Top 10 International Travel Destinations for Summer

Top 10 International Travel Destinations for Summer

Now that the pandemic is finally slowing down and life, for the most part, is returning to normal, international travel is possible, and this summer is the perfect time to book your next getaway.

Whether you want a warm, tropical getaway or a lush European tour, now is the time to invest in self-care and take that vacation you’ve been planning since before COVID-19 came along. With summer finally heating up in most of the northern hemisphere, plans for summer vacations are warming up too. So let’s make sure you have plenty of places to choose from.

10) Barbados

This tropical paradise is open to international visitors. And while they are at level one and are exercising standard COVID precautions, there are some requirements international guests must follow to stay in the country.

Once you arrive on this gorgeous southernmost Caribbean island, you’ll greet the capital city of Bridgetown. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the culture of this island nation with its coastal waterways and lush greenery. Most transportation around the island is done by bus service, giving tourists plenty of time to snap memorable pictures.

If you’re in the mood for some exploration, visit the Shark’s Hole. It’s a small, intimate beach located on Barbados’ southeastern coast.

One perk of visiting this island is that they’re inviting visitors to stay for a year to experience the ultimate remote work staycation.

9) Bermuda

Before you arrive in this island territory, you’ll need to fill out an authorization form with your current vaccination status information. Once provided, you won’t have to complete further testing upon arrival.

If your vaccination status isn’t up-to-date, you’ll have several steps to complete to visit this British Overseas Territory. You can find all the necessary information here. And you might consider taking out travel insurance on the off chance you're not approved.

Depending on which route you choose, Bermuda’s Public Transportation will stop by all their parishes, giving you the perfect opportunity for shopping, eating, and catching those first-rate memories on camera.

If you’re ready for the busyness of a crowded city, visit the Town of St. George. This bustling town is the most visited place in Bermuda and will tell the tale of how Bermuda came to be after a nasty sea voyage shipwreck.

8) Bonaire

Most of the tourist travel in Bonaire is done by bus, like most tropical islands. This multi-stop system allows maximum exposure to capture great pictures and memorable experiences. Being able to stop on a whim and pick up where you left off the day before really adds to a trip itinerary.

If you’re the day-tripper sort, and especially if it’s your first visit, check out The Bonaire Shore Excursion. It highlights the wonder and beauty of Bonaire in a tasteful, fun trip that will surely be one for the history books of your life.

7) Brazil

One of the most visited places in Brazil is the city of Rio de Janeiro. With the beautiful Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and Christ the Redeemer, it is a bustling tourist stop.

Unlike other tourist states with large bus transportation networks, the best way to travel around Brazil is by air. Its advanced air network connects all Brazilian cities and is fast and easy to travel if your time is short.

6) Croatia

If you head to Croatia, don’t forget to visit Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. With convenient transportation around the city and numerous day trips, this budding tourist destination is a diamond in the rough of the Adriatic Sea inlet.

5) Ecuador

This South American country is home to the Galapagos Islands and the Andes Mountains and holds plenty of allure for tourists. Beautiful beaches, remote islands, and fantastic amenities make this a must-see if you decide on a vacation place.

If you want to learn about the incredibly vibrant history of Ecuador, visit Guayaquil. You’ll know just how Ecuador was settled with its museums and historical sites.

4) French Polynesia

French Polynesia, located in the south-central Pacific Ocean, comprises 118 small islands and atolls belonging to France. Culturally rich, with gorgeous beaches and pristine water, these islands offer plenty of attractions for the adventure seeker, culture lover, and ocean buff.

Rich foods, fine wines, and a deep love of their native culture give French Polynesia perfect attractions for the food critic and wine connoisseur in your group. Touring this beautiful paradise is a must-do for any traveler’s bucket list with so much to offer.

3) Grenada

Grenada is home to some of the prettiest waterfalls in the West Indies. Sitting at the southernmost tip of the Grenadine island chain, this beautiful island holds a mystique that can’t be denied despite more popular Caribbean islands.

Still, if you’re looking to book a vacation and want a low-key place, this is it. If you’re looking to tour the island on your own, running on ATVs makes the whole island accessible at your own pace. Of course, guided tours are also available if you prefer someone else to do the driving.

2) Montenegro

If you like lively nightlife and a crowded beach doesn’t deter you, Budva is the perfect place to tour on a trip to Montenegro. Food and fun are sure to await in this most popular Montenegro city. Given its 2500-year history, it is one of the oldest towns to border the Adriatic Sea, and if only for that, it’s worthy of a visit.

If history happens to be your thing, be sure to visit the Maric Brothers’ house, which was built in the secession style as a reflection of the new urban concept of Kolasin.

1) Senegal

Bordering the western coast of Africa, this beautiful nation almost surrounds The Gambia, a country that occupies a small strip of land not owned by Senegal. With plenty of museums, art centers, and historical places to visit, this country is worth a trip if you’re looking to book a vacation soon.

No matter where you take a vacation this summer, whether it’s a Caribbean island, a country on the Adriatic Sea, or even a country in Africa, there’s plenty for anyone seeking an adventure, to explore a different culture, or even invest a year abroad.

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