10 Ways to Get iPhone Cases For Free (& Android Cases)

When you finally save up for a new phone, having to think about purchasing a new case is a bit frustrating. Some phone cases can get quite expensive, and it just feels like more and more money that you never felt like spending.

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10 Ways to Get iPhone Cases For Free (& Android Cases) 4

On the flip side, phone cases will help you save from having to replace your phone. The perfect solution is a free phone case. We have six ways for you to get iPhone cases for free and Android cases and some ways to save money on cases as well. 

How to Get Cheap or Free iPhone Cases

People are always looking for ways to get hugely discounted phone cases and other items. Getting a hold of these cases for cheap or even for free is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

1.  Get iPhone cases for free from Burga 

When you shop on Burga, you will be able to take advantage of a portion code that they have that allows you to get free phone cases when you make a purchase.

You will have to purchase two cases, but then you will get two cases for free. If your entire family needs cases, or you know you will go through them quickly, this is a great way to go. Better yet, purchase all four cases and then sell three of them! 

2. How to get a free Lifeproof Case (Otterbox) 

To get a free Lifeproof Case from Otterbox, you are going to need to have first purchased a Lifeproof case through Otterbox. Part of being a Lifeproof means that these cases will last you a lifetime.

If you find that your case is starting to show wear and tear, simply use the warranty policy to get a free case. 

3. Get A Free Custom Phone Case From Shutterfly 

Shutterfly offers free promotions all the time on a variety of products. If you are looking for a phone case or a photo album, be sure to check the promotions page on Shutterfly.

You will usually have to make a purchase to get the free phone case, but it will certainly be worth it if you have some photos that you need to purchase. 

4. Get a free phone case from Totallee

If you like very thin cases on your phones, then Totallee could be a good choice to get a free case. In this situation, you will have to purchase a phone case to get another one for free.

With how much wear and tear a case gets, you will likely need the other one sooner rather than later. 

5. Your phone carrier may provide a free iPhone case

This is one of those; you never know until you ask type situations. If you are looking for a free case, you may as well ask your phone provider.

When you purchase a new phone from them, they may have a promotion to get you a free iPhone case. This is not a guaranteed method, but it is certainly one worth considering. 

6. Get a free Speck case from Visible

Visible is a phone service that sells prepaid phones. If you switch to Visible, you will get a free Speck case. Of course, this takes a change in your cell phone service and provider.

However, if you were in the market anyway, you may as well consider all of the promotions and specials on the market. 

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10 Ways to Get iPhone Cases For Free (& Android Cases) 5

Where To Find Super Cheap Phone Cases

Even if you can’t get a phone case for free, it certainly makes sense to save a bit of money when you are shopping. Here are a few ways to find super cheap phone cases. 

7. Find really cheap phone cases on AliExpress

You may have to spend a bit of time shopping, and you will probably have to give up a bit of the quality, but AliExpress has some virtually free phone cases.

Seriously, some of the options on the website are less than $1.00. If you can find something that works with your phone, this is a great way to get a cheap phone case. 

8. Look for sample phone cases on Alibaba

Alibaba is a website that is very similar to AliExpress, except that it is built more for a business. This means that you can purchase an entire case of phones for a much lower price.

When you can get a box of 24 cases for a few dollars, the price you pay per case is nearly free. With the extra cases you get, you can give them away or even try to sell them to make back your initial investment. 

9. Score a crazy cheap phone case at Wish

Almost everything on the Wish website is going to be priced incredibly low. You will find phone cases for just a few dollars, and there are usually discounts and savings to get the price even lower.

With the Wish website, and apps like Wish, you may not get the same quality or warranty as other websites, but for a cheap and quick fix, this is the way to go. 

10. Amazon has some great deals on iPhone cases with free shipping

When you first search for phone cases on Amazon, you will not find many that are priced all that low. However, if you start narrowing down the price range a bit, you can see that there are quite a few options for cheap phone cases.

In addition, Amazon offers free shipping for Prime Members. Even if you find a case for $2.00, you won’t have to pay to ship; indeed, this is a great deal. 

Tips for finding the Best Deals on Cell Phone Cases

  • Shop around a bit and look for promotions and discount codes.
  • Use cashback sites like Rakuten to save more money.
  • Don’t be overly particular about the type or brand of the case; some of the knocks off type options are just as good as the name brand. 
  • Use a coupon or money-saving app to try and get the most from your purchase.
  • If you buy your phone case online, make sure you get cashback on your credit card.
  • Look for used phone cases on a website like Mercari. 
  • Try to work out a deal when you purchase your phone; sometimes, when making a larger purchase, it is easier to get a discount on another item. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you have the best options for free and low-priced phones, here are a few questions that often come up about free phone cases. 

Are cheap phone cases good?

Cheap phone cases don’t typically offer as many features or as much protection as the higher-priced cases. However, if you are careful with your phone and your phone has a warranty, the cheap cases can be a great choice. 

In addition, if your phone is a bit older, you can often find an excellent case for a low price. This is because the pricing on these cases has dropped as new manufacturers pay attention to the latest releases. 

There is no question that a cheap phone case is better than having no phone case. In the rare instance that your phone happens to take a fall or gets damaged from being transported around all the time, the case can help protect it. With most phones costing between $500 and $1000, it’s great to protect an investment like this. 

Do iPhones really need cases?

Apple customers frequently ask whether or not they need to use a case for their iPhone. While it is possible to find hugely discounted phone cases, the answer to this question depends on several factors.

For example, if you are someone who is constantly dropping their phone, then a case may be a wise investment. However, a case may not be necessary if you are careful with your phone and only use it for occasional calls and texts. Ultimately, deciding whether to use a case for your iPhone depends on your circumstances and preferences.

Can you make your own phone case?

Several websites allow you to customize and create your phone case. Depending on your chosen website, you can upload photos and put them on the phone to give it a more personalized feel. 

As far as creating your own case out of plastic or resin, you will have to have quite a bit of skill to do this. Most of the time, you are better off purchasing something that fits your phone exactly and then customizing it to work for you. 

Without having the proper measurements for your exact phone size, the case may not be all that effective. With all the options to get phone cases for free, you will find that this will be the best way to get your phone case for a great value. 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have some ideas to help you get a great phone case for free. With how expensive phones are, it is essential to protect them, but also to save a few dollars when you are purchasing accessories.

Spend a few minutes searching before you make your final purchase, and you may even find a case you love for a very low price. If you like getting free stuff, we have a lot of ideas to get free online stuff, including iTunes gift cards.