Interview: Twitch Partner Poxxers Talks About Gaming and Entrepreneurial Career

We have covered everything about Twitch from equipment and programs to how to become an Affiliate and Partner. We now have had the pleasure of interviewing Twitch Partner Poxxers!

In addition to being a Twitch Partner, Poxxers is also known for being the Nova Energy Drink CEO and the founder of the Phoenix Cartel.

His background comes from the IT industry. He was in corporate America for 10 years before sliding over to Twitch. Prior to Twitch, he was the #1 salesperson at his previous company.
Poxxers stated that he always wanted to start his own company and felt like it was time as he had been trained by the best in his previous industry on marketing, sales, business structure, budgeting, etc.
“While building my and overcoming a lot of design challenges, I decided to also start researching the formulas needed to create Nova Energy Drink. After hitting partner status in 11 months, I began putting more effort into this. After 4 months as partner we launched Nova Energy Drink in July of 2019. Since this time we have now shipped all over the world and are branching out to local stores throughout the nation as well.”

Poxxers Talks About Gaming and His Entrepreneurial Career

Interview: Twitch Partner Poxxers Talks About Gaming and Entrepreneurial Career

Scarlett Rose (SR): How did you begin streaming on Twitch?

Poxxers (PS): I started streaming on twitch initially to occupy my mind during a very stressful time in life. I'd never used any of the software before and was fully new to the platform.

At that time, I didn't know anyone on this platform. It took about 7 weeks for me to hit affiliate at that time. My first stream was at the beginning of February 2018.

SR: What was the hardest part of obtaining Partner Status?

PS: Building a brand that people could recognize easily and learn my stream schedule. Spending time in channels to get to know others without self-promoting and getting involved in the communities that I found.

That's really one side of the coin. The other is constantly brainstorming and coming out with new content, not just the games I was playing, but finding ways to make the channel interactive and monetize it to where it was treated like a business to grow.

SR: What is your favorite thing about being a Twitch Partner?

PS: To be honest, it's not much different than being an affiliate. From what I've seen there isn't any extra advertising options or ways to reach out to sponsors. You do get 2 stream teams, which I have utilized to create a community that helps other streamers increase the entertainment value of their channels in order to increase other's viewer counts, as well as a stream team sponsored by Nova Energy Drink, which I created in June 2019. More emote slots are awarded to partnered streamers based on how many paid subscribers you have, but getting to the full 60 slots is on the streamer and will need I believe 10,000 subscribers to hit that.

SR: What are your Thoughts on the Goal of Hitting Twitch Partner?

PS: My honest advice here is the goal is not to hit partner. There are many partnered streamers who only focused on pushing to that level and, once they hit it, their viewer base fell out from under them. Building a brand should be the first priority and attracting viewers who actually enjoy the content they are viewing is key. That is the purpose of the Phoenix Cartel, my twitch/discord community. We teach how to utilize multiple resources to help monetize people's channels and make them fun to watch. The more people we can help improve their content, the more viewers will want to get to know our streamers.

SR: What are your future goals for streaming?

PS: Developing a group of super streamers who are sponsored by Nova Energy Drink, giving us opportunities to more sponsors who will advertise us the same way we would be advertising them to help both entities gain more exposure. It should not be one sided where the streamer who is “sponsored” only advertises the company they are sponsored by. If a company truly believes in sponsoring a streamer, they should also advertise the streamer via social media or paid promotions to help increase viewership for their sponsored streamers. This not only helps build the company's brand, but also the streamer's brand as well. That is the goal for Nova Energy Drink.

Personal goals for me are to reach 1000 average viewers for 30 days and continue up to 10k avg viewers on Twitch. There is a lot of work, networking, marketing, and content to create to get to that level. Since we were not the first on this platform, it is our job to show the world what we can do in a saturated market of over 4 million twitch accounts!!! What makes us different, entertaining to watch, hold viewership etc. can be found inside the Phoenix Cartel discord as well as on our channels, for those who have continued developing them.

Twitch Partner Poxxers
Interview: Twitch Partner Poxxers Talks About Gaming and Entrepreneurial Career 4

SR: Could you tell us a bit about your new Nova energy drink line and how that tied into your Twitch streaming?

PS: My background came from 11 years in corporate America as an account manager in IT for manufacturing companies that sold to distributors and end user commercial and industrial businesses. I managed 20-30 companies at a time on multiple million dollar and above deals, which taught me how to build an organization/develop a marketing structure and sales program.

We brought in six nutritionists and dissected many energy drink formulas. We found many were not upfront about all of the ingredients or chose to add fillers to make it look like more product was in the tub, that the body didn't need or wouldn't process.

Our goal was to make the healthiest energy drink on the market, without a crash, is low calorie, vegan friendly, low carb, that tastes delicious, while providing a sponsorship designed to help streamers grow as the company grows.

We are an open label company, meaning everything is listed on the back of our product. Initially we marketed to the gaming industry and streamers but have found that this was needed everywhere. Currently we have shipped all over the world and grown month over month in sales revenue since its initial shipping date in July 2019.

Our goal is to make this a household name where customers can feel safe knowing what they are putting in their bodies. Examples of this can be found on our YouTube channel here as well as on the Nova Energy Drink website.

We also provide ways for our affiliated and sponsored streamers to earn a consistent side income for businesses that would like to stock Nova. Affiliate/Sponsored streamer codes that are used by businesses or through individual sales can earn commissions based on sales volume of the product. This side income can be substantial depending without a cap. Business accounts are then managed through our Nova staff so that the affiliate or sponsored streamer can continue working on their own content without worrying about the back end for order fulfillment or delivery.

SR: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to obtain partner status?

PS: My advice here is not to push for partner. Let it happen naturally. I never announced a partner push and fortunately after hitting partner in 11 months of being on the platform viewers are still enjoying the experience. It's my job as a content creator to be constantly releasing new content and ways to make the channel interactive so that others will want to join in on the experience.

When a “partner push” is stated it's possible viewers will only show up to help get the streamer to partner, but leave after. Focusing on the entertainment value of your channel is more important than hitting partner.

The goal isn't a 75 viewer average and many partnered streamers struggle to maintain their number after reaching this goal since there is a mentality that, “partnered streamers have already made it.” I have found this is far from the truth.

Develop your brand, network so others know who you are on the platform, focus on constantly improving the entertainment value of your streams, which is what I teach in Phoenix Cartel, and the number will take care of itself.

SR: Anything else you would like to share?

PS: Feel free to check out my content and say hi!

You can check out Poxxers streams over at:



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