.

The paid packages have extensive features to help you get the best out of the platform.

You have to sign up with the platform and create an account.

After creating an account, you have to select a plan so that you can get started.

With a plan, you shall be promoted to create an initial campaign.

Keep in mind that the features are better accessed with a paid up plan.

The intuitive campaign wizard makes it easy to choose a specific campaign goal and create an effective campaign.


The campaign goals can include:

a) Social Shares.

This is done by creators to grow an existing social media post through retweeting, sharing, liking, commenting etc.


b) Social Engagement.

Creators can engage with an existing social media post of your brand.

This is done through commenting, liking, retweeting etc.


c) Social Review.

Creators are tasked with contributing a unique review of your product or service.

This can be uploaded on your social accounts or the accounts of the influencers.


d) Blog Review.

This review is made by bloggers from Intellifluence.

Their expertise ensures that you get the best quality reviews.


e) Video Review.

Here, you are expected to make use of Vlog influencers, YouTube influencers and personalities etc. to get an in-depth video review.


f) Marketplace Review.


Here, influencers make use of marketplaces like IOS, Google Play etc. to get better reviews.


g) Custom Campaign.

This covers a personal goal that does not fit in with those mentioned above.

This means that you can tailor a campaign goal that suits your needs.

After you have completed the campaign wizard creation process, you can proceed to specify the network you want to target, the work required of the influencer, the compensation you are willing to offer and whether you want the campaign to be public or private.

You can also alter the type of audiences you want to reach out to basing on location and size more specifically geographical areas.

A public campaign will appear in the marketplace so that candidates that meet your criteria can apply to be a part of your campaign.

You also have the option of allowing the platform to syndicate for you by reaching out to outside sources to increase visibility.

I think you should take advantage of this feature too.

That way, you can get a good deal since the sources are used and thus verified by the platform.

In addition, if you pay for the advanced plan, all of these activities shall be done by a dedicated account manager.

The platform also has a discover tool that helps you find quality candidates that meet your campaign requirements.

When you are ready to work with a creator, you can send them a pitch suggesting how to run the campaign.

[mailerlite_form form_id=1]


You can also modify the pitch if you intend on sharing it with different influencers.

When a creator or influencer accepts your pitch, you are left with finalizing the other steps to finalize the transactions.

You have the support team at your disposal if you ever encounter a problem.

Keep in mind that the platform charges you a nominal fee as a cash percentage of your cash compensation to influencers outside the subscription fee paid.

In addition, you can fund your campaign by depositing funds to your Intellifluence account using your preferred form of payment.

The platform has a system in place dubbed the Intellifluence promise that protects all of your transactions.

After funding your campaign, you can pitch influencers basing on your available balance.

Sign Up For Intellifluence For Brands


2. Intellifluence for influencers.


Influencers that join Intellifluence do not pay any fees.

The money you are paid from your work is entirely yours to keep.

You can also be paid through free subscriptions or products.

Join Intellifluence For Influencers

To start working on the platform, you have to follow these steps:

a) Create an account for free

First step is to create an account for free. You have to enter your name, email address, location, interests and hobbies.

You are also asked load a public picture and 5 additional pictures.

You might also have to login and connect some of your social media platforms with your account.

They include Amazon, a personal blog, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter, Sound Cloud and YouTube.

You can also add payment information so that you can receive your money.

After submitting all of this information, you submit and confirm your email thus completing the account setup process.

Create A Free Account Here


b) Get immediate access to Intellifluence’s marketplace.

After completing the sign up process, you can proceed to the influencer marketplace.

Here, you shall find curated campaigns and offers from brands.

You can proceed to apply for these campaigns basing on your interests.

Brands can also send you pitches if they determine that you are a good fit for their campaign.


c) Apply to campaigns and complete them

When you select a brand you want to work with, you have to wait to see if your proposal is accepted.

As soon as it is accepted, you can start working on it.

You have to keep in mind that payments are finalized after you complete the assignments due to you.

You can also watch this video on how to get brand collaborations on Intellifluence.


d) Get free products and cash for your reviews

As you receive your payments, you might get a combination of both physical products and cash or one of the two.

Usually, the face value of the product is considered so you have the chance to receive your payment as a pair of shoes, a t-shirt or any other products.

In case you are paid in cash, you receive this money on your Intellifluence account so that the money is forwarded to your account.

I have made and still continue to make a decent amount of money from Intellifluence.

For instance the screenshot below is of a payment of $205 that I received from Intellifluence after working with a brand on a small campaign.

intellifluence payment proof


e) Complete transactions with confidence.

You can use the Intellifluence promise to your advantage.

This is designed to create a safe payment system for your earnings on the website.

This means that your payments are secured.


How much does Intellifluence cost?

The platform is free of charge for talent agencies, influencers and talent managers.

If you are a brand, you can use this platform for free or when you pay for any of the three subscription packages available on the website.

For the paid subscriptions, you can pay for an entire year or every month.

The packages are described in detail below:

a) Free package.

This is the most basic plan available to users on this platform.

You do not have to make any payments to use this package as it is entirely free of charge.

