Investigating the biggest The Curse of Oak Island mystery – What is Bravo Tango?

Investigating the biggest The Curse of Oak Island mystery - What is Bravo Tango?

The internet has still not quite been able to figure out what “Bravo Tango” means when it is used on The Curse of Oak Island.

Marty and Rick Lagina, as well as the rest of The Curse of Oak Island team, have been attempting to solve a variety of mysteries associated with the elusive Oak Island since 2014. But there is one particular mystery which has long puzzled fans of the show.

If you have ever followed along with the Laginas’ treasure-hunting exploits on The Curse of Oak Island, the chances are high that you may have heard the phrase “Bravo Tango” being passed around.

What does the phrase “Bravo Tango” mean?

From the way that the Laginas use “Bravo Tango” to describe the various artifacts and other things that they find during their excavations, it seems like the phrase is certainly a code-word of sorts between the two brothers.

However, as for the true meaning of the phrase – no one outside of their circle seems to be able to figure it out.

The code clearly has its origins in the NATO phonetic alphabet, where “Bravo” is used to describe the letter ‘B’ and “Tango” for the letter ‘T.’

But although The Curse of Oak Island fans have drummed together and come up with ideas ranging from “Buried Treasure” to “Big Thing”, or even “Beef Tacos”, the Laginas have never gone on the record to explain their secret language.

And, rather unfortunately, it seems like The Curse for Oak Island fans will simply have to wait and see whether the show’s eleventh season will finally reveal what “Bravo Tango” means.

The Curse of Oak Island so far

While “Brave Tango” has only been brought up a handful of times in the last few years, The Curse of Oak Island has actually been on the air for over nine years and for more than ten seasons at this point, as outlined below:

Season Initial air dates
Season 1 January 5 to February 9, 2014
Season 2 November 4, 2014 to January 13, 2015
Season 3 November 10, 2015 to February 2, 2016
Season 4 November 15, 2016 to February 21, 2017
Season 5 November 7, 2017 to March 6, 2018
Season 6 November 13, 2018, to May 7, 2019
Season 7 November 2, 2019 to April 28, 2020
Season 8 November 10, 2020 to May 4, 2021
Season 9 November 2, 2021 to May 3, 2022
Season 10 November 15, 2022 to May 16, 2023
Season 11 November 7, 2023

 The origins of the phrase

While it may be difficult now, more than ten seasons in, to remember the exact origins and chronological order of all of the Lagina brothers’ Oak Island exploits, one Reddit user pinpointed the very first time that the now-famous phrase “Bravo Tango” was used on the show.

According to this Reddit user, Rick was the first one to use this phrase. In this instance, Rick’s exact words were “It’s not Bravo Tango…” in a phone conversation which followed Gary’s unearthing of a cross pendant.

And while this is pretty good evidence that the phrase definitely carries some hidden meaning, it does not provide much clarification on what this meaning is.

The one thing we know about Bravo Tango

While we still do not have a Lagina-approved explanation for this puzzling phrase, it has become very evident through the years that it refers to something very specific that Marty and Rick are on the lookout for.

And whatever most-likely-explanation you choose to believe at this point, there is certainly no denying that when we finally get to see something that is, in fact, “Bravo Tango” in the eyes of the Laginas, will be an unforgettable moment in The Curse of Oak Island history.

The Curse of Oak Island season 11

With almost a decade of Oak Island exploration behind them, season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting seasons yet for Marty, Rick and the rest of the team as they venture even further into the depths of the ‘Money Pit’ (or ‘Mike Papa’ if you want to be NATO phonetic about it).

Fortunately, though the true meaning of “Bravo Tango” remains a mystery, The Curse of Oak Island fans are nothing if not incredibly patient.

And with this new season’s two-hour premiere episode already uncovering some ancient coins and a previously-undiscovered latch on the Laginas’ newly-purchased Lot 5, there is no telling just how much will be revealed in the episodes which are still to come for this season.

It may be just a matter of time before we get some clarity about “Bravo Tango”.