Internet Confused by Unexplained Branding Switch from ‘HBO Max’ to ‘Max’

HBO's online streaming service, known as HBO Max, is getting re-branded again today. They're dropping the “HBO,” so the streaming platform will be known simply as “Max” from here on out.

HBO originally named its streaming service HBO Now, but it changed to HBO Max in May 2020. Just three years later, the service chose to re-brand once more. Twitter users recently learned the news, sparking a conversation about the platform's name change.

Why, Just Why?

Most users on the thread crave clarification about HBO Max's sudden change in branding. While some speculate that the shift has something to do with the current writer's strike in Hollywood, others are baffled.

It's Still HBO Max to Many

Others claim that they think the name change is silly and pointless. The website will shift from to This makes the branding slightly more streamlined. However, they added a new tagline to their logo that says less in more words than their previous logo.

Before, the logo read, “HBO Max,” but now, with the branding change, the logo reads “Max: the One to Watch for HBO.” Still, the difference is insignificant to many. One user says, “I'm still going to call it HBO Max.”

Is Anything Else Changing?

This sudden shift caused many online users to wonder if HBO plans to change anything else, like their subscription tiers or pricing model.

Some claim the prices recently increased by one dollar per month for their Hulu-Max bundle. Others say the subscription tiers may be shifting. HBO announced that they're adding more content from Discovery to the platform, and they will offer a third subscription tier at a higher price point with more exclusive offers like more downloads and technological capabilities.

But mostly, people are cracking jokes like:

Is Max Too Generic?

While many believe the streaming service re-branded to streamline their brand, others believe “Max” is too generic of a name. Its customers and potential customers may confuse it with other brands who claimed the title Max years earlier.

Poking Fun of the Decision-Makers

Because this branding change is happening amid the Hollywood writers' strike, some users joke that HBO's decision to change the name is because the writers aren't showing up for work. Others directly criticize the marketing team for what they believe was a poor decision.

HBO's Brand is Well Established No Matter What

On the other side of the coin, some online respondents argue that this change won't negatively impact HBO. HBO has been a household name since the 1980s, and this slight change won't confuse its customers too much, some argue.

But What's the Point?

The bottom line is that the internet is confused about why this change in branding was necessary at all. They question the purpose, and most people come up blank.

Why do you think HBO decided to rename its popular streaming service?

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