Internship in Tokyo: How to Skyrocket Your Career While Traveling Abroad

Are you looking for internship in Tokyo? Well here is everything you need to know.


What is Internship?

Internship is a time when a college student works with an institution or company in line with their field of study to gain practical insight and experience in the concepts they studied in class by applying them or seeing them applied in the field.

Travelling abroad is almost always fun. It is a chance to live in new places and have new experiences.

People travel abroad for different reasons. These include studying, vacation; internship is also one of the miscellany.

Predominately, having new experiences comes on the top of the reasons for travelling for most people.

These novel experiences can be in the form of new work experience. Generally, internship is done from institutions and companies around one's country of study.

Having an internship abroad gives you that added value and advantage.


Why you should consider interning from abroad.

a) New Knowledge

Having an abroad internship experience gives you knowledge that can help you develop your career as you serve in your field in a new country.

Different countries have different ways of doing things. You could pick up new knowledge from your internship that could help you shape and redefine the industry back in your home country.

The employment market will always have a high demand for people who can add value.

By acquiring knowledge outside your country, an in your field, you become more valuable back home.


b) Curriculum Vitae

The C.V. is an important document that is almost always asked for when you are seeking employment.

Your curriculum vitae can speak volumes for you even before you ask for a job. The experience of having had internship from abroad can be a great addition to your curriculum vitae and could help you land that job you might have been eyeing for sometime.

In addition to the potential of your C.V to garner you that attention from employers, an internship abroad can be a great achievement.


c) Great Way to Spend Time

You could be bound to stay in abroad for a certain long period of time. The fact is, much as travel is in most cases exciting, it can sometimes turn out boring.

You may opt for spending your time profitably by having an internship to expand your knowledge.


d) Connection And Networking

Having an internship abroad is a great way to network and make connections in a new land. These connects could turn out to be of great help in your professional career.

And if you are good at making friends, you could make friends to provide you with all first hand information about the area and probably help you tour around during your free time.

Some companies actually offer certificates to interns after completion of internship.

This can be a good addition to your achievements folder.

By working in certain institutions, for example, you could get information about some available opportunities like study scholarships that you could not have known any other way.

For examples, those that are exclusively for people directly connected to a given organisation.


e) Landing a Job

In fact, for some interns, the internship opportunity is a journey of no return. It is not just to learn from the company.

They intern for their respective companies of placement while aiming to be retained as employees.

It is common knowledge that most organisations and companies seek to employ people with outstanding qualities like hard work, leadership, competence, diligence and many more in that line.

If you possess these and you are spotted as a competent person, you may be retained as an employee in the organisation.

Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to add value. You could intern in a country where you feel you can have impact and share with other professionals the knowledge you have acquired in your course in your home country.


f) Making Some Money

There are two kinds of internship; paid internship and unpaid internship. If you happen to land a paid internship, this can be an opportunity for you to make money while abroad.

As you are in the field, you gain the exposure that could help you get job opportunities as long as you are good in your field.


g) Citizenship

Internship will not directly grant you citizenship in a given country.  However, it can be a good way to build your credibility if you intend to apply for citizenship there.

By looking at your active participation and service in the country, your application gets more chances of approval.


h) Getting Above the Job Competition.

If you have a repertoire of internships you did from abroad, you stand higher chances of landing a job as compared to someone who has stayed in the sane country.

In most cases, it is not that easy to land internship especially in a new country where you are not a citizen.

This is partly because systems differ both in terms of the legal system that moderates internship and the academics.

However much it may be the same career, different countries have different modes of teaching the same course. Employers may thus prefer to take on interns from their own country.

Another reason is that in most cases, there are already interns seeking placements in the same entities.

Sometimes, security is prioritised and the paranoid fear of taking on someone from abroad could take root. Nonetheless, where there is a will, there is a way.

There are a number of ways through which you can secure yourself an internship placement abroad.

This article gives you all the information you need for this. It should be noted that different countries have different policies governing internship.

For example, notable is Indonesia where interns are not paid due to the strict immigration policy and laws from the Department of Labour Laws and Regulations.

However, interns here may get lunch and transport allowances. You should take on the kind of internship best suited for your goals.


How to Get an Internship Placement Abroad

a) Websites

The internet brings you almost every information you need. You can land yourself an internship placement by browsing through websites like ‘Welcome to the jungle’, ‘Pay your intern', ‘LinkedIn', ‘Indeed', ‘Aiesec', ‘Youth Hop’ and Glassdoor.

There are many other websites. You can also land internships opportunities from websites that majorly advertise job opportunities.

For some projects, companies many opt to take on interns.

Securing an internship through this method requires some bit of extra effort on your part. The calls for applications are seen by many people all around the world.

For top companies, the competition among applicants can turn out to be really stiff. Therefore, the more, the better.

It is advisable that per day you send out at least two emails to different companies to increase on your chances on landing on an internship opportunity.

Some companies do not call out for interns. In case you feel you can add something to the company, give it a shot and send in an email highlighting that you would love to intern with them.

Send in your email with all the accompanying documents and if you don't get a reply, you can make a follow-up.


b) Internship Facebook Groups

Facebook is a platform for all sorts of connections and networking. There are many groups specifically where internship opportunities are posted.

The alternative in this method is to make a post in the group, highlighting your field, qualifications, intended duration of internship and any other important information.

A member in the group could connect you to the opportunity you have been looking for. They could even be the Chief Executive Officer of the company you are interested in.