Some of its features include:

  • I active user
  • In-App messaging
  • Intellifluence payments
  • Brand aliases
  • Categorize influencers
  • Push notifications
  • Hassle-free tax accounting
  • Knowledge base
  • Friendly support

Try Intellifluence For Free


b) Starter package

This is the first paid subscription package on the platform.

When you choose to be billed monthly, you pay $99 per month.

However, for an annual program, you only pay $950 as opposed to the entire figure of $1,188.

This means that you are saving over 20% of the money you would have paid.

Its features include:

  • I active user
  • 3 active campaigns
  • 50 marketplace influencer applications
  • 50 influencer campaign pitches
  • 1-time campaign health check
  • Unlimited access to 8k influencer offers
  • Access to 185k influencers
  • Campaign wizard
  • Campaign drafts
  • Custom campaigns
  • Duplicate campaigns
  • Influencer discovery.
  • In-App messaging
  • Intellifluence payments
  • Brand aliases
  • Categorize influencers
  • Push notifications
  • Hassle-free tax accounting
  • Knowledge base
  • Friendly support


b) Regular package

This is the second subscription package available on the platform.

It costs you $249 per month and $2,390 per year.

You get to enjoy a 20% discount of the monthly charge if you pay annually.

The features on this package include:

  • 3 active users
  • 10 active campaigns
  • 100 marketplace influencer applications
  • 500 influencer campaign pitches
  • 2-time campaign health check
  • Unlimited access to 8k influencer offers
  • Access to 185k influencers
  • Campaign wizard
  • Campaign drafts
  • Custom campaigns
  • Duplicate campaigns
  • Influencer discovery.
  • In-App messaging
  • Intellifluence payments
  • Brand aliases
  • Categorize influencers
  • Push notifications
  • Hassle-free tax accounting
  • Knowledge base
  • Friendly support
  • Enhanced specialty targeting
  • Enhanced influencer targeting


c) Advanced package.

This is the last and most expensive program on this platform.

It costs you $599 per month and $5,750 per year.

This means that you get to save over 20% if you pay for annual access.

The account can also be managed by Intellifluence.

This package includes all of the features synonymous with the platform.

Its features include:

  • Unlimited active users
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Unlimited marketplace influencer applications
  • Unlimited influencer campaign pitches
  • Unlimited campaign health check
  • Unlimited access to 8k influencer offers
  • Access to 185k influencers
  • Campaign wizard
  • Campaign drafts
  • Custom campaigns
  • Duplicate campaigns
  • Influencer discovery.
  • In-App messaging
  • Intellifluence payments
  • Brand aliases
  • Categorize influencers
  • Push notifications
  • Hassle-free tax accounting
  • Knowledge base
  • Friendly support
  • Enhanced specialty targeting
  • Enhanced influencer targeting
  • Assisted campaign setup
  • Day to day campaign management
  • Multi-brand support
  • External client support
  • Transfer funds
  • Enhanced customer support
  • External client support.


Pros of Intellifluence

The platform has provided excellent services to both brands and influencers alike.

The benefits of using this platform include:

a) Free account setup.

For influencers, you can setup your account at no cost and you do not have to pay any fees to the platform for the work done.

For brands, you have the free package that introduces you to the most basic features the platform has to offer.

This indicates that everyone can sign up without any fees paid up front.

Sign Up For Intellifluence Here


b) Introduces buyers to sellers.

The platform serves as an open marketplace for both brands and influencers.

This means that you can interact actively with buyers and sellers so that you can get gigs.

This helps you to evaluate bids made by various influencers in order to determine the most favorable deal.


c) Safe payment system.

The Intellifluence promise is the safe payment system used by the users on this platform.

This ensures that you get your payments securely from the platform.

Influencers have no chance of missing out on their payments.


d) Covers all social media platforms.

The access to various social media platforms allows you to get to the audience you want. Platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and community forums including blogs and marketplaces.

This means that many influencers have the opportunity to use this platform to make extra money.

The brands also get access to the social media platforms that would improve their digital presence.


e) Active customer support.

The platform has a customer care service that stands to serve you 24/7.

They also have a knowledge base where most of the questions regarding the platform are answered by fellow influencers.

This ensures that even as a newbie you get all the help that you need.

You can also take advantage of the self-guided tour to learn more about the place.


Cons of Intellifluence

The only issue you can find with the platform is that the free trial is not available.

This means that there is no way to test out the entire sections of the program by the brands.

[mailerlite_form form_id=3]


This makes it hard for you to determine the usability of the program.

Other than this, there are no glaring issues that might raise concern for the platform’s users.

However, it would be much appreciated if the platform would at least give you a guarantee on the price paid for the subscriptions by brands.

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Conclusion: Intellifluence Review – Is it Legit?

I encourage you to sign up for this platform. It offers a great deal for brands that would like to market their company more.

You have access to a lot of features that make it easy to improve your social presence online.

This is also attributable to the fact that most of the influencers that work on this platform have the organic traffic you need as a brand.

The best attribute is that they engage with their followers to make sure that your idea reaches the very last consumer.

There is a system in place to provide the best services to influencers and to prevent the occurrence of influencer fraud.

This makes it appealing to everyone involved in marketing.

If you have any questions or concerns at all with this Intellifluence review feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of Intellifluence with your friends and family.