Interview With Young Nickelodeon Star Peyton Perrine on Role in That Girl Lay Lay

The highly anticipated second season of Nickelodeon's hit comedy series That Girl Lay Lay premiered in the summer of 2022. Both seasons of the award-winning show are on Netflix for your streaming pleasure. That Girl Lay Lay is full of unique and zany characters like Lay Lay herself (Lay Lay), a spunky phone avatar who comes to life to support Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) through the trials and tribulations of middle school.

Marky (Peyton Perrine), Sadie's younger brother, is another excellent character in That Girl Lay Lay. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Marky is always inventing creative plans to make some extra cash. But Marky's business ideas sometimes land differently than he expects.

I sat down with Peyton Perrine, the talented young actor who portrays Marky on-screen, to discuss his impressive acting skills and his perspective on Marky's character. We talked about everything from playing Marky to Peyton's passions when he has some time to spare.

Becoming a Professional Actor

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Maya Capasso: What made you want to pursue acting in Hollywood?

Peyton Perrine: My mom is also an actor, so when I saw her acting in commercials and stuff, I was like, oh my gosh, that's so cool. I wanted to start doing it after that.

MC: What was your first big acting job, and what was that experience like?

PP: I would say my first big acting job was probably for the show That Girl Lay Lay. I mean, I've guest-starred on other shows, but my first really big one was this one.

MC: What do you do when you're not acting?

PP: Well, I love doing martial arts, and I love doing katana sword fighting. I also love playing video games. That's a big one. Right now, my favorite is Pokémon Scarlet. It's a really good one. I love playing sports too.

Peyton's Experience Filming That Girl Lay Lay

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MC: What was it like to audition for your role as Marky in the hit NICK series, That Girl Lay Lay? How did you feel when you learned you landed the role?

PP: I had a lot of auditions, and I was pretty nervous for every single one of them, but after I got the part, I was so relieved and so thankful. I was constantly rehearsing and auditioning on Zoom. The casting director, Ms. Suzanne, helped me a lot. She believed in me and wanted me to land the role, so we worked on it together.

MC: Could you tell me about your character, Marky, and what it's like to play him on screen? How are you similar and different?

PP: Marky is the main character, Sadie's little brother. He loves his money and will do anything to get it. It's an absolute joy to play him. Marky is different from any character I've played before on screen. He's obsessed with money and doesn't take any mess.

I think I'm different from Marky mainly because he is super focused on making money. I mean, making money is cool, but it's not everything. Marky also loves hanging out with his family, and I feel like that's when we're most similar.

The Power of Friendship

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MC: Did you face any challenges while filming? If so, how did you overcome them?

PP: I didn't face many challenges while filming because the whole set was like a big family. So if something does happen, we can hype each other up, get back to it, and keep going.

MC: What do you hope viewers take away from watching That Girl Lay Lay?

PP: For one, I hope they learn that friendship is very important. You can't just live this life alone. And two, I hope they learned what not to do after watching some characters in the show make mistakes.

Lessons Learned from Colin in Black & White

MC: In 2021, the miniseries Colin in Black & White was released. It tells the story of former NFL star Colin Kaepernick. You played Lil Bro in an episode of the series. Could you tell me about your experience filming Colin in Black & White?

PP: It was really fun to film. I got to work with Ava DuVernay, who was super friendly. We had so much fun, and the whole cast was close. We had a great time.

MC: What did you learn while working on the series?

PP: I learned that things ain't gonna last forever, so you've gotta cherish them while we're here and make the most of it.

The Ups and Downs of Professional Acting

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MC: What is your favorite part about being an actor?

PP: For one thing, I love playing the characters, and I also love meeting the other people working on the project.

MC: What challenges have you faced so far in your acting career?

PP: We wake up early, and we get home late. It's hard to find time to relax. Another challenge is trying to balance schoolwork with acting. Once I find that balance in the middle, that'll be better. But yeah, it's tough to find time for relaxing and playing with my little brother.

MC: Do you have any big plans, dreams, or goals for your acting career that you'd like to share with our readers?

PP: I've always wanted to be in action movies like Marvel movies or something like that. And I'm coming up with a movie or book idea I'm trying to get out there, so keep an eye out!

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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