A Facebook search can even lead you to WhatsApp group links to WhatsApp group where you can directly access internship opportunity messages.


c) Talk to People

This means literally. Speak out to different people you know and meet about the opportunities you are seeking.

It can so happen that the person you speak to knows someone that can be of direct help to you. That person could be already in the country you are intending to go to and may help you with issues like getting accommodation.

Even something like being provided with the right information can be of tremendous help to you.


d) Check Around

Your school, community, country, region or even continent may be eligible for a certain call for interns.

It is therefore important that you check for the available opportunities where you may be eligible. Many people miss out on opportunities that are just right for them for lack of information.

Do not be among these. Stay informed.


Why Tokyo is a Great Choice for Internships

Not every city or country is favourable for internship. It is always best to intern from a city or country that both has favourable internship conditions and will give you opportunity to fulfil the aims of your internship. Tokyo is one of those favourable cities to intern from.

And the best part is that there are many International Internships in Tokyo.


a) Political Importance

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. In addition to this, it is the largest city in Japan. The political importance of this large city is partly the reason why it has modern infrastructure, security and with good conditions.

Therefore, Tokyo is a place where you will enjoy the modern ambience and be sure to enjoy being in the capital city of Japan.

Your security, for example, is guaranteed by the adequate deployment of police in the city. Generally, Tokyo is a comfortable city to reside in.

Having an internship from Tokyo is a prestigious achievement because Tokyo is recognised as a great city all over the world.


b) Industrial base

Tokyo is a vibrant city with a rich industrial base. It is the number one industrial centre in Japan followed by Osaka.

There are many industries dealing in the various sectors of manufacturing in Tokyo. Marunouchi houses much of the finance industry of Japan and major government offices.

In fact, the headquarters of many large international companies are in Tokyo. When you choose to have your internship in Tokyo, you are sure to have a good number of alternative companies you could intern with.

The economic and industrial importance of the city gives you opportunity to network with top individuals in various fields. This helps you expand your corporate circle.


c) Transportation

There are places that are deficient in suitable transport means in that everyday, you need to wake up very early so as to by-pass traffic jam.

Tokyo is not one of these. Tokyo is the most phenomenal centre of transportation in Japan.

There is a good network of roads, subways, railways and airports that make transportation convenient.

You are guaranteed that under normal circumstances you will reach the internship organisation right in time.


d) Opportunity for Paid Internship

Tokyo has both paid and unpaid internships. The rule of law governing internship in Tokyo does not prohibit payment of interns.

In case you land a paid internship as specified by the company's internship specifications, it can be an opportunity to make money as you learn.

This money can be a good resource in helping you cover your bills while you are in Tokyo.


e) Learning From the Experts

Tokyo is a leading city in various fields all over the world. From manufacturing industries with the latest and sophisticated technology, to great pharmaceutical companies, to big institutions covering various fields, Tokyo is a great city to intern from.

Tokyo, for example, houses the headquarters of Mitsubishi and Honda Motor, both of which are big companies in the Motor industry.

You have opportunity to learn from the experts and get trained in the latest advancements in your field.

Considering the fact that the ability to put the theoretical concepts studied at college in practice is one of the key qualities employers look out for, interning in such a big city like Tokyo is a great practice experience that will add value to your curriculum vitae.

When you gain such knowledge, you become an indispensable resource in your field in your home country.

How to Build Your Career Using an Internship

a) Self Evaluation

Internship is a peek into the work environment of one's field of specialisation. You can use internship to grow your skillset that is required to successfully undertake the duties in your field.

You can use internship as a self-evaluation tool to help you know your employability.

Internship can help you know the areas where you need to focus more.

Use your internship experience to evaluate yourself and as a result work on yourself so that you are suitable for the job market.


b) Connections and Networking

At internship, you get to work with, under and for different people. Therefore you can use internship to build your network.

It is a common saying that your network is your net worth. These are the people you will be able to collaborate with on different projects in the future.

Internship can be a great way to build your career by giving you opportunity to establish your career network.


c) Jobs and opportunities

Use internship to secure jobs for yourself. When you prove yourself to be competent and outstanding, you can always be referred to clients or companies in need of good workers.

By talking to the different people you come in contact with at the workplace, you can find ways to serve them by putting your professional skills to use.


d) Learning

Internship can alternatively be called field-based learning or industrial training depending on the profession. Internship is an opportunity to learn.

You can use this time to learn the things that you did not learn well in class. This can for example be how to operate a certain machine.

Workplaces generally have the instruments studied in class. Internship is an opportunity to learn something new to add on your repertoire of knowledge.

A student who has gone for internship is more knowledgeable that one who has not.


e) Choosing a career path

Some courses students take on at college are broad and more general especially at Bachelor’s. It is thus incumbent upon the student to choose a sector to work in or pursue further studies in.

You can use the different internship experiences you have had with different companies in different sectors of your course to choose the best. Internship helps you to make an informed decision.

In case you have liked the field your internship company is in, you take on supplementary course units so that you are well-equipped for it by the time you graduate.

This works better with internships undertaken in the middle of the course study period.

Internship is an important part of academic study that should always be taken seriously. In addition to the grading done by most universities for the internship, the opportunity has benefits it gives the student who undertakes it.

It is always an added value for one to undertake internship outside their country. However, it is important to make an informed decision regarding taking on internship abroad.

Tokyo as a city, is a great place to intern from. As long as you secure yourself a placement, you can be sure that interning from Tokyo will be a great head-start to your career.